Inchcock Today Wed 6 Jan 16: Busy day getting nothing sorted

Changing lawyers is like changing deck chairs on the Titanic!


Wednesday 6th January 2016

I woke up at 0325 hrs. To the porcelain yet again. Little Inchy had been bleeding, but far less than of late. I hope the Daktacort cream is sufficient.

Made a cup of strong tea and took the morning medications.

P1020823The view from the kitchen window was of an eerie foggy morning.

A Whoopsiedangleplop took place after I took this photograph.

I was putting the milk back in the fridge as my fingers suddenly stiffened (As they often do you know) and dropped the carton. Making things even worse, it fell into my bag I’d left on the floor and soaked everything in it! Crossword book, umbrella, nibbles, gloves, bird seed, etc. As I bent down to lift it into the sink sharpishly; I cracked my head on the corner of the four-tier server!

Cleared out and cleaned the bag, contents and floor. Muttering some well-chosen words of self-recrimination away to myself as I did so. I included a new one that I’d automatically invented in with the usual crude ones. “Bluglethunder”, I like it!

Then I went to empty the by now cold cuppa – and managed to drop it in the sink luckily. I now have a pretty artistic chip on the bottom of my pink mug, and a creative lump on me head. You’ve got to laugh!

Laptop on and emailed Steve Age UK about the health visitor (Not that I anticipate that this will be of the slightest interest to him). Sent another one to Brother-in-Law Pete to cheer him up, he’s had some teggies out and a filling.

G DecI received an email from Grammarly with my weekly writing update figure.

I’m making plenty of mistakes.

Nothing new here then! Hehehe!

Did a bit of Facebooking then.

A pot of porridge and another cuppa.

Laptop closed and put away and did some cleaning and sorting in the flat.

Not a lot mind!

Not before time either!

The Morrison’s order arrived, and I loaded up the freezer, fridge and cupboards.

Some letters were then delivered.

There were amongst them, one for Margaret the previous tenant. And two for yours truly.

One a bank statement from the Co-op, at last!.

The other was also from the Co-op informing me that the Insurance for the old house was due to run out on the 9th January. This one had been forwarded from the old address in Carrington.

I tried ringing the number on the letter to pay the insurance but could not understand what the machine was telling me.

Got a bath and shave, took the three rubbish bags to the chute, then and called at the Community Shed to find Julie there. I told her of my problem, and she kindly rang the bank.

After much kerfuffle, they told her that being as the Carrington house was not my primary residence, they could not insure it again. What?

She then told me to get the insurance details for the new flat, that I had taken out with the Age UK via Steve, who we could not contact again? And bring them to her and she’d call them and ask if they could cover it.

I went back to the flat and got the details and on the way back to the shed I came across Deana, the other coordinator. Told her of my problems and gave her a nibble and returned to Julie. Gave her a nibble as well and she called Age UK for me.

After more kerfuffle, they too said they would not insure the old house for me?

In desperation I rang Steve and got an answer (Amazing!), Julie explained the situation and Steve said he’d get in touch with the buyers of the house and see if anything could be sorted, and ring me back later. Why do I not feel confident about this?

Deana said she had to interview me? She’d be over in the morning about 0830 hrs.

Back to the apartment and put the kettle on, and the Occupational Officer from Nottingham City Homes arrived. Joel Patterson, a young chap from the Enablement Team in Bulwell. arrived.

He fired some medical type questions at me, then checked the facilities in the bathroom. After an hour or so he left, saying he’d get back to me at a later date.

Nice chap, pleasant enough.

Another cuppa brewed and got the laptop on again to update this earth shattering story of life in the aged lane.

P1020824Got me nosh ready. Frikadellen and tomatoes, with the stoneground bread.

I was just too tired to bother making anything else.

Enjoyed this all the same, and rated it a decent 9/10.

Nodded off, but again kept waking so often it was annoying.