Inchcock Today Sat 2 Jan 2016: Lost camera. Really pee’d off with myself now!

Solicitors are like rhinoceroses,

Thick Skinned, Short Sighted, and always ready to charge!


Saturday 2nd January 2016

Woke at 0400 hrs, I forced myself up and to the bathroom.

Made a cuppa and took my morning medications.

Laptop on to finish the Friday diary – but could I find my camera with the photo’s on it from yesterday?

GC blipjNo!

I didn’t go out of the flat yesterday, the last time I used it was in the kitchen to photographicalise me nosh.

I felt a fool as I searched for over two hours, looking in he same places so often – thought I was going demented!

Might it be in the same place as my missing hearing-aid batteries, Lottery ticket or Dixon of Dock Green DVD? Not that it would help of it was, because I don’t know where that place is!.

Has the flat got a black-hole in it?.

Frustrated, defeated and depressed, I began to hate my carelessness and frail memory.

Suppose I’ll have another search later after having my bath and I get ready to go out. I feel lost without a good camera. If I don’t find it, more expense to get another one?

There was a fella called Inchcock,

Who acquired an ageing memory block,

The Lumix was the best camera he’d ever had,

He’s lost it, can’t find it, and that is so sad,

To buy a new one, he’ll have to go into hock,

Old Age can be such a terrible shock!

Did a bit of Facebooking, but my idiocy in losing my excellent camera kept coming into my mind.

Had me soak in the bath, put Radox in it. I had a good shave with only one little cut made. I sprayed myself with Brute. (And still none of the ladies ravaged me. Tsk!)

Treated ‘Little Inchy’, hardly any bleeding now. Put my rear-end cream on, pain-gelled my knees and hands. Cleaned my hearing aids and long-distance spectacles, and got dressed and the things together and ready for taking with me on me outing into town.

Took the rubbish to the chute, and then returned for a final check of the flat. Lights, power sockets, taps, etc.

Lastly, I closed the laptop lid… Wait for it!!!

GC blue f03There behind it was my precious missing camera!


Nothing new there then.

I swore prolifically at myself, and got the bag and walked down to catch the 0930 hrs L9 bus.

No one else waiting in the lobby – odd I thought?

Walked to the Community Shed and it was locked up – just as well because I’d forgotten what I had called there for in the first place had left my mind.

Back to the lobby and a few tenants were there. I had a great gossip and laughed with them. We walked out to the bus-stop, and they all caught the L8. I gave them a cheery wave-off.

It was then that I realised it was a Saturday, and the L9 doesn’t start until 1030 hrs! Huh!

So, I had a walk up through and down the park into Sherwood. Some lovely dogs en route being walked, or rather walking their owners. Hehe!

P1020798I dropped off on Mansfield Road in town, the rain barely noticeable, but it kept suddenly going dark and threatening.

Not many folks around for a Saturday.

I walked to the Jessops store to see if they had anything in the Sale that might interest me. Negative.

As I left, I noticed the crowds gathering on Clinton Street where the stabbing took place yesterday outside the McDonald’s imitation food outlet. After I had taken the first photograph, the light returned within seconds, it was so surreal! So I took another.


P1020801Decided to go to catch a bus to Bulwell to see if the B&M store had any of the cheapo Curried beans in stock. Went to the bus stop and caught a number 17 into Bulwell.

P1020802The pigeons appreciated the seeds I gave them. Then I moved to the shallow and usually slow moving river Leen to see the mallard ducks.

The river was in flood, and the water so brown instead of the usual clear transparent water.

The ducks were keeping out of the main flow in a line. Bet the poor things are well tired current and weather.

I went into the B&M store, but they had no beans in stock.

P1020803Caught a bus back into Nottingham and just missed the bus back to the flats. Not another for two hours now, and that will be the last one for the day.

A number 40 was due in an hour, so I had a paddle around in the rain for a while.

As I wandered around, I decided to call in Tesco. Where I got some potato cakes and weakened terribly and bought some fresh cream horns. 4IT7Coy

P1020807Strolled down Trinity Walk and noticed this first-floor cafe was open, with signs all over the place and thought of Lynton Cox, my mate, so thought I’d post it for him.

I’ve never actually seen anyone going into or out of this building ever?

Went to the bus stop for the 40 bus that was now due in four minutes.

P1020808I could smell the food from the many restaurants locally, but a bad smell of something decaying was mingled in with these aromas.

I soon located the source in Nottingham, The Cleanest City in Britain. It was near the bus stop against the wall of one of the restaurants – not their fault! Passengers waiting for the bus had I assumed just thrown their rubbish in the recess while waiting for the bus and sorting their shoplifted goods out?

Caught the bus and had a read of me war book on the way, and dropped off on Winchester Street.

Risked life and limb, but got across the road okay, and walked to the flats.

The rain began heavily as I got inside the foyer.

Got in and put my bits away.

WC’d and made a cuppa, took the midday medications.

Laptop on, and I started to update this diary.

P1020809Did some Facebooking, and then got me nosh prepared.

Made far too much, though. New potatoes, potato cakes, bacon, BBQ sausage, roast parsnips, carrots and caramelised sausage rolls; Cor what a load!

I think I managed to eat about 50% of it if that! Yet I made room for the fresh cream French horns! Naughty! Tsk!

I found two films on the gogglebox I wanted to watch. The first one ‘Killer Bees’ sent me off to the land of nod in no time. I awoke after it had finished and tried to watch ‘Inferno’; didn’t get passed the first ten minutes before I’d gone again! Tsk!

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sat 2 Jan 2016: Lost camera. Really pee’d off with myself now!

  1. glad to hear you found the camera before going out and buying a new one – know how frustrating it can be at times when you can’t find something that you know has got to be in the house somewhere!

    • Thanks for that Sir. Frustrating is the word Duncan, your spot on there mate!
      If I hadn’t closed the laptop lid last thing before going out – I’d have bought another one! But I love this one. We will have to suffer this fault between us… maybe we could write a book on the ease of losing items? Just a thought like. Hehehe! TTFN

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