Inchcock Today Sun 3 Jan 16: With the state of my legs today, I may never dance again! Hehe!

It was so cold out this morning.

I saw a solicitor with his hands in his own pockets!


Sunday 3rd January 2016

DSCN0001Woke I eventually, at gone 0700 hrs! I must have been well shattered to sleep for so long?

Bits of my dreams floated away as I tried to recall them. Made a cuppa and took my morning medications rather later than planned.

Left with a feeling or sense, that they were not pleasant dreams I’d had?

DSCN0002Made a cuppa and took my morning medications with a nice strong cup of tea, rather later than planned mind. Hehe!

Tended to Little Inchy, the neck and shoulders still giving me some bother. Huh!

Got the laptop going and completed the last diary then started this one off.

Bling01 Bling02I did some more Facebooking. Then posted some ‘Bling’ photos for the TFZ gals.

0704I did a graphic for Sister Jane for her birthday and posted it to her.

No reply yet, no doubt she’ll be giving the plonk most of her attention.

But she rarely has more than three bottles at any one session.


I checked me Google Calendar to make sure of my first appointment at the GP surgery in the morning. 1000 hrs the nurse and 1015 hrs the doctor.

The rain was coming down in torrents now.

I got the bath water running, had a shave, did my teggies and prepared myself to struggle into the tub – suddenly I espied more work for the Doctor in the morning!

DV veinsBlotches of blood under the skin on both ankles and part way up the leg?

I didn’t notice them earlier?

Also, some veins on DV veins 2the top of my legs had turned red?

I bet  Dr Vindla will be pleased to see me in the morning, poor woman.

She’ll have Little Inchy to examine, the cut inside my lip to check, the wayward Warfarin blood level to sort out and now these two a well. I will be popular! Hehe!

I had a quick bath and cleaned it up, applied the cream to Little Inchy and pain gelling the knees.

Got dressed, made up the bags of rubbish and put my empty jars in a carrier bag, and took the bags to the rubbish chute. Then went down with the jars to walk to the end of the road and put them in the recycling bin. Getting well wet in the process.

Back to the flat and made a cuppa and took my evening medications while I thought of it like.

blood2The rain had stopped, and gloom came over the view from the kitchen window.For a while, it seemed like everything had gone mono?

For a while, it seemed like everything had gone mono?

Then a mist came down in the distance.

The colour returned after a few minutes; then it started to get dark quickly. For some reason, I thought the Conspiracy Theorists would have a marvellous time with this.

The rain started again. I took my afternoon medications.

I went on Facebook again, then WordPressed for a while.

P1020817For nosh tonight: Pork sausages, chestnuts, potato cakes, beetroots and flavoured baked beans.

I used Patti Beckert’s BBQ recipe for marinating the beans. Thanks, Patti!

To follow was mandarins in orange jelly – there was an orange yoghourt as well, but when I opened it, I found it had gone off! Eurgh!

Took me evening medications.

I sat reading my Leningrad book and woke up hours later, still on the chapter I’d started reading.

Thought about getting up to make a cuppa and Zzzz!.

Regrettably I kept catching the patches on one or the other leg/ankle sores and spent more time awake than sleeping – that was until about 0300 hrs when I woke and took another painkiller, then drifted off until 0415 hrs.


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sun 3 Jan 16: With the state of my legs today, I may never dance again! Hehe!

  1. Hahahaha! Solicitor with his hand in his own pocket! It must be freezing in Hell! Speaking of hell, those are some bloody nasty looking legs you have there. Happy you kept the camera low. No offense, but I don’t believe I could take seeing a selfie of inchy. I’m sure your Doc will be pleased to see you. Your weather does look monochrome gloomy. We had sunshine today, but it barely got above freezing. Your dinner looks good!

    • Cheers Tim. Going to see the doc about my legs, Little Inchy report from the clinic, INR blood tests and then pick up my prescriptions from the chemist. Then to get some hearing-aid batteries. Busy day in the offing today. Hehe!
      If any one of my problems can get sorted today I’ll probably ecstasiate.
      I hope things are okay your end.
      At least the rain has ceased this morning, a bit forecast today, then returning bad at the weekend it says.
      Hey-ho, hope they don’t keep me in. Tsk! Cheers.

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