Inchcock Today Mon 4 Jan 16: Doctors, drizzle and the dreadful Duodenal Ulcer kicks off. Tsk!

What’s the difference between a dead dog in laying in the middle of the road and a dead lawyer laying in the middle of the road?
There are tyre skid marks in front of the dog.


Monday 4th January 2016

P1020818I’d been kept awake during the night each time I caught the whatever they are patches on my legs; it woke me up.

A new one on the right leg seemed like part of me leg was sinking into the rest of the leg?

But the sores were far less tender and red than yesterday.

I laid a while and pondered on today’s appointments. 1000 hrs, Practice Nurse for INR Warfarin blood tests, 1015 hrs See Dr. Vindla about the report the GUM clinic had sent her about Little Inchy and have him check him out. I’ll mention me new sores to her afterward.

Walk to the Chemist for me prescriptions. Bus to town and call at the Audio clinic for some batteries for me hearing aids.

I’d got a feeling there was something else today, but could not find anything else on Google Diary?

As my mate and internet wit Duncan Robertson said to me in an email earlier: “It’s so frustrating when you know something is in the flat but just can’t find it!”.

I took a photo (Top) of the state of me legs and the new depression on the right leg to show the Dr in case it disappears by the time I get to see her.

Stirred myself and visited the porcelain – stubbing my toe as I went in. “Oh fancy that I said out loud!”

Made a cuppa and found the milk had gone off – so I made another using a new carton of milk. Took the morning medications.

Laptop on started this diary off and posted Sunday’s.

Did a bit of Facebooking, and then got the things ready for me trip out. Waterproof coat and hat for my walk in the rain to the GP and so on. Bus-pass to get back, cash in pocket, INR Haematology Anticoagulant Record Card, Audio Clinic Record Booklet, Angina spray and the like in my bag or pocket.

Got a wash and brush-up and set off on my hike to the surgery.

Dropped into the Community Shed and Deana and Obergruppenfurher Julie were present. Handed over the mail for Margaret the flats previous tenant. We all had a little natter.

Walked down the hill into Sherwood, and I struggled a bit with the heavy water-logged legs and the sores making it painful going.

P1020819The rain held off as I ascended the hill up out of Sherwood and down into Carrington.

Got into the surgery and took a seat and read my book while I waited for my name being called. Into the nurses room for my INR Warfarin level blood test.

The lovely nurse soon tended to me, and I returned to the waiting room to await Dr Vindla being free.

Once in the surgery, she informed me they had found the missing notes about my last treatments to Little Inchy. I wasn’t aware they had lost them.

Dr Vindla informed me that I had to make an appointment with the G.U.M. clinic for another check-up before the appointment that had already been made earlier with them on my last visit, this one was for the 18th January.

She then took a look at my legs and seemed unconcerned. Then gave me a prescription for a different cream for Little Inchy, and some for the sores on my swollen legs. She explained she did not want to hand me any Furosemide tablets, with my being on so many others at the moment.

Then she advised my they were waiting for an appointment at the Cardiology Out-patients unit and would inform me when it arrives.

I trotted off limpingly to the chemists in Carrington and got the prescription for the two creams filled.

Then to Lidl where I got some Frikadellens, smoked bacon and some stonebaked cobs.

P1020820£7.31 lighter in my pocket, I trotted hobblingly to the bus stop.

Caught one into Sherwood. Crossed the road and waited at the bus stop there for the L8 that takes me to the flats to arrive.

Three fellow tenants came and a good natter and laugh ensued.

Had a struggle getting off the bus, due to the legs and back not being overly interested in moving.

Back at the flat and put me bits I’d bought away.

Got the brush and dustpan out, but they didn’t work. So I got the hoover out and did the hallway and front room. My back and legs were aching afterwards. Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Got the Laptop going and updated this tosh.

Started some graphicationalisationing with Coreldraw and CorelPaint.

Fell asleep and when I woke the dreams I’d had were clear in my mind, of course by the time I’d written some notes down most of the had dissolved into the ether; I was inside a glove box of a car and looking through a spy hole at the occupants of the car. The three people (Strangers to me) were all dressed in red and blue almost Minstrel-like clothing and sang to each other instead of talking. Inside the glove box, I had a picnic basket with a bottle of Aludrox SA?

I made a cuppa and watched some TV in mini-sessions as I kept dropping off again.

I woke to need the porcelain rather sprightly and passed more than I have done in ages.

Got back to the chair and drifted off. Woke up a few times as the duodenal ulcer started giving me some hassle!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Mon 4 Jan 16: Doctors, drizzle and the dreadful Duodenal Ulcer kicks off. Tsk!

  1. It’s usually a good sign when doctor’s act unconcerned. It’s not good to have a doctor become terribly interested in you circumstances. Sounds like the chemist was more of a creamery for you today. Come to think about I don’t think I have ever seen skid marks in front of a dead lawyer, just lots of tire marks on the body!

    • I could have used your tyre marks quip on the body. Wish I’d thought of it. Hehe!
      Using the new Daktacort cream today after my bath, see how that goes.
      I like Dr Vindla a lot. Now bull or fuss, just straight to the point in a friendly manner.
      Ah well, I’ll finish up here and get a shave, teggies done into the bath then doctor Little Inchy, my leg sores and the haemorrhoids. I’m enjoying being in this apartment. Take care. TTFN

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