Inchcock Today 5 Jan 16: Memories evoked by a DVD today

Changing lawyers is like changing deck chairs on the Titanic!


GC (3)Tuesday 5th January 2016

Woke up needing the porcelain again at 0355 hrs. Passed a lot of water again like last night. The legs seemed to be a little less blown than of late?

The back, knees and neck were still bothersome, though.

GC (4)Made a cuppa and had my breakfast.

Then got the Laptop on and set to work on the Ode.

Movement being less painful than yesterday – looking good this now – he said with crossed fingers. Hehe!

Little Inchy will need careful attention when I get my bath later. Typical innit? Yesterday I told the Dr that he is no worse than he has been, and here he is the next morning, tingling and matted again! Huh!

As I made my second cup of tea – the duodenal ulcer started up. I was hoping last night’s bit of bother from him was going to be a one-off.

I really must take care of what I have for nosh now. Back to the eating the soups methinks? Although, eating fish should be okay?

I keep having to lift the lid on the WC regularly this morning, far too frequently. But I think perhaps it might be a good thing for the blown-up legs?

Not sure if I will risk a trip out or not yet today because of this.

Tried again to get on with the Ode creation, but a lack of concentration and attention prevented my getting it anything like I wanted. Tsk!

Foo01Rang Sister Jane. Her social calendar if still full. Fooey the nicest cat in the world is still doing well. Crossed fingers on that!

Got a shave, did me teggies, and then ran the bath. Using the new bath-foam thingy today in it, the expensive one. Had a quick one today.

Little Inchy doctored, medicated, creamed and dried well afterwards. (Oh, the pain. Hehe!) Daktacort cream used today.

Must remember the Nottingham City Homes Occupational Therapy chap is calling tomorrow.

I got me togs ready for the launderette room activities.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way down to the foyer.

When the washing machine was going, I walked to the Winwood Community Shed and dropped off more mail for Margaret, the previous tenant. No one was in, but they’d left the door unlocked.

Back to the foyer of the flats and the frail lady was sat there. Gave her some nibbles and tried to have a natter with her. It wasn’t easy as we are both a bit deaf, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Had to nip up to the flat to visit the porcelain yet again. Returned and got the washing out and into the spin-dryer.

Spent ages on the crossword book without finishing any. Funny that; some days I can get a good few in, others none?

The frail lady said her farewells and went up to get her dinner.

Eventually, it was done and I packed the togs and went back up to the apartment – just in time I got to the porcelain. Getting peed off with all this peeing. Hehe!

Still, it might help the leg swelling to go down a bit?

Put the clothes away in the airing cupboard and hung some up on hangers on me clothes racks. The trousers I washed will need ironing, I’ve got an iron, but will have to purchase an ironing board soon.


Decided not to risk the sausages after all. Very lean bacon. Rated this 9.2/10

Decided the last thing to have bacon cobs and sausages for tonight’s nosh.

Did some Facebooking and then got it ready.

I chose not to eat the savoury BBQ flavour sausages, though, very tasty as they are.

I thought perhaps they might be a little too strong on the tummy and start the ulcer going again. The last thing I need is another pain starting up if I can avoid it.

P1020821The legs were feeling far less painful, but the back and neck/shoulders started giving me grief again. (You can’t win em all. Hehe!)

Settled to watch some episodes of Heartbeat series three on the TV’s DVD thingamabob.

Stayed awake, well maybe the odd nod-off or two, and three trips to the porcelain, through all three episodes and enjoyed them. This took me back to where and who I was living at the time when the programme was first aired. The memories were good and clear, but I got a touch morbid about the people who are no longer with me, especially Suzie naturally.

I used to get home from work on my motorbike, quick as I could to watch this series on a Friday night as I recall?

With this prompting many other recollections, I mused over my past failings, 01topj3missed opportunities, alcoholism and people I’ve lost. But not in a destructive way.

Drifted off, sat in my right sized lovely 1967 leather chair, all snug, warm and passing wind.

Kept waking up again and again, but I soon nodded off again each time.

TTFN all.

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  1. Changing lawyers is like trying to get your prostate and bladder to reach an agreement, and you still end up pissed! Hardy looking breakfast and tasty looking dinner. Never heard of “Heartbeat” Looks on the violent side from the splash screen. I don’t have the attention span to work crossword puzzles.

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