Blogger’s Marissa, Shirley and Mike’s Mystery Photographicalisation of Olde!

The Mystery Blogger’s Photographicalisation

The Moresome Marissa, Sexy Shirley, and of course, the Intrepid Mike,

But is it really them, although this depicts them looking very alike,

I suspect it was taken during Germany’s First Riech?


Perhaps it’s possible, they’re their forebearers from long ago,

I’d love to find out all the history about it, you know,

The man looks not sloppy, more of a Tally-ho,

The lady in glasses looks tasty and desirable, though,

The lady on the right is showing a revealing err… a certain glow,

 Were they early bloggers, will we never get to know?


They look prosperous, affluent and well-to-do?

No doubt from upper-class backgrounds, it’s true,

Upper crust, superior, more distinction than me and you,

Mayhap, Royalty, no doubt a fortune they did each accrue!


No doubt, in the three, this will invoke nostalgia,

Butlers, maids, open fires and doing the raffia?

Above the fire mantle, an elephant’s head or a Zulu spear?

Might they have owned newspapers, and other media?

On the other hand, they may have organised the Masons or Mafia!



In the event that they did run the Mafia, I’d like to offer my sincere apologies and grovel in any unseemly and embarrassing way they see fit.

10 thoughts on “Blogger’s Marissa, Shirley and Mike’s Mystery Photographicalisation of Olde!

  1. My ancestor Battery Sergeant Steeden…the last snap of the old bugger before he kicked off this mortal coil. Shot rescuing others on the morning of November 11th, 1918…true that bit is, dastardly bad luck I say!

      • I mean, last day of WW1! All he had to do was make a cuppa, bacon sandwich, pick a few horses out from the racing page for Kempton Park, light up a fag and wait for 11am…job done! Was rotten luck.

      • I personally blame Kitchener. And how the Government could have paid him so much a backhander as they did as a thank you for winning the war: 573,507 “killed in action, died from wounds and died of other causes” and 254,176 missing, mostly by being told to walk towards the enemy and not take cover… sorry, I get carried away on this subject. TTFN

    • Oh dear oh dear oh dear – ANOTHER cock-up by Inchcock!
      That should have been ‘Morphogenic Marissa’. I went on to confirm the spelling of the word, and must have selected it wrongly?
      Ashamed and humbled I am. I will, as self-punishment, not have any cream cakes for a month now! That’ll teach me to check me posts properly I hope.
      And I thought Morphogenic was such a good word to use too. Humph! X

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