Mon 29 Feb 16 Inchcock Today: A Nasty Late Whoopsiedangleplop spoilt the day – Humph!

Firstly, A funny Solicitor bashing joke I found I enjoyed so much!


Monday 29 February 2016

Woke at 0245 hrs, to the porcelain. ‘Little Inchy needed de-coking and cleaned up, I put some anti-bleed cream on him, then returned to get my head down again.

Woke once more around 0600 hrs and shot down to the laundry room and got my remaining clothes done and dried. Returned and put them away like a good boy. All caught up now.

Set about trying to get the Ailments post finished, managed to get it nearly done, before I had to prepare myself and the things ready for the INR Warfarin blood test at the surgery in Carrington.

Got a most enjoyable (Even the getting in and out seemed easier!) bath, teggies done, shaved (Only three cuts this morning, well; I was rushing like), changed togs, assembled everything needed and went off into the cold sunshine for a walk to the Doctors.

P1050093Most pleased with the rate of knots achieved, it only took me 36 minutes to get there. I even remembered to take a photo of the new houses being built without any bricks as I could see the other day. I spotted some today, though, can you see them in the photo?

As I got to the top of the hill on Mansfield Road, a group of ankle-biters were walking up with carers. Each carer had four kids in hand, and the children clasped hands together. I was P1050094impressed with how each toddler had a reflective jacket on, and the way the little one behaved.

At the surgery, the wait for the nurse was a long one, but I had me Classic Car magazine to read. The test went well; even the bleeding stopped quicker today.

I was getting a little concerned with everything going so well now. Will something happen that will ruin things? Hehe!

P1050095I gave them their nibble-bag and set off to the bus stop and caught a Pronto bus into Mansfield.

I think the driver was in a rush, because boy, did he move at speed.

We were in Mansfield within 30 minutes! And that is 15 miles of heavily used roads we got through.

P1050096I poddled down to the precincts. I still looked a sad place, in fact, there was yet another retail outlet closed down this visit.

I called in the B&M store to see if I could get some more of those 15p tins of garden peas, but they had gone up to 25p. No cheaper than Morrisons and Asda, so didn’t bother with getting any. Had a walk around and saw they were offering a box of two Top Gear Specials at £5. I got a box. Along with two tins of Mini hot dogs and two tubs of cheeselets at 50p down from £1.50. I can give these to the Community Shed Social people to hand out on Thursday. I must remember to go this week.

Hobbled to the Poundstretcher shop further up, and got some bird seed for the ducks, mini chocolate eggs at 50p from 99p it said, and some wagon wheels for the Community Club.

P1050097Back to the bus station and caught the bus back into Sherwood. Had another bit of luck there, the 40 bus was due at the bus stop I dropped off at in only 16 minutes. So I nipped in the nearby co-op and got a small loaf of brown bread.

Back to the bus stop and caught the 40 bus up the steep hill and walked back along Chestnut Walk to the flats.

As I got in, straight to the porcelain. Then as I unpacked my bags, I glanced at the contents of the Royal Dane mini hot dog sausages. Mechanically separated pork (31%), Pork Meat (27%) Blood pork plasma, water, potato starch, salt, milk protein, glucose syrup, stabiliser, spice extracts, antioxidant, preservative smoked and cooked brine, water. Made me wonder, that in red did?

I bravely put some in the saucepan with a tin of curried baked beans to have later with some bread and the just out of date Polish cooked ham.

Got the laptop on and finally finished and posted the Ailments effort.

NCCwalk06DSCN0053Got the nosh and took the medications with it.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to.

Rated this one at 8.9/10.

Washed the pots and took a bag of rubbish to the chute. As I entered the door to where the chute was, a rather painful Whoopsiedangleplop occurred.

I bent down to open the chute and slipped on some wet on the floor, went over backwards and cracked my bonce on the wall on the way down, and landed twisting my back. I lay there feeling a fool for a while. Hehe!

I got back up without too much difficulty, but by gum, t’was painful.

Got the bag down the chute, and then fetched the mop and bucket and got the wet up. It smelt of something I could not identify; it was like a ladies perfume, but not strongly? It was even odds in the pain stakes at that time between the head and the back pains, Humph! My fault for not noticing the wet.

In future, I’ll remember to put the light on in the chute room before entering when it’s dark. (He says wisely and too late, Hehe”)

I just knew things were going too well today you know!

After that, it was ‘feel-sorry-for-myself’ time for a while.

Put some antiseptic cream on the head, and despite being on my limit for the day, I took an extra 30g Codeine painkiller. The back was now easily, winning the fight to claim to become the most painful of the two faux pas from the Whoopsiedangleplop.

The lower back pain was almost like an electric shock; that comes on when I move, but only seems to last minute or two at most, but repeated the attacks pretty regularly tonight.

This made sleeping a bit hard, but after waking many times, I did manage to drift off.

Waking again at 0215hrs with the twinges rampant.

Hey-ho, I’ll see how it does go. Hehe!

TTFN all.

6 thoughts on “Mon 29 Feb 16 Inchcock Today: A Nasty Late Whoopsiedangleplop spoilt the day – Humph!

  1. Great joke! I’ll have to remember that the next time a lawyer wants to get something off my property. Sorry to hear you plopped on your whoopsiedangle because a wet floor by the chute. I the USA you could get a lawyer from Chicago to sue the building owners for negligence and end up with everything they have plus whatever money insurance pays out.

    • Danged lawyers! I think beforehand when I have to talk to them, of; Slob, Liar, philargyrist and Hate. There are other words, that come immediately to mind, but most of them are not suitable to print on the web. Hehe!
      The effects of the Whoopsiedangleplop has left me this morning with painful harrassing haemorrhoids! The head is okay, the back pain easing too.
      The liquid, whatever it was, is likely to have been dropped or spilt by one of the other tenants and I would not like to get them in trouble. By the by, some of them are over ninety, Norman on my 12th floor, is 93, and he walks faster than I do! I love chin-wagging with some of them when I get a chance.
      I think you’ve given me an idea for a post here Tim; The Solicitors Ode?

      • But in the US only the property owners are at fault that old folks can spill things by the chute, leaving a slippery, wet surface — only the property owners would be in trouble. After settling with you, they would be forced to create a spill proof or non-sippery area so the old folks wouldn’t have to worry about slipping each other up.

      • I see. I suppose I couldn’t have got proof that it happened, no witnesses or liquid left when I leaned it up either to photograph. I bet your Lawyers would have taken the case on though? TTFN, taketh are Sir.

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