Tues 1st Mar 16 Inchcock Today: White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits…


Tuesday 1st March 2016

Woke for the umpteenth and final time around 0330hrs.

I assessed yesterday’s Whoopsiedangplop inflicted lump on the head and lower back pains. The head was fine, just a little sore. The back was intermittently offering me stabbing pains on and off, a bit like an electric shock? No pain in between the stabbing session though? Confusing this is.


Breakfast. Good Morning all.

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and have breakfast.

The light in the kitchen seemed terribly strong this morning. The knock on the head might be the cause?

To the WC, Little Inchy was fine this morning, no need for cleaning and not bleeding at all. Great start! Hang on, I had one of these yesterday didn’t I, a good start, then the Whoopsiedangleplop? Oh dear!

The haemorrhoids were not nice at all, not much bleeding, but plenty of pain. Perhaps when I went over backwards to visit the concrete floor eleven hours ago, it irritated them when I landed on my bum?

Got the laptop on and took the medications, finished Monday’s diary and got it posted.

Around a quarter to six, I caught up with my Facebooking.


Oh, dearie me… rain!

Did some graphics for birthdays, then thought I’d make one more cup of brew, and get ready for going out.

I took one glance out the window and decided to leave it until later.

Boy oh boy, was the rain beating its way down!

Got a bathing session and I cleaned everything, teggies, shaved etc.

Got dressed, and as I went out, I took the rubbish to the chute; taking care there was no wet to slip on.

Set off and walked up through the park onto Mansfield Road and into Sherwood. I saw the lady with the lovely greyhound and gave her some fuss, the greyhound that was of course.

P1050100Caught the bus into Arnold and visited many shops in the cold sunshine. The clouds became rather threatening. But no rain came.

I soon had a full bag of shopping; Lamb shanks, Irish Batch bread, BBQ sauce, tins of veg and soup, desserts, nibbles and TV paper.

Struggled to the bus stop and caught one back into Sherwood.

P1050101At the bus stop, the now famous ‘Have a rest’ bench was in a right state. It had lost another plank. Hehe!

I was waiting for the L9, then realised they do not run this late. So, I caught another bus and managed without any effort at all, to fall asleep and missed the Sherwood stop I was supposed to get off at. Humph!

P1050102I woke up as we were passing it, and got off at the bottom of Sherwood and walked back up to Winchester Street Hill. I hoped there would be an L9 or number 40 bus due, that I could go the two stops up the hill to, and walk to the flats and avoid the battle to walk up the hill.

The 40 was due in 18 minutes. The L9 after dinner bus in 46 minutes.

So I started the battle to walk up the hill carrying my shopping, and timed myself to see how long I took to walk up the hill and left to the flats. I found it hard to believe I had taken 18 minutes when I arrived at Chestnut Walk. Getting old yer know, just thought I’d mention it.

All through the shopping trip, the back only gave two episodes of the electric-shock-like pains. One in Asda, and one going up the Hill. So, I think it’s getting better now.

Got in the flat, well weary and needing the porcelain throne.R

P1050103Felt far too tired to bother making the lamb shank for nosh, so I got the last three lamb steak, burger whatever you call them from the freezer. I had put them in a bag to save space, that now meant, of course, no cooking instructions or timing, so I went on the web to make sure. 25-30 minuted in the oven. So in they went in a well-foiled oven tray because I could remember how the fat flowed out last time. When they were near ready, I kept soaking up the fat with kitchen towels.Got the carrots green beans and garden peas in the saucepan together after the beans had been cooked on their own for five minutes.

Put the small olive-oiled potatoes on the top shelf to roast.  Got the carrots green beans and garden peas in the saucepan together after the beans had been cooked on their own for five minutes. It came out alright, I was glad I’d soaked up the fat as it cooked. Added some beetroots, not home made this time; but pickled. Rated this at 9.1/10.

Got the pots washed then flaked out in front of the TV, I was soon in the land of nod, I must have been tired even for me to nod off so early?

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