Wed 2 Mar 16 Inchcock Today: New word created for ‘Oh botherations!’


Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Deerhat1Up at 0200hrs, in need of the using the facilitations of the bathroom porcelain.

Started to move the lumbering ever growing body mass from its resting place in the 1959 damaged imitation leather armchair bought from the Sue Ryder Charity Shop and a pang of pain from the lower back area made me think again about moving. Oh dear, I thought. I lay a while, trying to get myself into an easier position to attempt to rise from, and tried again; No pain, no twinges at all from the back this time? Odd that.

Tended to the needs in the bathroom, no bleeding from anywhere at all (Mind you I haven’t shaved yet, hehe!). The Angina being the only ailment giving me any bother at the moment.

As I was on the throne, I remembered dreaming about being climbing on roofs again, and frustrated at not getting where I wanted to go?

I made a cuppa and took the medications, far earlier than I should have, I just didn’t realise at the time I’d got up so early. Tsk!

Laptop on then finished the Tuesday Diary off; I started this one up to here. Did some Facebooking, well I did a bit, but got carried away with an idea for a graphic for the TFZ gals and gals.

Group03jDid some Facebooking, well I did a bit.

But I got carried away somewhat with an idea that came to mind for a graphic for the TFZ gals and gals. Got in finished, though, after three hours at it.

I just hope they all like it and get a smile firmly implanted on their lips, and it cheers them up?

Another Facebooking bash.

Then ran the bath and carried out my ablutions and daily medicalisationing duties. Hehe!

Had to hurry a bit to get down in time to catch the bus, due, to my overdoing the soaking in the luxurious Radox and Dettol antiseptic disinfectant Lavender bath!

I arrived at the bus stop only just in time, and the bus arrived came within seconds of me getting to shelter and greeting a very lovely lady there, who lives on the fifth floor.


I felt movement in areas I’d forgotten I had! 

Dang dang dang dang!  Hehehe!

We had a good natter on the way to town on the bus.

We parted (So sad) at the Post Office near the bus terminus, and I walked into town, to catch the tram to Bulwell. Where I was determined to get some photographs of the ducks that would be good enough to send to the Animal and Floral site on Facebook. On the way on the tram, I planned to try and get some shots from the footbridge over the canal.

I search my coat pocket to get the camera ready – Shushbuggeritski! I’d forgotten to take the camera with me! Gawd blimey I was so angry with myself!

Alighted the tram and hobbled into Bulwell Market.

Naturally, en route, as I crossed over the footbridge and stopped to feed the ducks – there were dozens there, five different types of ducks, and pigeons with them on the bank, standard colour, ten-bob note ones and white ones too; And me with no camera! Shushbuggeritski!

Do you like my latest made-up naughty word?

BB-AEC renown 63

Incidentally, for anyone not understanding what an actual Ten-bob note pigeon is, here is a photo wot I done up to explain, especially for my massive and multitudinous flock of US followers. So I’ll explain for them both. The old Pound note resembled the colouring of the normal pigeons, and as you see, the Ten Shilling (A shilling was known locally as a bob) note looked like the much rarer red/brown birds. I do waffle sometimes don’t I, sorry about that, old age and senility yer know?

Had a walk around and got some short-dated bargains. I got the last four packets of KP Honey coated cashew nuts, up to £3 each in the supermarkets, I know, I’d just ordered some to be delivered! Two packets for a quid! And two packets for the same of Chocolate mini-eggs. I anticipate my toothache may be about to start again. Hehe! Oh, and got a three pack of the Blitz towels for £2.99.

That reminds me, next Wednesday, I’ve got the dentists check-up. The fillings they did last time are going black already? Humph!

I caught the tram back to the City Centre and checked on the buses, the L9’s which take me all the way to the flats was missing cause they had stopped and gone for a break. So I caught a 40 bus. That dropped me off a ten-minute walk (Hobble) away from the flats. Mind you, it drops off on a sharp bend on the hill on Winchester Street, where you have to take a risk, getting across the road cause the traffic can’t see you until they are coming around the bend. But I made it safely.

P1050104Back to the flat, the sky was looking threatening again and put my things away. WC visit, kettle on and cuppa made.

Then onto the laptop and got this updated, and some grahicalisationing finished.

Did some more Facebooking, and then got the nosh ready.

P1050105An excellent effort (Tastewise) although I say so myself.

Carrots, garden peas, onions, Minced lamb, made some gravy, mashed and potato cakes and some bread thins with just a smidgen of Vegemite on them.

Followed by two of the short date raspberry and vanilla desserts. Rated this one: 9.2/10

Tried to read my book, but got vision focusing problems, too much time on the laptop perhaps?

I got the things to take to the Community Shed tomorrow morning with me, to share out with the other tenants. It is mostly the older residents that attend, but I loved listening to them while having a gossip on my first visit.

Must put new batteries in the hearing aids before I go for this, my second visit.

Then I had a look at the TV scheduling and selected three good programmes to watch, starting with Top Gear. That I got through without nodding off alright. While the advertisements or commercial break was on, off, I went. Waking up about three hours later, all the other programmes I wanted to watch were long gone.

To the porcelain, sitting there I was a bit concerned about the amount of blood from the back passage.

Woke up later, and returned to my 1959 imitation brown leather dilapidated armchair and nodded off easily.

TTFN all.

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