Inchcock Today Thu 3/3/16: Winwood Community Hut Get-together today

Deerhat1Thursday 3 March 2016

Woke up at 0335 hrs, to the porcelain, and more blood from the rear end. Once more and I’ll have to see someone about this.

I made me a strong cup of tea and had my breakfast.

I looked fleetingly at the dirty marks on the kitchen floor. They’re still there, Tsk! Bent down to wipe one spot and the lower back started off. What a start, still bleeding from the rear-end, now the backs started. And just to make my morning, I had to pop back in the bathroom for a leak, and Little Inchy joined in with the others and he was bleeding. First time in three days too. I assume when I bent down, he got squashed a bit and this pulled on the lesion and started it off? After such a good day yesterday, I half expected some medical hiatus or other to come on today. Tsk!

P1050106Took this photo of my breakfast above, got the laptop on and finished the Wednesday diary off, and then started this one.

The Winwood Residents Meeting is at ten o’clock in the hut. I made sure I’d got the stuff to take with me for their nibbles. My mate BJ might be coming to the meeting, he missed last weeks but didn’t sound too keen when I asked him on the phone if he would be attending this one. Bet he does come, just to prove me wrong (Hehe!) He might call later, don’t want to phone him, because he is not an early riser.

CG poorly2I got my Grammarly assessment through email.

I’m definitely getting worse at this spelling and typing lark. Humph!

I had a quick look on Facebook.

Then set to work doing, or rather doctoring the graphicalisation I did yesterday for the TFZ gang.

I added some of the TFZ gals to it as spectators/audience.

Took me three hours to complete.

Now I have to rush about to get ready for the Winwood Community Hut meeting.


Group04jStill, it didn’t come out too bad, considering I was rushing a bit to get it done.

Got shaved, cleaned the teggies, and dived into the bath with its Radox and lavender antiseptic disinfectant in it.

P1050107Well, I say dived into the bath; more a sort of painful struggling into the tub – it was even more so getting out of the tub. Medicated the body sections requiring such treatment and got dressed in clean togs and departed the flat to walk to the Winwood Centre.

The sun was bright, but it was 0º f on the thermometer.

P1050110I arrived in the centre, quite a few folk there already. I gave them the bag of nibbles to use as they saw fit.

Popular little gathering each Thursday, I’m hooked on it now.

So pleasant to listen to the others and talk about olden days.

It got busier shortly afterwards, and then BJ arrived, late as usual.

A good natter ensued, they had a raffle for bits of stuff, and much talking and laughter was present all the time.


BJ (41) left, Ernie (93) right, at the WinWood Hut, Coffee Morning

I sat next to Ernie, the 93-year-old tenant, and BJ sat opposite me when he arrived.They pulled his leg for not coming last week, and he paid them what he owned them.

They pulled his leg for not coming last week, and he paid them what he owed them fro to weeks ago. 

He won on a prize in the raffle again! Hehe!

The time flew and it was time for us to be kicked out of the hut, as Deana and Julie reclaimed their workspace.

I went to see BJ off at this car. He hopes to come next Thursday again, as he enjoyed himself so much.

Back to the flats and as I passed the laundry room, I thought I’d better get some done while a machine was free; then realised I had the Morrison delivery coming soon, so made a cuppa, visited the WC and got the laptop on to update this diary while waiting the arrival of the fodder.

Not arrived yet, so I posted the photographs of the meeting on TFZers Facebook page.

The Morrison delivery arrived, no paperwork with it, despite my asking the driver for it and he telling me it was in one of the bags, it wasn’t? Naughty boy!

P1050111Started to prepare the meal. I’d ordered a bag of pre-cut fresh roasting vegetables; Potatoes, carrots, swede, leek and onions. Sprayed them with cooking oil.

They took the same time to cook in the oven as the Shepherds pie, so they went on the same tray. Had three small, I say Small, slices of Irish Soda bread to dip in the gravy. Followed by a Strawberry dessert. Not a small one. Hehe!

The vegetables came out rather well cooked and singed at the edges, but that is how I like them. Superb tasting! I rated this one 9.4/10.

Took the medications and creamed and gelled certain parts of my flobby-like body that needed attention

I watched some more of the A-Team DVD episodes and nibbled some nuts when I woke up an hour or two later.

I noticed some mail had been delivered. The Nottingham City Homes People had kindly informed me that my Basic Rent had gone down this year! I was overjoyed, and then I read on, to find the Service Charges, Support Charges, and Health Alarm charges had all gone up! Ah, well!

They also made me aware that I could write to my Councillor, MP or The House of Lords?

P1020854The other letter was from the caring Severn Trent Water people, advising me that I owed them £312.26 for the flats usage and £256.12. For the old house, that has still not been sold yet!

That cheered me up no end that did!

Got down in my 1959 imitation leather arm chair with the arms that are collapsing when I lean on them, and snuggled into the deep luxury throw, and drifted off into a dream (Nightmare) filled sleep.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Thu 3/3/16: Winwood Community Hut Get-together today

  1. As it happens I did walk into the post office the other day…3 times in point of fact and 3 times they sent me home with a new form telling me that the new passport form had been wrongly filled out…bloody cheek of it. It seems my ‘N’ on each occasion didn’t look to the gal behind the counter like an ‘N’ should look like…in the end she filled the wretched thing out for me!

    • CHEEK! I’ll complain about this for you Mike. I’ve got a medicalisational appointment later. I know how I’ll feel afterwards from experience: In agony, embarrassed and very sore in the lesser used regions, so it’ll be the perfect time for me to give a rollicking to them. (I’m like a timid lamb usually, but this procedure get to me) I’ve got to pass the Post office to get the bus back to the flat. I’ll confuse em to hell and back. Hehehe! TTFN mate.

  2. Guess who fell asleep and missed the bus? Go on mate, have a wild guess! Tsk!
    I’ve just phoned the clinic begging forgivance and crawling for all I was worth.
    Why did the N cross the road? She was going back to the Post Office aghen! Hehehe! Sorry.

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