Inchcock Today – 18 Mar 16: Lousy start, but it got betterer!


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0001aaA horrible, dreadful start to the day today, chronic!

I burst (Mentally like, not physically) into life, the brain totally doing its own thing for several minutes. I realised I’d only had about three hours sleep, but no way could I convince myself to go back to kip?

Little Inchy was stinging and damp, Anne Gyna was a bad girl, even the ulcer joined in first thing.

I made a cuppa took the medications and onto the laptop sharpish, it was like a magnet.

I just had to get on with the Nottingham City Homes funnies. For some reason, it seemed so important to me?

Graphicallised away for hours and hours.

Got the bath runnings and did my ablutions.

Then started the creating for the posts for another hour or so.

Got wrapped up well, and planned to have a walk up through Woodthorpe Grange Park and find the Tropical House to take some photographs.

Sorted the rubbish bags out ad tool the to the chute on the way out.

One of the lifts was kaput again.

Deerhat1Jill was in the lobby as I passed by.

Luckily, I had some nibbles to hand to her.

Then I went the back up to the park. A bit muddy, but not too bad.

I slid up the hill (Hehe), one pace up one pace down for a bit.

But managed to climb it.

Up to the end and in the entry gate to P1050262 where the Tropical Garden was. They had put up some new signs, so this time, I found it!

The legs were aching a bit, and Anne Gyna was ever present.

Two women with their dogs were hobbling along nattering, and one of the dogs, being friendly like, jumped on a woman passed by and left muddy paw marks on her jeans! Oh, if looks could kill there would have been two dead women and their dogs!

I got it through the doors to the giant glasshouse, and it was wonderful. Not a very big place, but I took my hat and gloves off, it was so well heated, if a little unkempt. At the back, a bloke was sat on a bench dozing; I didn’t half make him jump when he heard me.

Took some photographs of the plants.

P1050264 P1050266 P1050265 P1050267

P1050268No idea what they were. Just thought they were beautiful. I came across a Chilean lemon tree in the Tropical House, massive lemons on it.

P1050270Hobbled down across to the Plant Shop.

I felt guilty disturbing the chap in charge!

I was the only person there.

Still, I found two plants I liked. Might show the photographs to Sister Jane and casually ask her she likes them, P1050269then I know which one to buy for her later? Cunning eh?

I limped down through the park and into Sherwood.

Called in Wilko and got another cheap saucepan to replace the one I burnted yesterday and some window cleaning vinegar.

To the bus stop. No dizzies today, although Anne Gyna stayed present all day.

Got back to the flat and I made towards the porcelain. No blood from the haemorrhoids.

P1050271Got the nosh on. Potato Gratin, giant battered fishcakes, baked mini potatoes, beetroot and some Irish Batch bread.

Followed by a banana and strawberry dessert.

Tasty. Rated this as 8.9/10.

When doing the washing up afterwards, I bent and stretched to pick up the bleach bottle and – crack! The right shoulder presented me with a sharp crunch of bones, so loud I hear it without my hearing aids in. Ad Nauseum followed.

I watched s couple of episodes of Dr Who without falling asleep.

Back on the laptop and did more work on the Nottingham City Homes Repair series of posts.

I had a quick wash. The shoulder gave me one more crunch as I dried myself with the towel. Left me with mild pains when I used the arm now.

Soon nodded off for a change, but soon shot awake again. Did this several times for no apparent reason?


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