Inchcock Today Thu 17 Mar 16: Community Shed Socialisationing hour today


Thursday 17 March 2016

0315 hrs: I lay thinking of the dreams I’d had. (Although now I’ve gotten around to writing the down,  they’ve gone. Most vexatious!)

I stirred, passed wind, felt the horrible warm wet sensation from the lower regions, swore, then struggled up and to the bathroom. ‘Little Inchy’ needs attention – (I must ask Deana the flats coordinator to ring the surgery for me after the Windwood Comunity Shed Social Hour this morning) The other regular ailments were all being kind to me at this time, though.

Remembered to do me checks today: Sys 132 – Dia 66 – Pulse 73 – Temp 36.2 I wish I knew if they are alright? I keep meaning to ask the nurse: but keep forgetting to. Huh!

On the throne, I thought I was going to cough my way into me coffin; it persisted for an hour or so, then dissipated almost entirely? Made a cuppa, took my medications while I thought about it, and got the laptop on.

P1050248I assembled the Easter-nibbles for the tenant meeting.

I hope BJ turns up.

I also hope I have amassed enough for me to offer each of them one; Mini egg, chocolate rabbit or a Ferrero.

I did this while I thought of it, then returned to the laptop and completed yesterday’s diary.

Then, I had to have another go at sorting out ‘Little Inchy’, painful, messy affair. Tsk!

Did some Facebooking. Then emailing, Then started on a new ‘Humorous (I hope) post about Nottingham City Homes Repairs and my struggles with them. I’ve not gotten it anywhere near finished yet.

Time for the srub-up, polish and bath. The only hiatus in the proceedings once again was having to treat ‘Little Inchy’s’ lesion. Heck of a job stopping it again.

Got the bag ready with the things needed and set off for the Community Hut. Met three gals in the lobby, thus; the laughs started on the walk to the shed.

DV veins 2DV veinss DV veins


The meeting went well, with much joy and dry humour abounding between us all. The nibbles went down well with them.

I felt elated and exhilarated after the session ended. A bit sad BJ did not show up or let me know how he was; I’ll ring him later. (Did I remember. Huh!)

Spontaneously decided to catch the L8 bus to Mapperley Tops, and get a TV paper and have a toddle around the shops.

Had a natter with a lady who also caught that bus, and she dropped off at the same place.

I walked along the road, terribly disappointed in the lack of choice between the shops.

I went into the Co-op and got a TV paper and some Brown bread thins.

When I came out, I was going to have a walk back to the flats. As I approached to pass a bus stop, I espied that an L9 was due in one minute, so joined the queue. The lady who came up on the bust with me, called to me “Gerry, the L9 is coming, hobble faster!” I took to and liked her sense of humour immediately.

We had a chin-wag en route back to the flats. Shared the lift, she lives on the fifteenth floor, had stolen my heart; But has a hubby was waiting for her. Humph and double humph Hehe! ‘Taint fair.

To the bathroom and made use of its porcelain.

Laptop on to update this twaddle.

Then I put the lamb shank in the saucepan to simmer away, a large potato in the oven to bake and opened a tin of garden peas.

P1050260I kept nipping in to check it’s progress.

The meal went down well, but at a cost so to speak.

 I needed a new saucepan now and got another burn off of oven tray.


Spent far too long once more (Nearly four hours!) on the NCH Homes post, and was well drained when suspended this activity. I hope to get it finished tomorrow.

I fought to stay awake to watch some Dr Who episodes, gave up, and then struggled to get to sleep then!


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Thu 17 Mar 16: Community Shed Socialisationing hour today

    • Cheers Dunc mate. I hope you re ready for your retirement? Soon innit?
      Take care Sir, give the kids and woofies a bit of fuss for me please. TTFN

      • only 61 days to go – days will start flying past now !

        saw the grandkids last Sunday

        Seren hasn’t any teeth yet, but she’s got a strong set of gums on her – was stroking her cheek when she turned round, took my finger into her mouth and began chomping on it – little rascal wouldn’t let go 😆

  1. Ah, bless Seren. She found you were a tasty nibble, Dunc. Hahaha!
    I’ll celebrate when you get work finished, so happy for you! It’s great!
    Bet the woofies and puss will be really confused when you don’t leave for work?
    Take care Sir. Cheers.

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