Inchcock Today – Wed 16 Mar 16: Opprobrious Inchcock!

Wednesday 16 March 2016


01WI bounded up out of my hammock.

Took a picture of the morning from the kitchen window.

Dropped to the floor, did 100 press-ups, some shadow boxing and down and up the twelve flights of stairs in the flats, to loosen my joints, singing merrily away as I did so…

01W0401WaI did take the photograph, though.

Back to Reality then: I stirred in my damaged 1959 imitation leather armchair and detected a warm wet sensation from the nether regions. Little Inchy obviously needed attention. As I reached for my stick, I realised it wasn’t there? Perplexed for a moment, I struggled up and had a look around and found the stick underneath the armchair? Even more perplexed then.

Arthur Itis had returned with his intense pangs, twinges and stabs, but Roger Reflux was being kind to me, Anne Gyna her usual self. Had a bit of a ‘Little Inchy’ mess to clean up in the bathroom. I felt atrophied.

Made a cuppa, took the medications, and then got straight onto the laptop to try and sort out the Coreldraw X8 functionalities. Changes some options and preferences, it seems to be working okay, I’d not adjusted anything on the old Coreldraw X7 for ages, and struggled a bit to gain access. Thick fool that I am! Created the graphic at the top of this page okay.

Finished yesterday’s diary off and posted it.

Had a quick bash on Facebook.

Got the bathing and ablutions tended to; Little Inchy seems to have stopped bleeding, at last, more crossing of fingers!

Hearing aids, bus pass, mobile phone and cash card all in my pockets, I made my way down the lift, met up with some other residents who were at the bus stop, gave them some nibbles and a chinwag ensued. They all got on the L8 bus, just me and one other got on the L9 to town.

01WI dropped off on Upper Parliament Street. There were no shortages of buses this morning.

Called into the Pound World, but they didn’t have any of the pots in again.

It was nice sunshine now, but terribly cold with it.

I decided to have a wander around the Pound Shop on Lister Gate, the Pound Worlds and 99p shop in Broad Marsh, and the Pound World in town, in 01W03search of some of the lidded small boxes for my medications.

As I walked down the side of the Council House on my way to the Broad Marsh Centre, an altercation was taking place between some yobboes, just around the corner.

I took a photo of three police officers, who seemed totally uninterested as the patrolled the front of the Council House to make sure the Councillors who arrived for the meeting would be safe and would have somewhere to park. Humph!

01W05Up to Bridlesmith Gate, where I tried to take a moody photograph, but failed.I got through the poor Big Issue sellers corner without to any hiatus. 

I got through the poor Big Issue sellers corner without to any hiatus. This one I liked, a Scottish chap with a booming voice, wished each person a happy day and thanked them for nothing. I slipped him a couple of quid for his style.

01W04Down onto Fletcher Gate. The pigeons were out in number.

The Big Issue Sellers there were at a disadvantage as hey didn’t speak good English.

A few Pavement Cyclist were about, but too quick for me to photographicalise them. 

Onwards I plodded, trying the three pound-type shops as I got to Broad Marsh, none of them had any pots. But I did get some Lavender soap, one for Sister Jane, and one for me to put in the airing cupboard with the clothes.

I also weakened when I called in the DVD shop.

I’ll not say how much I spent because I’m ashamed of myself. Dr Who is to blame!

Then I went to the 99p Shop, who also didn’t have any pots in stock. But still spent around £9 on cleaners. Tsk!

Out of the top end and back onto Bridlesmith Gate, where I to passed the Scottish Big Issue Seller, who was still giving his loud verbals out, bless him.

01W07 01W06Back into the Slab-Square.

01W08Managed to get a photo of one of the Nottingham City Council mini-cleaning electric machines to put on Facebook for the American TFZers, at the Old Folk’s site.

The sky was looking nice again, but the wind was biting.

I had a hobble about until the bus was due. Then a nice chat with a lady at the bus stop. Caught the L9, and was soon asleep on the bus; I did feel a right clot when the lady woke me up just before we arrived at the flats, much to the amusement of the other passengers, and the driver who remembered me doing this last month he said. Hey-Ho!

Got in the flat, passed water, and put the kettle on and made a cuppa. Then started the laptop and updated this diary. For some reason, making many faux-pas along the way?

P1050247Hours later, I made another brew and got the simple nosh for today cooking. Oven chips, beetroot, pickled onions and egg, Irish Batch bread and cooked ham.

Finished off with a custard & jelly dessert.

Rated this one at 9.44/10.

Watched some episodes of Doctor Who First series, but had to give up when I kept nodding off too often. The rewind button on the remote control is looking faded compared to the others on it. Hehe!

Woke around 0100 hrs, oh dear, Little Inchy flowing again. Cleaned the haemoglobin and him up, and head down again.

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