Inchcock Today: Friday & Saturday

Frustrating Friday & Super Saturday

Ode wot I wrote on Saturday

What bits I can remember,
Are we still in December?
I’m feeling slow and dumber…
Indeed, the body is getting plumper…

I’m out of my comfort zone…
Yet, to joyfulness, I’m prone?
Nowt’s changed, still home alone?
Gone deaf, can’t hear the phone!
Eyesight bad, moan, moan, moan!
Can it be due to my testosterone?
The computer is like a battle zone!
And I can’t find my mobile phone!

I still feel unbothered, most macabre?
Constantly talking to myself, jibber-jabber!
Had no drink, I should be sober!
Memory Maureen failing… whencever,
Is it the Hemp, Simvastatin, whatever?

I spent 8+ hours on the snippet blog new,
Endless mistakes, all needing a review…
The night Carer arrived, she had the blues…
I’d not planned food… sausage or a stew?
Still upbeat… I asked her for a pas de deux!
She replied: ‘You know what you can do!”

I finished the new blog; it was mostly crime…
Then again, Nottingham’s news is all the time!
Got a meal late, morning time, but that’s fine!
Got around to doing this blog’s design…
The notepad… I just couldn’t find!

I can only blame Dementia Doreen…
Cocking things up, behind the scene…
The computers got a wobbly screen!
Cartilage Cathies pain… I want to scream…
Yet things are going like a dream?
Well, no! So many cock-ups, unforeseen,
Dropped and broke, my little green tureen!
New pains arrive around the spleen…
Laundry returned, more creased than it’s ever been!
Yet I’m singing to myself? It’s almost obscene!
Cataracts! I can hardly see the flatscreen!
I’m losing it… is life just a smokescreen?
I was unbothered, almost contented, serene?
I’m as lackadaisical as a circumforanean…
I’m clinging onto semi-sanity, it would seem?
I blame Dementia Doreen, I deem!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


What Bits I Can Recall

Well, I’ve found page one of the reminder notes. I’m so unbothered at the moment, still don’t know why I feel this way or how long it will be before the Dracula Depression returns. What’s going on here? Have I been given a ‘Happy Pill’ or something? It seems yesterdays ‘Couldn’t-care-less’ scenario is still with me?

The ghosts, wraiths, spectres, apparitions, and other grotesqueries haunt the hallways and lobbies. Worry and confuse me! Searching for Inchcock, to create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare… No, it’ll be down to Doreen’s Dementia! I can only put it down to the mysteries of Winwood Heights.

Luckily, I’d been taking many photographs, and even luckier, I managed after a frustrating battle with the computer’s SD card reader and got them loaded to use here. Although some of them I can’t remember taking.

That’s another thing, why am I not bothered about this! Surely I should be?

This is not, or is it, from Friday cause I seem to recall that the red van-man was parked back in his favourite illegal position on the chevrons? A good start, that is! Hey-Ho! I vaguely remember going onto the balcony to take this photograph, obviously using the Fuji camera, because of its shape, of the end car park… but no, on second thoughts, another cock-up I’ve made.

Not sure as to why I took this shot of the computer desk in the dark. I know I was having troubles uploading the photos, and the icons had all changed size of their own accord? Harrumphs!

Annoyingly and frustratingly, I’d mentioned much in the notes I found to trigger any memories. Tsk! Total blank, but I’m sure it was Helen! I think it was Carer Helen who called in the morning.

I think I got the icons back up, but not to what size they were; they are mentioned in the notes. As if the farce with trying to get the photos loaded from the card, and my giving up on the job. (I tried again in the morning and got the on! Yee-Haa! There was a lot of scribble concerning me making tea and dropping the mug, but catching it before it hit the floor and getting my fingers scolded a little. Hehe! I wondered why they hurt a smidgeon this morning; now I know.

I took a shot of the morning skyline, and, according to the notes, I thought it was beautiful despite the gag colouring?

The more exciting thing was as I was closing the window’s door, I inadvertently caught the button on the Fuji camera and took a shot through the bottom glass. Hahaha! It came out better than any photo taken.

A mention of kicking off early with the clattering and tap-tapping was read. How I could have heard it with the state of my era-holes is surprising. It must have been loud?

SYS 158, DIA 69, Pulse 95 and the body temperature was 34.5°c.

Made an order for J Sainsbury’s for next weekend. And ordered some t-shirts and something else… I’ll have a look to see what it was… Ah, pyjama bottoms.

Out of memory notes now. Good job too. I took some photos. I definitely can remember making up the Local News Snippets block; a scribble on the bottom of the one-sheet left indicated 8 hours, but carried onto the missing sheets; I think that is how long I was doing them!

I found another mystery photo I cannot recall taking, let alone why? However, the computer is not on. (See that? How quick I was to notice that? Hahaha!) It looks like it’s teatime ish, cause the lights going. It might have been when I gave up on blogging. Or not, maybe, perhaps, possibly…

I can recall a little later taking some pictures of the early sunsetting. Boy, did these take some sorting in the morning to get on here. However, just about worth the effort, although not brilliant at all. I think I took them over ten minutes while cooking the belated nosh.

Then eventually, I got the meal served up. It doesn’t look much appearance-wise, but I did enjoy this vegetarian effort for a change. Baked potatoes with butter, a leek onion and something else, I forget what it was now… ah, potato pie. Tomatoes and fresh garden peas. I can remember them cause I left them in the pan when I was about to start eating the meal. So went back and salvaged them. Put them on the plate and took this snap. Flavour Rating: 7.2/10, methinks.

As I went into the kitchenette to wash up, I was greeted by the now really beautiful sunsetting!

I hastened to get the Canon camera, and I returned to take these pictures of it.

Glad I caught this.

I washed the pots and stove and settled into the £300, second-hand, c1968, second-hand, c1968, Charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, haemorrhoid-testing, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner.

The Thought-Storm thundered into action as soon as I got my feet up. Yet whatever it was that was making so content and unannoyable today were still at it. And I just put the TV on to watch a murder documentary, and at first, no, the second set of averts… Zzz!


Ode To The Saturday Blues

Enough of this mad scriptitation…
Nobody reads it much in the entire nation…
It’s turning me to zombification…
Though, I feel it is my vocation…
My mind’s losing its location…
Sometimes, it’s a mental violation,
Turning my brains into vegetation!
I’m going bonkers… I need no verification…
My sanity needs another health evaluation,
Mayhaps, a cannabis vaccination?
Or, a trip to the seaside, on vacation?
I really need a cataracts diagnostician…
Psychiatrist, urologist and an acoustician,
I’m in desperate need of a mortician,
Or someone to explain; mankind’s declension?
Oh! I need the Porcelain Thrones’ attention…

I woke with a double whammy of ailments; I think that’s what woke me up. Still, it made a nice change from being woken up by Arthur Itis, Cathy Cartilage, Anne Gyna or Duodenal Donald. And plus as well, they both claimed down within a few minutes! Oh, I forgot to tell what they were, Tsk!

I’d got the camera nearby, so I took a one-handed snap of it – Clever stuff! Well, alright, it wasn’t clever then! Hehehe! I’d got Colin Cramps distorting my right-hand something wicked.

Oh, Dearie me! The Blood Pressure was well up this morning. The body temperature was still low. SYS 169, Dia 73 and Pulse at 90. But was I bovvered? Nope! This feeling that lingering… it must be what it feels like when on dope? Har-Har!

I had three goes at stringing the ear-holes again today. But still used the olive oil in between. I fear it’s not helped an iota with the hearing, Tsk! Still, in the odd uncaring mood I’ve been in lately, it didn’t get to me?

He was on form today. Considering that there will have been many noises I didn’t hear, there were dozens of times I did hear him due to my wax build-up. He’s consistent; I’ll give him that. He’s also an

Carer Helen Did the morning call. Ah! I remember she’d brought the washed laundry back for me. I found it all screwed up again, crammed into the bag! I think I might as well ask cleaner Esther to do the washing; she folds the clothes for me, saves ironing, and uses the freshener and softener supplied. I’m not blaming Helen at all, whoever it was that took the washing out of the dryer, should be spoken to nicely, and asked if she could fold the clothes for me, in future, please. This still irritated me even in the odd uncaring mood I’ve been in lately.

I worked on this blog between wee-wees (Hahaha!)  I checked on the Amazon tracker to see if the hats and jammie-bottoms would be coming tomorrow, as it said on the site when I ordered them.

Bobble hats coming tomorrow, T-Shirts on the 9th or 20th, and the much-needed jammie-bottoms on Monday (the 7th, I think). Still, in the odd uncaring mood I’ve been in lately, it didn’t irk me?

Got some photos to upload, but many of them were not recognised by the card reader? Still, in the odd uncaring mood I’ve been in lately, it didn’t irk me?

Off to the Porcelain Throne. The past three days of rock-hard torpedoes have changed overnight to rock-hard peanuts in a melange of running liquid and mucus based discharge. Unbelievable! And it still hurt to pass that? Still, in the odd uncaring mood I’ve been in lately, it didn’t bother me.

My tea-belly had returned! Got the ‘Snippets’ blog finished off and posted it. Then worked on this double-diary blog for many hours; I just pressed on with it, continuing to make errors, mistakes and forever making a brew of Glengettie, Thompsons Punjana and Sainsbury’s Extra-Strong tea in that order throughout the rest of the day.

As it got nearer to 18:00hrs, I kept the curtains open so that in case the sunset was pretty again, I would get some photographs of it, again. Which I did! Hehe! And boy, was it gorgeous tonight!


I took these pictures over about 15 minutes from the kitchenette window. Gorgeous!

I nipped into the wet room to get some more bleach for when I’d made a mess cooking the meal later…

Boy, did I clout Cathy Cartilages’ knee on the doorframe, coming out… Yes, I did! It hurt! A suitable synonym would be ‘ARGH! I thought I’d seek some sympathy from the ladies out there, so I took a photo of the offending knee cap, intending to inspire compassion from the ladies, but it came out wrong. I expected the picture to show how painful, swollen and bruised the knee looked… But, No! Despite the agony, I can’t see any damage to it at all? Another plan foiled… Haha! Still, in the odd uncaring mood I’ve been in lately, it didn’t agitate me?

I’d forgotten about the evening Carers’ visit. Whatta-plonka! Time to get the fodder sorted, I thought.

♫ The Oh, Susan ♫ tune chimed out, and in walked my evening Carer. It was Chloe. I knew what her name was, the very moment she answered me when I asked her what it was. Ahem! I meant to ask her if I could take her picture to use on the blog, but puddle-brain here forgot to! She was a pleasant gal, not pushy, and after sorting the medications out, she gave me a minute or two natterings. Treats were chosen, and off Chloe went, taking the waste bag with her to the chute; I thank you! A Sociable Carer like Chloe is always welcomed. Bless her.

Worked on the blog, then got the nosh sorted out. Cut up a selection of orange, yellow and black Natoora tomatoes and got some of the Squid (anchovy) vinegar on them; I wasn’t sparing!

End up with this meal served up. Potato cakes (Seasoned), fresh garden peas, tomatoes and a beef pastie. I got tucked into it but did not enjoy it as I should have. I may have been a little too tired?

Gone midnight again before I got my head down, and the jumping awakes were back with me. Grumph!

Good Evening!


16 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Friday & Saturday

  1. I didn’t know you could make vinegar from Squid? The Saturday meal is well arranged. Friday’s veggie meal doesn’t look too bad, either. You are the Odemeister. Great odes. You knees are looking nicely knobby and the BP is up but not bad. Did you give up on the thermometer? And finally. Wow! Wow! Wow! on the sunsets.Beautiful. At least you get a good view of the sunsets.

  2. Glaargheabandoerts!!! I just wrote one my longest replies and was afraid it might get deleted, so I selected all and performed a right click to copy before saving…just in the wildly improbable event that it be deleted by Putin’s hackers. Of course, that click wiped out every electron. All I had to do was click
    P O S T C O M M E N T
    but NOOOOOOO, I had to hand all the electrons to those detestable hackers of Putin the Great.
    A whoopsiedangleplop…and…delete that was set into a slow motion death dance conducted by my righthanded pinkie.
    Can’t really blame Putin’s minions for that bit of outrage. It were Billum what is to blame. Wot else be new then? An entire screen full of witty banter and larf-worthy jesticles. Jest saying.


    • By gum, that is so sad, Sire. It happens to me every single day in some form or another. So I comisserate greatly mit zu.
      Grammarly not working on the comments section? PHotographs taking repeated tries to get them loaded. And the eyes making it harer all the time, Cataracts Katie waiting patiently (Not me) for the medics to do something. But I find myself moaning out loud, sorry.

      Hope you don’t mind if I add to your exclamationing, Sir. “Gringlebugger!” There, I’ve done it. It may not help, but… Hehehe!

      If I could get to see Billum and Lisa…
      I’d be in heaven. having a mega-chatter.
      Listening to their tales it wouldn’t matter,
      What we talk of, food, memories or astrologer…
      And make out connections stronger…
      No need for flashiness or wonga,
      For joy, andcontentment would occur,
      If I could meet you and Lisa, Sir! ♥

      • Thank you, Sir. We do what we can to mitigate the friction that thousands of miles drops in our way. So these missives are as close to actual chinwaggery as may be achieved. Better than notes thrown into the River Trent or River Ohio. Faster by far though far.
        Flashiness and wonga are overrated by authority of my opine. Electrons are also recyclable, you can save them in an Amazon paper bag and lit with a match for illumination and for cookery.
        A Tidy Tuesday to G of C from B of Z and L of C.

  3. Hallo, mon ami. Somehow, I have found the missing comment that I much lamented 🙂

    A full account of all things Inchcockian as they occurred over a stretch of a portion of three days. Splendid photogrammarical sunsets of wild color range, the horizon takes quite a beating every day and you catch the beams at full contact. And you obtained the details over those several days.
    Those hemp capsules appear to pack a wallop of no mean strength. Or perhaps it is a variation of catnip that you are allergic to?
    Helen of Troy stoppeths by to help with laindry, but it gets shoved into a sack with such abandon that you wonder if they were more betterer whiles yer were wearing them. A conundrum wrapped in a stale wrapper? Wer weiss?
    The infamous red van bad parker may have taken the weekend to celebrate Easter and to package some noise makers for the droppage of Lord Herbert who conducts his strange symphonies on t’other side of your ceiling. The person knownn for parking atop chevrons may also be in league with V. Putin. Seems likely, do it not to the sensibilities of your fame and trade in knowables concerning the criminal mind and the dastardly maggots who serve the dark lord of lower Hades? That question mark was champing at the bit to impress the electrons that pass along the Earth’s Interweb.
    A question mark silently sighs.
    A blend of tasteful noshables of great worth graces the whereabouts. Well arranged and ready for the Windthorpe Tome of Edible Creations. Preordering available on
    May Sunday pass within 24 hours, wisheth Billum and the inimitable HRH L.

    • Ah, good work, Billum!
      A right Cataract-tester you have produced. I shall try to do it justice…

      I’m not sure abou the Hemp, now, Billum. Three days of feeling such a lot better in my mind, and back to depression this morning. Nowts changed? Why? I sigh!

      This here catnip? Worrisit? I’ve seen photographs of it from Doug, feeding it to Andy-Cat.

      Red-van-man… a sleeper planted my Pukin? Mayhaps! Hehe!
      Herbert has certainly been producing a syphony of sounds this week-end (Just had a loud clunk as I typed that… do you thing his installed a clandestine CCTV in my flat, and saw wot I was writting? Har-har!

      The digestable concoctions created, could never be connected with Amazon, surely? Haha!

      The criminalisational citizenry, no word-speeling-dead again… Well, blow me it was spelt citizenry… I’m losing again. Forgot what I was going to say now.

      Fanking you, and the delightfully appealling HRH L, of course, for the wishes.

      May fortune favour your abode and all within. 💛

      • Cataract testing is another one of my hobbies, the skill requireth a pair of beakers and a teaspoon for purposes of no particular worth. Beakers maketh good spectacles when attached to a proper pair of frames. They also draw a crowd of spectators who wish to learn more about beakers. Flasks are also worthy and fashionable, if a little difficult to balance on the bridge of the standard nose.
        I’ve read the lore of Doug on the use of catnip to satisfy the finicky cat, such as we have here on the Avenue of Crowell. Hemp makes good rope, or so I have heard. A bit difficult to glue all those tiny hemp-pieces together though, I would rather use used dental floss.
        I am certain that Herbert Hoover is in league with Vladimir of Putin. Wondering now how many CCTVs Putin has active, be certain to check 72 for glints. A torch might help illuminate those cameras…or not.
        Amazon is everywhere, is it not? We use the bags for lining the recycling basket.
        Just to say, cat food is becoming difficult to obtain. The furries are furious about this, but what can we do to improve the logistical supply chain to Crowell? A puzzler.
        Criminy, so many criminals out to criminalise the citizenry. Another puzzler without solution, where is Sherlock?
        Wishing your abode warmth in winter and coolness in summer, Sire!

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