Inchcock Today. Sunday 6 March 2016: He has an involuntary mud-pack applied?

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Sunday 3rd March 2016

Been awake for ages, stirred into action around 0500 hrs, carefully mind! Roger Reflux valve and Anne Gyna had both been giving me grief during the night. The lower back seems to have calmed down after all the bending to clean up after last nights series of Whoopsidangleplops!

Not feeling so good again (So tired and again already) now, but not complaining, at least, the ulcer and Arthur Itis are both being kind to me this morning. I made a cup of tea and took the medications. Getting low on Glyceryl trinitrate now, good job I’m going for the INR blood level test tomorrow, I’ll ask for some extra. Dentists on Tuesday.

Found some bits on the carpet from last night’s Whoopsidangleplop with the fodder, that I’m missed when cleaning it up. Very gently I got down and picked them up, took them to the bin, and returned with a damp cloth and got down again delicately, to try and remove the stains. Did a reasonable job, then getting back up again I felt the warm wet feeling coming from Little Inchy’s area. I’m managed to get the lesion bleeding again. Into the bathroom to clean him up, then applied the Dakacort cream again.While in there, I popped on the throne. As I sat there, I noticed the carbolic soap in the tray near the bath, and felt cheered up a bit somehow? Is it, or not is not sad for an old fart to get himself taken to heart at the thought of having a bath using his beloved carbolic soap or not?

While in there, I popped on the throne. As I sat there, I noticed the carbolic soap in the tray near the bath, and felt cheered up a bit somehow? – Is it, or not is not sad for an old fart to get himself taken to heart at the thought of having a bath using his beloved carbolic soap or not?

I looked at the laundry bag; it was getting filled up again, so decided today to get the laundry done. If I can catch a machine, that’s not in use. Decisions decisions Hehe!

After I get the laundry done, I might get a walk in the Woodthorpe Grange Park while the dryer is working and get some photographicalisationing done?

P1050130Best see how the weather develops.

The scene from the kitchen window was nice looking.

The thermometer on he window side was up to 57ºf.

I got the laptop on and completed yesterday’s diary. Then, checked the weather forecast for today; Cloudy, 44ºf and the winds twixt 7 and nine mph, doesn’t sound too bad that.

Had a good wash and brushed up, the shave producing several cuts on te chin and one on the neck.

Took my bag with me with the dirty washing, and got down to the Laundry Room. Got the washing machine on ‘Fast mode’, and did some crosswords in the foyer while waiting. Not many folks around today and those that did pass-by were not in a talkative mood to reply to my “Good Morning, are you keeping well” greeting.

P1050131One washer machine and one dryer were in use. As soon as my wash had finished I got to clobber into a drier. The one that was in use had ended earlier, and someone had left a green bag on top of the machine. I took their stuff out, and folded it into the green bag and left it on top of the dryer. I was obvious by the clothing, it belonged to an old dear.

I got the dryer going and departed for a walk up to the park with my camera.

P1050132I decide against going round the back of the flats into the park, as it looked rather muddy.

Hobbled up the gravel footpath instead, not that was a lot less muddy.

The Copse had many broken branches strewn around, as did the path at the top the of the hill.

P1050133Up, on the main footpath, at the head of the hill, the mud was unavoidable and very slippy. I noticed some daffodils or narcissus growing under some trees and foolishly tried to walk closer to get a photo of this wonder of nature.

I saw some daffodils or narcissus growing under some trees and foolishly attempted to walk closer to get a picture of this wonder of nature. What a P1050134plonker! Got myself stuck in the mud, nearly lost a shoe, and had a hell of a time finding a way back to the path without slipping over! Tsk!

I walked up the path to watch some football match for a while, but gave up, even the road was covered in mud at that end.

On the way back after deciding to retrace my steps to the flat, I met the Greyhound Lady with a different Whippet. He was friendly enough, and the lady told me this dog refuses to walk in mud and always avoids it. I wish I had been as wise!

P1050135Many people out in the park today.

I managed to get down the gravel path and into the foyer. Tried to clean off some of the mud on the kerb beforehand, not very successful, though.

I went into the laundry room and used some tissues and ran water from the tap to clean up my shoes best I could, and then tackled mud on the bottom of my jeans when I noticed it putting my shoes back on.

I wished I’d known who’s the washing in the green bag was, it had still not been collected, I could have taken it to her flat for her.

Did some more cross-wording while waiting for dryer, to finish. Got the togs folded into my bag, and got back up to the flat. Put the clothes away and made a cuppa.

NCCwalk01Laptop on to update this diary, the started the ‘Ode post’.

Got it done and posted, and then went on Facebook.

Feeling a bit better now, Anne Gyna has eased off a lot.

01WGot the fodder prepared. Beef slice, potato cakes, roast vegetables, four little potatoes, made gravy, beetroot, and put black bean cooking sauce on the slice. Then when I served it up, dropped two chicken thighs on the tray. Greed!

Crossed fingers it comes out okay. Strawberry dessert (Last one, sob!) for afters.

No Whoopsiedangeplops while making or eating this gastronomic delight. Pigged it and ate the lot! (Coy mode adopted)

However; when I did the washing up afterwards, I found it no effort at all to drop the washing-up liquid bottle and coat my trousers socks and slippers in Morrison’s Savers green liquid. Then slid painfully about for a few seconds on the now almost like an ice rink floor.

This incident and the cleaning up afterwards brought on Anne Gyna, Little Inchy bleeding again and even Arthur Itis joined in. Notwithstanding, I kept me pecker up, cleaned it up, changed clothes, took me late medications and settled into the even more damaged 1959 imitation leather arm chair, painfully.

Watched a lot of TV tonight, over three hours. Fair enough, it was interspersed with nodding-off periods, but overall, I did well staying awake. I eventually went off into the land of nod, much needed after the last two nights, managing four hours without hiatus. Zzzz!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today. Sunday 6 March 2016: He has an involuntary mud-pack applied?

    • Thank you, Sir.
      Might have a problem with the lawyer – I’ve lost my Age UK helper. He sent me an email telling me I have to get someone to go with me to see the lawyer, cause he’s leaving Age UK and is on holiday. Oh dear, I’m ashamed to say I’m not very good at dealing with business nowadays, I tend to just agree.
      I hope you ae doing alright out there?

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