Mon 7 Mar 16: Inchcock Today – The day deteriorated as it went on – Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden! Humph!

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Monday 7th March 2016

Up at 0400hrs, again in need of the using the facilitations of the bathroom porcelain. Little Inchy needed decoking and cleaning after last nights Whoopsiedangleplop. However Anne Gyna had eased, but the Roger the Reflux Valve was making me gasp and struggle a bit.

P1050138To the kitchen and put the kettle on.

I made an effort to take another photographicalisation of the view, with the light reflecting on the photo from the light behind.

Just for a bit of fun. Well, I say fun, is fun the right word. Should I have used amusement or interest? And am I losing it early today? Hehehe!

Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Pondered on the days requirements. Try to get some WordPressing done. Doctors at 1100hrs. Phone Clinic to confirm my appointment time. Oh, the dentist, no that’s tomorrow isn’t it. I really must try to get some cleaning up done sometime today, even if it’s only a bit. I can’t get rid of the feeling that I’ve forgotten something? A horrible sensation that!

Got on with completing Sunday’s diary, and tries to do an Iceland order, but at the end of the process it told me ‘A problem has occurred – Please go back, so I decided not to bother and ignored it.

Did some Facebooking. Had to prevent myself from forgetting the time, need to have me bath and ablutions yet, before I get the things ready for the walk to the surgery.

I cleared away and titivated the kitchen, then got into the bathroom to do my ablutions. Rather disappointed as the water ran cold so quickly and had to make due with a few inches of water. Must inform the caretaker later.

Got put sooner than planned when I started shivering. It took a while, the back and Arthur Itis saw to that.

Pottered about and got the things ready for the INR blood test, bus-pass for later, mobile phone, camera, nibbles for the medical team and gloves all into the bag.

I did my usual checks to make sure I’d not left anything on: And found the hot tap running in the kitchen! Grottyswellski! No wonder the bath was not hot!

Took the rubbish bags and put them down the chute on the way down. 

Walked down the Winchester Street Hill into Sherwood, left up the hill then down into Carrington. Phones sister Jane on the way and had a little natter.

Arrived at the surgery and booked in, and got the crossword book out. It was the Obergruppenfurher nurse on duty today, but she was surprisingly friendly with me? She decided to find a new vein today because she said the old one was overused and going hard?

P1050139Left the bag of nibbles with the receptionist and poddled to the bus stop and caught a bus into town. Arthur Itis seemed to be easing off, ni idea why, but I was pleased with this. The back continued to give me some jip, though.

Dropped off the bus and walked to Upper Parliament Street to catch one to Morrison’s in Netherfield. Took a photo of the crowds on Clinton Street. It reminded me of New York, with the moody sunshine and folks all wrapped up well.

P1050140I got to the bus-stop and looked up to take a photo of Centre Mission and Church.

I said a few words asking for the easing of pains for a few friends who are suffering at the moment.

The bus arrived, swiped my bus-pass and enjoyed the sunshine as we drove out through town, Colwick and to Netherfield. I’d decided to go to Morrisons cause Iceland’s website, wouldn’t take my order for delivery.

I checked the times of the buses to go back, not a bad service, three an hour during the daytime.

I’m afraid I bought some ‘Naughty foods’ 4IT7CoyStrawberry desserts (3), Hartleys mandarins in jelly (4) Honey coated cashew nuts, honey yogurt… Tsk!

Gravy granules, dried vegetables, Fresh roasting vegetable pack and spent £12.28.

Timed it well to get the bus back to town. Got to Queen Street, and again was lucky with the timing as the L9 turned up at he bus stop as I did. (Getting a bit worried about things going right for me at this point, my EQ told me I was going to pay for it later!)

I even fell asleep on the bus, but woke up as it was driving into Chestnut Walk outside the flats, brilliant!

As I got into the foyer, a lady there spoke to me, as I checked to see if there was a washing machine free in the laundry room, (No, all in use) and I could feel the blood running down my arm onto my gloves. I had to leave her rather abruptly as I hastened up to the flat, into the bathroom and cleaned it up, and had to put some Brute aftershave on it to get it to stop. (Stung a bit that did, hehe!)

Put the things away in cupboards and fridge, had to manipulate the contents of the freezer to mP1050141ake room for stuff to go in.

Kettle on, and started to prepare the nosh.

Took a photo through the window of the glorious clouds.

I stayed in the kitchen and read my book while the fodder was cooking, and kept a close eye on it.

P1050142I thought it came out okay.

I made some lamb gravy to add to it. The vegetables were not too bad. Added beetroot and a cooked chicken thigh.

Added beetroot and a cooked chicken thigh.

A pot of the Strawberry dessert for afters, and moved it all into the front room on a tray, to eat on my knee while I watched TV.

The idea turned out not to be a good one! The Whoopsiedangleplop proved this!


I managed to fall asleep and dropped the tray and fodder off of my knee. Bits of the meal were spread on my dressing gown, slippers, the carpet, on and under the arm chair & cover… I swore quite a bit.

P1050144Fetched Horatio the Hoover, and in combination with Boris the mini Black & Decker hand vacuum, set about cleaning the mess up.

Down on the knees to clean under the chair (Roger Reflux, Anne Gina and Arthur Itis were not pleased with this and had been giving me anguish ever since, Humph), picking the bits up by hand that had somehow gotten everywhere and it felt like into every crevis! Sprayed fabric deodoriser, over the materials, then passed the wind, and sprayed citrus fresh air spray all over. Getting back up was not an easy or pain-free job either.

In the middle of all this sorting, the phone went; It was the Iceland delivery???

I thought their system told me they could not take my order? I had no email to inform me about it? Had to re-sort the freezer again to make room for the chips that were delivered.

P1050145Had to re-sort the freezer again to make room for the chips that were delivered.And how I managed to order this great big box of 

And how I managed to order this great big box of Surf is anyone’s guess?

Still, the Whoopsiedangleplop got me to clean the room up a bit, Hehe!

Had a cuppa, felt sorry for me, a little depressed and put the TV on.

I succeeded in watching a whole programme, then off into the land of nod, at last!

2 thoughts on “Mon 7 Mar 16: Inchcock Today – The day deteriorated as it went on – Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden! Humph!

  1. I hate it when stuff like that happens. You need a little dog to help you clean up after your Whoopsiedangleplops. It would make Roger Reflux, Anne Gina and Arthur Itis a much happier lot.

    • No pets allowed in here Tim. Well, I can have a cage bird or fish tank! Not a lot of use eh? Hehe!
      Got the dentist today, just regular check-up. I should tell them about the last two fillings going black after a couple of months, but I expect I’ll not tell them, anything for an easy life. And my dentist is a Rumanian lady who scares me to death when she talks. she sounds like an Obergruppenfurheress camp guard. No, ‘take a seat’ or ‘settle there’, it’s ‘Sit!’ and a pointed finger. But that’s not too bad, she gives me ideas and stories to tell one my blog.
      The nurse used a different vein yesterday, cause she told me the one used for so any years was getting hard? The flipping thing is all bruised and leaking since she took the INR level sample.
      I really must not complain, though, I’m still here. Confused with life, but still here! Hehehe!
      Take care Sir, cheers.

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