Inchcock Today Wed 25 May 2016: INR test and walk around Nottingham

Wednesday 25th May 2016


Roused and fought my way out of the not-working-again recliner chair at 0225hrs, to the porcelain, Little Inchy sore but not bleeding at all, Arthur Itis only interested in the right arm and wrist, giving the knees and hands a rest bless him. Anne Gyna being very kind, Rea Flux also in a calm condition and not stuck open or closed – working well. No dizzies either yet. Looking good I thought!

01Late memories of a dream I’d had came back to me when I was making a brew and getting the medications ready. (I did forget the other checks, though, BP, etc. Tsk!)

I got onto making a graphic of what I could recall. The ladies in my dream were Lynda Lore and Sandra Lentz, both TFZ Facebook page friends. I sent them each of the girls a copy. I’ve no idea what we were up to, just that we all enjoyed it?

Took a good while, I only just had time to get yesterday’s diary finished in time, then had to rush (Rush! Me? More like dodder rapidly Hehe!) to get things ready for the trip to the surgery. Nurses nibbles, Anticoagulation Record card, four-item shopping list, etc.

04I called at the Social Hut on the way out, no one in yet (0838hrs).

The map of the route I took today, looks long, but I did take a break at the surgery for the Anticoagulation Warfarin Blood Test at the Sherrington Medical Centre en route.

Down Winchester Street hill, left along Mansfield Road, continued over the hill out of Sherwood, then down into Carrington.

P1080997The traffic was getting heavy as hobbled into Carrington and arrived at the surgery.

Just before I got to the actual medical centre I passed someone’s garden on the left.

What a selection of beautiful flowers and P1080998arrangements they had at the front of their garden!

The flowers looked so cared for too.

No idea what they were called, of course, me being a self-raised City lad. Hehe!

Into the doctor’s and the receptionist pointed out that I was very early, and demanded I take a seat. I must have made a decent time on my walk.

The Obergruppenfurheress nurse was on duty. She came to collect me from the waiting area very quickly – with a smile on her face. You’ve no idea how worrying that was!

The usual smile crept onto her face as she dug in the needle and extracted the required amount of blood. She reminded me to vote for Brexit, we spoke about Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, I gave her the nibbles and off I went.

I decided to walk it into town, Fool!)

07Down through Carrington, passed the college and up the hill towards the Rock Cemetry. On the way up the foresaid hill, I noticed some more cute 08greenery and flowers.

I seemed to be getting mightily impressed with nature lately.

Better late than never I suppose?

Over the hill on Mansfield Road and own towards Nottingham.

The old plates were giving some twinges by now.

I arrived at the Victoria Centre (Mall) P1090003eventually, and the rain was holding off well. I consulted my shopping list All from a Pound or Poundland shop:

  1. Chocolates in the tin pots. (Forgot name)
  2. Deofab Fabric deodorant.
  3. Lavender Soap
  4. Lidded plastic pots (for the medications doses.

So I went to the Vic Centre Pound Shop. None of anything on the list in stock.

So, I visited the Milton Street, Pound Shop. None of anything on the list in stock.

Determined not to thwarted ultimately, I hobbled to the Upper Parliament Street branch of the Poundland Shop. None of anything on the list in stock.

P1090004I nipped energetically and sprightly toWWarnLie the Clumber Street branch of Poundworld. Two things became apparent here, the shop had closed down weeks ago, and I was surprised at how few bodies were using the Street today.

So, I made my way through the closed P1090005down Slab Square.

The weather was threatening rain again here.

I called into Poundland on Listergate. None of anything on the list in stock.

Depressed now!

Then it dawned on me, I’d seen no end of Pavement Cyclists and failed to take their photo, naughty me!

I went back up towards the Local Tesco and treated me to some Jam Doughnuts. 70p spent, that’s an improvement. Hehe!

P1090006Back to the bus stop and I awaited the arrival of the L9 bus.

The fellow in the Hired from the Council mobility scooter had just knocked me as he passed by, no damage or hiatus, only the bag suffered any harm.

The bus soon arrived, only me and one other person to get on? At the first stop from the terminus, the lady I was chatting to yesterday got on, and she sat next to me for another good chinwag en route. She told me the meeting yesterday was pointless because the tenants couldn’t get any straight answers to their questions.

Hope to meet her at the Tenants Hour Meeting tomorrow, so looking forward to that I am. 

A peculiar, odd smell greeted me when I got into the flat. Not the foggiest what it is or where it is coming from?

Updated this post then went on Facebook for a while.

Good job I didn’t need to use the public loos when I was out – I found I’d put me underpants on back to front after having the bath! Hehe! Didn’t change them, they say it’s bad luck to do that, well someone told me.

Got the fodder cooking. CorelDraw utilised, more Facebooking and emails checked. Forgetting about the food cooking in the oven… WhoopsieOh heck!

The chips were 95% black – I managed to rescue a few individual chips to eat that were only partly burnt to a crisp. Opened a tin of potatoes and heated them up.

P1090007The resulting meal was passable all the same, though.

I consumed it with relish and went to do the washing up.

WhoopsieThe right arm and wrist had been giving me some twinges all through the day, but a big sharp spell got me when I was lifting out the bowl to empty it, I lost the grip and the soapy water went all over the drying pots I’d just titivated, the floor and me!

Hey-ho! Suddenly the rapid descent of weariness dawned, and all I was worth was sitting in the currently operational £300 second-hand recliner chair, couldn’t even concentrate on reading, and soon nodded off, after such an odd sort of day, into a night of disturbing dreams once more.

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