Inchcock Today Frid 27th May 16: Laundry Room Farce, Met Deans and got the Nottingham Hospice things delivered.


Friday 27th May 2016

I didn’t stir for over six hours last night! Woke around 0545hrs with bits of the dream going around me head, but they soon dissipated into the ether, I hate it when that happens. Huh!

Remained in the second-hand mechanically dodgy £300 recliner that I’d nodded off in, for a while pondering the needs of the day.

I’d got to go see Deana about the shower installation, the laundry needed doing urgently – thanks to earlier bleeding from certain quarters of my anatomy causing the removal of bloodies articles of clothing, then I must… My deliberations were interrupted by an involuntary emission of the wind from the rear quarters causing concern that attention and sanitational needs may be required. 

Soon as I lowered the chair to get to the bathroom and started to move, the left knee, in particular, suffered an acute attack from Arthur Itis! Still can’t complain, though, because he’s has been kind to me over the last few days.

No hiatus discovered when I got to the throne and checked things out in the lower regions. A tiny few specks of blood from Little Inchy, but nothing at all to concern myself about. No bleeding from Haem Aroid either.

I decided not to get the laptop on yet, cause I always get carried away and end up not doing other things that are urgently in need of attention due to my love of the internet. Had a quick cup of tasty tea and took the medications.

I got the two bags of dirty clothes ready and took one down to the laundry room. Got the washing machine one of the two machines. Back up to the flat to collect the coins I’d forgotten to take with me.

Back down to the laundry room and got it started.

Back up to the flat, and had a hunt around for any other things needing cleaning and put them in the second bag.

Then back down again and got the washing into the other machine also on quick mode, and removed the finished others out and into the dryer.

Back up to the flat, and did some work on the diary for yesterday and got it posted.

P1090023Back down to the laundry room, to find that the machine had finished washing, but had left the clothes very wet. Moved then into the other dryer, then took out the clothes from the first dryer.

Back up to the flat with them and stored them in the airing cupboard.

Back down after an hour to move the washing into the dryer, but they were still wet, so had to do another cycle in it to make sure they’d be safe to wear.

Back up to the flat, more WordPressing was done. Checked the emails.

Back down to the washing room… On the way, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was that the lift hadn’t broken down this morning. Hehehe!

By now it was 0745hrs. I collected the now dry second load of rags (Haha!) from the dryer, and once again back up to the apartment (Fed up with writing flat).

Put this load of clobber in the airing cupboard. Started today’s diary off. And had a quick wash.

Thought about my having to sort out for the maintenance people for Tuesday. Have to move everything out of the bathroom and the hallway, into the bedroom, somehow.

I set about preparing the vegetables for cooking in my much loved and appreciated mini Crock-Pot. Planning to have the with a beef slice, or some sausages methinks?

P1090025Flavoured the swede, carrots, parsnips, red onions and mushroom with a pinch of BBQ seasoning, Asda/Walmart vegetable flavouring and vegetable paste. (Seems alright, tangy taste to it)

Boiled some small potatoes to add to it later. Nibbled a couple when they were done.

P1090018The left knee gave way when I was getting the things ready to go see if Deana was in the hut. Busy gal Deana our Flats Coordinatoress. Photo, on the right taken yesterday at the Social Hour when she popped in.

So I took the stick with me as I went down to the Windwood Hut to see if she was in.

The door was locked so I started to return to the flats and she came out of the door at the other end of the hut. Told her about the bathroom being changed. She said when they take out the WC, they have to replace it with another straight away.

P1060071Which reminded me of the state they left the kitchen vent in when they left, and I started to fret a bit. Hehe!

This photo was taken immediately after the workman left after coming to repair the problem!

Not encouraging is it?

I’m dreading the mess they’ll leave after the three or four days in the flat doing the shower conversion… oh dear!

Back yet again to the flat.

Got some more work done on graphics and WordPress.

The vegetable broth in the Crock-Pot was smelling something wonderful.

The left knee still giving me gip every time I moved now, Huh!

I got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop. Left the Crock-Pot on low and walked up through Woodthorpe Grange Park, down out through onto Mansfield Road, then up and down into Sherwood. Did some window shopping on my way to the Hospice shop.

Blimey, the time is getting a move on, well into the afternoon already – what happened? (Oh yes, the laundry room farce, hehe!)

05Did the ablutions and got ready and out and up the gravel footpath hill up into the park.

At the top, I almost had my breath taken away by the view of the beautiful array of greens with the flowers blooming in between.

Later, I doctored this by adding words and the red flowers, don’t know why I did mind, but it was so pleasant and fresh to look at.

The only sad bit was they had mowed the grass, killing thousands of buttercups, daisies and dandelions in the bargain.

P1090027I pressed on down the footpath through the park and stopped for a while to look at the dogs enjoying themselves, tails a-wagging.

The footpath was a tad darkened by the amazingly quick growth of the trees foliage.

To the Co-op store and had a wander around, getting tomatoes, veg crisps and a lemon cheesecake that fell into the basket. Ahem!

P1090028As I walked down the hill towards the Wilko store, I spotted that someone had parked on the pavement handily blocking the view of drivers approaching the pelican lights.


Got a nail brush from Wilko, then back up the hill to check if a bus was due at the top stop.

There was no need to check when I arrived, there because a few flat tenants were waiting for a bus. Sure enough, three minutes later an L8 bus arrived. It was driven by the lovely lady driver too, so no need to worry about getting thrown all over the place getting on or off.

A chinwag with fellow tenant Frank on the way in and up to the flat, where an urgent call of nature was answered hastily. Phew!

I put the pie in the oven and updated this entry.

The INR test results came, much better this time. 2.5, much closer to the target figure. I emailed the surgery requesting an appointment for next Wednesday as instructed.

P1090029A quick go on Facebook and the meal was ready.

A fine feast it was as well.

The veg mix was delicious, the tomatoes sweet, the potatoes excellent, the bacon crispy, the beef slice beefy and the lemon dessert so tasty! And I ate it without any bread with it!

Oh yes! Will-power yer see? I’ve always had this, a steely determination and unmoveable confidence. 01W04

Watched an old James Bond movie, ‘Live and let die’ – by gum they look dated nowadays, I’d forgotten how bad they were! Hehe!

Took ages to get to sleep again. Tsk!

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