Brexit – In or Out? Inchcock remains puzzled!

The lesser educated pensioner of Nottingham, Inchcock, continues his quest to find a resolution to his decision on which way to vote in the Brexit Election

01I think the lad needs some help.


George (Never had a job) Osborne:

It is my “responsibility” to warn on the risks to people’s jobs, standards too!

Millions of pensioners could find themselves worse off if the UK quits the European Union, George Osborne claims. Also, Cameron has won many concessions from Brussels?

He also said way back, that he would never increase VAT.

Compare and contrast. Here is the answer that George Osborne gave, in December last year, when asked whether he would consider campaigning for Britain to leave the EU.

“We have said that we rule out nothing. If you rule nothing out, you rule nothing out!”

Now here is the answer Mr Osborne gave today, to the MPs of the Treasury select committee in Parliament, when asked what would happen if Britain did indeed leave the EU.

“What’s absolutely clear is that our public finances would take a significant hit because the economy would be weaker, people’s incomes would be less than they would otherwise be, businesses wouldn’t be as profitable. And that would mean that our public finances would be around £36 billion worse off – dwarfing any supposed money we would get by not making a contribution to the EU. We would be very significantly worse off, and that would have an impact on public services like the NHS.” He added that as well as being “poorer” we would be “less secure”.

Look at those two statements. The Chancellor is now saying, with total certainty, that Brexit would make us £36 billion worse off, grievously damage the NHS, and leave us more vulnerable to terrorism and war.

The Chancellor spoke twice about the importance of Britain ‘living within its means’. Of course, this should be a basic principle of all good financial housekeeping and practically every sane person would agree with it.

In effect, he is acting as the chief executive of the Government — whereas Cameron is increasingly behaving like a less hands-on company chairman

Unfortunately, although Osborne talks of ‘living within our means’, the truth is that he has been the most profligate Chancellor in British history. Our national debt is likely to have doubled to just under £2 trillion under his stewardship of the nation’s finances.

Well, that didn’t help me to make my mind up!

WAH03The Cameron Threats:

He claims that a Brexit Vote is immoral? I think perhaps that sending troops to their deaths to kill, bomb and maim ordinary citizens all over the world is immoral?

Mr Cameron, speaking as the Treasury published an analysis warning that a British exit from the EU would plunge the country into a year-long recession and cost as many as 820,000 jobs in just two years. 

The report was criticised by leading Tory Eurosceptics such as Boris Johnson, who said it was a “hoax”, and the former Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith, who said it was “not an honest assessment but a deeply biassed view of the future”.

The Treasury document said that in the worst case scenario GDP will fall by 6 per cent, house prices by 18 per cent and the deficit will rise by £39 billion. The pound would drop 15 per cent. 

Speaking at the head office of B&Q in Hampshire, Mr Cameron said that, given these risks to the British economy, a Remain vote was the “moral” choice for voters.

Knowing Cameron and Osborne’s acts and decisions requiring vadiation, will get no such thing, but it they did it could not be believed…  This doesn’t help me to make my mind up!

Scottish Labour Party

WAK001 Then I read somewhere about Scottish Labour party leader Kezia Dugdale who  has pledged to support Britain’s continued membership of the EU but others will be allowed to campaign for a Leave vote, a Scottish Labour spokesperson said.

 Well, that didn’t help me to make my mind up!

Scaremongering from all.

WAH02 Some

David Cameron has been accused of “scaremongering” by his own MPs after warning that Britain’s exit from the EU could see Calais’ Jungle move onto the south coast of England.

With negotiations over Britain’s membership ongoing and a referendum likely to happen as early as June, both the “stay” and “leave” campaigns have ramped up their warnings of what kind of terrible things will happen depending on which way the vote goes.

But following Cameron’s latest suggestion, and a host of other “warning” headlines in sections of the media, Eurosceptics have hit back at what they clearly think are ridiculous assertions on the part of the pro-EU campaigners.

And yes, those Ukippers, Tory Eurosceptics and even Louise Mensch have managed to be funny…

This doesn’t help me to make my mind up!

WAK02The Leave.EU site published:

Leaving the EU would give us back control of our WAK03borders

  • The UK is currently obliged to accept ALL persons entering from Europe, regardless of skill level.
  • The UK public is increasingly concerned  by open borders, a recent poll by The Economist/Ipsos MORI found that immigration is now the most prominent issue on the UK’s political agenda.
  • 1.5 Million EU migrants moved to the UK between 2004 and 2010. Most of them were low-skilled. Low-skilled EU migrants can often deprive British citizens of jobs in the low-skilled end of the labour market.
  • By contrast, more and more non-EU visa applicants are skilled, yet the UK’s non-EU visa cap (for skilled labour) was filled within the first 6 months of 2015.
  • Migration accounts for one third of the deficit in social housing and undoubtedly puts pressure on public services as a whole. 

As the world’s fifth biggest economy, the UK is well placed to supply its own labour. So it would make sense for UK immigration policy to be tailored towards filling any employment shortfalls, with the freedom to draw specialist skills from a global talent pool.

Given the current free movement of people within the EU, Britain’s attempts to reduce net migration have led to incredibly tight restrictions on non-EU students and workers. Leaving the EU would ensure that the very best and brightest minds could come to the UK – wherever in the world they are from. What’s more, an overall cap on migration would allow the UK to ease some of the current (huge) pressure on public services.

Well, that didn’t help me to make my mind up!


Vote Leave published this:

A dossier of murders and rapes committed by 50 EU criminals in Britain has been published by a leading out campaign, in a move described by critics as “scaremongering of the worst kind”.
Vote Leave, which has its campaign committee chaired by the justice secretary, Michael Gove, listed 14 murders and other homicides committed by EU citizens in the UK, including the murder of 14-year-old Alice Gross by the Latvian Arnis Zalkalns.

The dossier also listed rapes by Lithuanian, Polish and Slovakian men with convictions in their home countries. The document quotes Lady Justice Hallett asking: “Do we have to take in anybody, even if they have a conviction for raping a child? OF course we do while were are in the Euro!” 

It is believed that a list of hundreds of criminal charges bought last week against, specifically Eastern European immigrants was witheld, on the orders of a Government Minister.

This doesn’t help me to make my mind up, but it did make me think a bit!

Eventually, I ran out of time and enthusiasm in my search to discover which way to vote.

After all, in a General election, we cannot trust or believe anything that the candidates say.

Thatcher, Blair, Brown and Cameron all failed to find honesty or openness, thus any trust from the electorate.

Then I saw this?


I’m more confused than ever now! Humph!

2 thoughts on “Brexit – In or Out? Inchcock remains puzzled!

  1. We must stay in I reckon…I could give you a whole bundle of good reason yet don’t wish to bore. Just think that IDS, Boris, Nigel Twat Face, Gove want out…surely no sane person would follow the advice of that group of…

    • T’was my originally intended intention to stay.
      But my wishy-washy, bendable, influenceable, decision-making abilities seem to be suffering more than their usual prepondering periods Mike. Tsk!
      This concise advice is an example of getting to the point and should be adopted by those in the campaign.
      Cheers Sir.

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