Inchcock Today Sat 28th May 16: Indoors all day – computerisationing away

Saturday 28th May 2016

07Frequent waking up throughout the night, not a good rest at all this dream-filled night. Dreamt repeatedly of being in long corridors searching for a way out I think, being chased by, it seemed, everything. Animals; wild dogs, budgerigars, dinosaurs and alligators amongst them, along with hundreds of people, so many, they kept getting themselves clogged up in the narrow corridors and lifts and got very angry when I laughed at them?

I attempted to lower the second-hand £300 recliner chair, but it wasn’t having it. So I climbed out carefully and made my way to the porcelain. Oh dear! Haem Aroids had not bled so much before for a long long time. Still, no pain with it. On the plus side, as I made a cuppa, to take the medications it dawned on me that Arthur Itis, Rea Flux and Anne Gyna had all calmed down, even the left knee and right wrist were not too bad at all. Best of all, Little Inchy was not bleeding either!

08It felt a bit nippy, though. So I put on my felt lined Flobbadob and Blobbadob hat on. Lovely and warm, but the stitching is coming loose already.

The temperature in the kitchen was 62ºf. Did the BP test thingies: Sys 152 Dia 74 Pulse 74 and body temp 34.2f. Looked alright to me.

An involuntary emission from the rear quarters sent me scurrying back to the porcelain.

While the laptop booted up, I pondered on how I was going to manage to get all the stuff out of the bathroom in readiness for the ‘destroyers’ from the Nottingham City Homes maintenance team coming to create a mess for me in doing the shower to bathroom… no, bathroom to shower, conversion on Tuesday over four days? I must warn me neighbours about the coming noise too. I suppose it will mean another backhander to the caretaker to help me out again if I see him so I can ask him that is.

Started this diary off, then finished yesterday’s and got it posted off.

Spent hours and hours doing graphics and a new Euro post. Took all day really.



So I didn’t get to go to the shops for my TV paper and have a walk through the park. Humph! All day indoors!

Did the ablutions and had a bath, I’ll miss this when it’s gone on Tuesday, but not miss the struggles to get in and out of it. Hope I can get used to the shower quickly. Will there be a seat in it I wondered, there didn’t look like there was enough room to me on the drawing of it? Hey-ho!

P1090030Had a breakfast meal for my evening meal.

Baked beans, bacon, scrambled egg, waffles, potatoes and tomatoes. Amazingly, I didn’t eat any of the bread with it!

Although the lemon dessert was not let off so easily. Hehe!

Took the usual medications and some extra bits, and was soon climbing into the now working again second-hand recliner chair to settle and watch some TV after eating the nosh.

Got settled, and realised I’d left the remote control on the sideboard thingy – so, up and retrieved it and got the goggle-box on. The recliner was not o keen to work this time, but I eventually encouraged it somehow to get into a nice comfortable position for me.

Then had to climb out of it (The recliner, I dare not move it again in case it stopped altogether), to go to the porcelain again.

Remounted the recliner with some difficulty, and settled again… but not for long. I just could not stop the feeling that I might have left the cooker on. Out again and checked in the kitchen, glad I did too. I had not left the cooler on but had left the tap running in the sink. Phew, lucky that!

By the time I’d got back in the recliner and got the TV on I was worn out, fell asleep watching the TV, woke up a few hours later and managed to watch some bits of Law & Order between the many nodding off periods.

Ah well…

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