Inchcock Today Sun 29 May 16: Up and at em… I thought…

Sunday 29th May 2016


For the many fans of Inchcock, we’d like to assure them both, that he did not suffer any long term damage. Eight hours after he landed on the cold cracked lino floor, he bled a bit and was then found by the Gas Reader Meter Man, who had come to empty the meter and give Inchy’s mother back her foreign and dud coins. (The Management)

070400hrs: Sprang into life with a jump… the dream memories leaving me almost immediately. I hate it when that happens!

The second-hand recliner chair shuddered and rattled as it reluctantly raised to allow me to escape and get to the WC. And what a mess there! No pain mind. After passing the blood in the bowl and on the paper was a bit alarming even for me. Old Haem Aroids seemed to be having a party this morning. Tsk!

Into the kitchen and tried to adjust the rusted loose grinding controls on the heater to lower them. But both switches, input and output had the markings erased with age and rust falling on them over the years. Gave up, and got the kettle on, made a cuppa and took the medications, started the laptop, passed wind and returned to the WC hastily. Two passings in such a short time? The bleeding, this time, was even worse!

I’ll have to keep checking on this throughout the day methinks. The bum was now tender after carrying out the functions as well. Don’t want any hassle or hospital visits with the shower conversion being done on Tuesday, and on Monday, I need to be fit and able to move the things out of the bathroom in preparation for the demolition men from the Nottingham City Homes Maintenance teams four-day attack.

Fingers crossed that the bleeding eases off soon… Huh!

I got this post started, made another cuppa and had some caramelised biscuits and finished off yesterday’s diary.

Checked the emails and replied… oh, hang on please, got to go back to the porcelain… oh dear…

Blow-it, the blood still flowing. On my next check, if it hasn’t abated, I’ll have to go see someone about it.

Did some WordPressing, then onto Facebook.

Making another cup of tea, and the urge for the porcelain came yet again, fourth time up to now. The bleeding seemed thinner, this time, it flowed when I as sat on the throne? I hoped in a way that it is Haem Aroids and dut to some other reason?

Back to Facebooking. Sorted the waste bags to the chute.

04Ablutions and a bath, then out for a walk (Hobble then!) up through the park and down into Sherwood.

To the top of the gravel footpath hill, amazed by the flowers and greenery abounding all around me.

Spend a while watching the dogs enjoying themselves, but not too long, as it was getting a bit cold compared 05to yesterday.

Met a fellow tenant on his way back from shopping, and he mentioned the lack of warmth in the air.

Up the hill and down into Sherwood and into the store. Where I plodded around investigating for bargains – I didn’t find any, though. 

I ended up getting a cooked chicken portion (Expensive mind, but it was gorgeous), a large packet of Bugles to share out with the tenants on Thursday’s Social Hour, the wrong TV guide paper (Huh!) and some finger rolls. Used the vouchers and saved a quid anyway.

07Started the hobble back to the flats.

It was getting a bit darkish and then brightening up a bit but remained coolish.

Still pleasant, though.

As I limped further up the footpath towards the flats, an impish cyclist came passed me very close, so close he 08made me jump. (Jump inside that is, of course, my physical jumping days are long gone, Hehe!)

I don’t know what it was he was carrying across his handlebars, but it hit me on the shoulder.

It didn’t hurt, though, it just surprised me somewhat.

09Up to the top of the path and right to go down the gravel footpath to the flats.

I decided to have a walk through the little copse instead, though.

So glad I did now.

No one else around,

No mud to slip over on the ground,

Life seemed gentle and puzzlingly sound!

Back at the flat, I hastened (If that’s the right word) to the porcelain, to find Haem Aroids bleeding a lot less now.

I pondered on when to get the bathroom emptied for the Nottingham City Homes Maintenace teams attack to demolish the bathroom. I decided to do it tomorrow… no, the day after tomorrow, after having my last bath before the shower is fitted over Tuesday to Friday, by the scary NCH maintenance men.

09aGot the nosh ready then, as I felt I might be about to nod off when I sit again.

Perhaps a little too much fodder I thought. However, I ate it all up with a particular gusto.

Guilt dawned, and I decided this would be the very last white bread I will ever eat – wholemeal and wheatmeal only in future!

The TV paper I’d bought in mistake for the usual cheap one was perused, and programmes to watch selected. (Waste of time that was too!) I kept on and falling off into the land of nod for hours, and didn’t get to watch any of the things I wanted to view in their entirety.

When I gave up, it was very late for me.



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