Inchcock Today Monday 6th June 2016: Pining for a shower now… Humph!

Senior Citizens Reasons


A mammoth session at the kitchen sink last night.

(I forgot to put it in me diary, Tsk)

By the time, I’d fetched all the things needed and set them around the kitchen sink, got my feet in a bowl of warm medicated water and had a shave – plans had to be delayed due to an urgent call to the throne.

Came back after having left feet marks and drip of water everywhere, did me teggies, had a shave, cleansed the wobbly body, medicated the areas in need, applied the pain gel to me knees feet ankles and wrists and cleared the things away and cleaned the place up.

I reckon it took me well over two hours! Hey-ho!

I had mentioned my problem with sanitating myself to a few neighbours, but no offers were made.

Maintenance man Kevin will be back today, perhaps the electrician too? Or he might come, maybe tomorrow or Wednesday?

Six days up to now, with a hope it might be done by Tuesday night. Later I was informed it would be Friday night, but would have to wait two days for the tiles to bed in and the grouting to dry before using it. Argh!

Monday 6th June 2016

Horrible dreams. Stirred at 0435hrs and climbed out of the none-working £300 shuddering second-hand recliner chair and into what was once the bathroom, to utilise the porcelain throne.  Excellent results, no bleeding from either front or rear end. The only worry this morning is dizzy spells and the right hand, wrist and arm… up to now. Luckily I had the first dizzy while sat down like! Hehe!

Made a cuppa and took the medications then tackled the now daily performance of the ‘Stand-up-wash-at-the-kitchen-sink struggle. Humph!

Carried out the BP tests etc. Sys 153 Dia 68 Pulse 69 Temperature 36.1 All looking okay.

P1110018Observed a group of people outside on the corner plot of land through the kitchen window with their dogs, tails wagging furiously (The dogs).

Scenes like this make my day now I’m here at Woodthorpe Court.

I binocularised them for a while. They all seemed so happy. Hehe!

Got Corel Draw on and worked some more on getting photographs doctored to use in the future and the one at the top of this page.

Maintenance Kevin arrived, made him a cup of tea and biscuits. Had a chinwag.


Neighbour Frank at the bus-stop, chatting up a fellow tenant girl. He’s married to Jenny as well… Tsk!

Doing the graphicalisationing and it sprang to mind that I had not collected Jane and Pete’s pressies from Asda! Managed to rush about and get down in time for the half-past bus to Arnold. Forgot the hearing aids and went in the wrong glasses mind. Humph!

Got on the bus, moved one stop to the Winchester Courts and the driver told me to get off and run (Well, I say run) to the bus behind. So I did.

I was soon pulling up in Arnold and made my way swiftly (Well, I say swiftly?) to Asda (Walmart) and their photographic counter. I was a bit concerned about catching the L9 bus back to avoid marathon walks and had about 15 minutes to get to the bus stop, and wanted to get some vegetables as well. Naturally there were two people waiting in front of me, but the second lady gave up and left. The other woman took a minute or so, and then I handed in my ticket for the… Whoops! I nearly let out what it was I bought then! Musn’t let Jane know what it is before I hand it to her.

P1110023I hastened limpingly around and got some bits, decided to get the prepared veg today, I got a bag of cut swedes, onions and red onions. I have half a parsnip left in the fridge that’s passable. Also got some more tomatoes a turnip and some Batch Bread.

And… do you know, two of them cheeky little pots of Lemon Drizzle Desserts magicked their way into my shopping basket again!

I just can’t understand it, no way did I intend to get such unhealthy foodstuff… er… 02

P1110022Bit of luck then, as I got to the bus stop it was a minute or so passed the time it was due to leave – but someone poor devil, was having trouble getting off the bus, and a queue was waiting to get on, and this allowed me just enough time to get there and catch it! See, I don’t always have bad luck…

The sun came out brightly as we drove back to the flats.

08I phoned Janet to tell her that her secret gift was now in my possession, and I’d get it to her ASAP. She couldn’t talk because they were having lunch – only at the Hutt Restaurant in Newstead Abbey.

Very posh.

Jealous? Me? Never…


Only joking honestly! 02

Put the fodder away, and Kevin returned from his lunch.

After a few words, it became obviously apparent that the shower would not be ready until Friday evening at the soonest.

05I went in the other room and cried for a few seconds.

I got the Crock-Pot vegetable stew going. Seasoned it with vegetable stock cubes, vinegar, rosemary and oregano. 


Jane ‘drinking’ her chocolate birthday pressie last year. Hehe!

Sister Jane called back. I told her about the problems with the shower and what I had to go through each day with the stand-up kitchen sink palavers. She couldn’t offer me the use of her shower, as it was playing up too. I told her that I’d put a bit in this Inchcock Today about her going out for a meal, and she said she hadn’t gone out for a posh meal after all. I must have misunderstood her. I felt a fool!

I asked her if I could leave the piece I did in this post, and she laughed and agreed.

She then pointed out that it is Wednesday and Fridays when she goes out for a posh nosh. Hehehe!

Got on with updating this and touching up some graphics.

Trev departed around 1600hrs, and I started the horrendous procedures of another ‘Kitchen Sink Ablution, self-harming and frustrating effort.’

Found two letters had been posted, both from British Gas with my name but different account numbers? One demanding payment of £250.32 in seven days? I’ll have a word if I can with Deana tomorrow, see if she had offer advice and contact them for me.

Kept stirring the Crock-Pot vegetable stew for hours. Worked on the laptop. 

Soon, the simply seasoned parsnips, swedes, red and white onions, red and yellow peppers and parsnip concoction was ready and served up. Had some batch brown bread with it, and it was one of my best efforts ever with the crock-pot cooking. I added some vinegar to the seasoning and enjoyed it so much.

Electric charges were stopping me getting to sleep. I thought Steve had sorted them all out for me long ago? Thank heavens for Deana, she might be able to help again. I’ll try to get to see her in the morning. I sent her an email telling her about my plight.

Getting to sleep was not easy, Gawd knows when I eventually got off… Tsk!