Inchcock Today Mon 13 June 2016: A day of xenization


Monday 13th June 2016

It took me ages to get off to sleep, well into the early hours. Around 0615 hrs I battled the limbs to get out of the shuddering, noisy, but working £300 second-hand recliner, and made my was to the throne.

Not so much blood this morning, and Anne Gyna was very kind to me! Even the rumbling innards had settled down a bit. Things looked good. 

700701Surely by now it would be safe to walk on the floor and investigate the shower workings I thought?

So I did.

See the poster on top of the shower unit so you? I found it crammed behind the control box.

It would have been a lot easier if I’d found it earlier, and saved my fretting about how it worked over the last five days. I placed it on top so surely I wouldn’t lose it now.

I worked out that it must be safe now to use it? But being as we residents are on the Economy night electricity rates, the water only heats up at night. So I decided it would be best to use it tonight while the water is heating up, in case I run out of hot water, due to my intended long, very long showering session I had planned after, what is now… fourteen or fifteen days without a bath or shower!

I did my ablutions in the shower room at the sink, far easier than in the kitchen now I can walk on the floor.

Refreshed a bit, I made a brew and took the medications and did the BP tests: Looks okay again, although the room temperature was a bit low. Danke and misty, with rain outside. Sys 148, Dia 72, pulse 72, temp 27.1, Room temp 61f. The forecast on the local radio was a yellow warning re-flooding.

I did some graphicalisationing for use later and started this post off.

Got the photographs I had printed and set off down to see Dean or Julie to ask for help with the insurance renewal.

Several tenants in the foyer who were waiting for the first bus of the day. A little natter as I passed through them, I liked that.

P1110016Got to the Community Hut and found both Obergruppenfurhers in attendance. Julie looked a lot better today after her poorly spell.

Deana told me to come back at 0830hrs in the morning, and she’d call the Insurers for me.

I gave out the photographs of themselves and some others they said they would distribute to the tenants for me. Very kind Bless em.

P1110109Then I took some photographs of them so I could make up some funny graphicalisations of them later. The one above was in the office in the Community Shed.

The one on the right fo Julie was posed for delightfully in the main room.

Back to the flat, passing some residents at the bus-stop and hello’s exchanged. I like it!

P1110113I remembered about the Iceland delivery coming today twixt 1200 > 1400 hrs. So placed the shelves on wheels at the front door in readiness.

As if I would forget…

I mean me? Hehe!

Had another read of the shower instructions. Then searched the internet for guidance and after much effort and kerfuffle, I managed to find a guide at mirashowerspdf.


I found it clear, concise and straightforward, easy peasy to understand.


I set about importing the Dean/Julie photos to amend for later use.

I found a 1950’s selection on YouTube to listen to, Harry Belafonte – “Banana Boat Song (Day-O)” – 1956 playing at the moment.

Come 1200 hrs, I had to turn it off, though, cause listening with the headphones on meant I might not hear if the Iceland man rings the intercom, yer see.

Carried on with the graphicalisationing.

P1110114Mopped the kitchen floor – not a good idea really, cause it brought to mind and sight the mess everywhere else in the kitchen.

Sorry, I did it now. Haha!

Ah, cometh the Iceland fodder delivery man.laptop

He kindly threw the stuff on the 10mobile drawer unit for me, and he was soon off. I cleaned and put away the mop and bucket, then checked the goods delivered. The 2 for Pound mushrooms was one for a Pound, can’t find the second one anywhere. The salad tomatoes were Polish, luckily I plan on doing another stew, so they can be used it that. Fortunately, I have the new kitchen knives that should eventually cut through the tomatoes to slice them and put them in with the other vegetables. The bitter foul horribly acidic taste should dissipate a bit over the six hours Crock-Pot cooking time. Humph! And, they kindly flattened and broke the sliced cobs so I don’t have to chew so hard. Iceland, what’s their slogan? Oh, yes, Food You Can Trust! Cobblediscrotums!

Got the faggots in the oven, 45-minute job for these. I’d have mushrooms with them, but I don’t have enough in stock if I’m going to use them in my Crock-Pot stew tomorrow. Grr! Still, I can use some of the putrid, rotten Polish tomatoes perhaps.

Updated this and then I lost all my work on the Deana/Julie graphics, cause CorelDraw froze again, and when I eventually unknowingly how recovered the page, it would not let me save it. Annoyed, peeved, riled and vexed were inadequate words to use to describe how I felt!

So much I want to get done, do the Deana/Julie graphics, finish the tfZ graphics, get the windows cleaned, sort out the shower room fittings and curtain, have a shower (Too early yet in case I run out of hot water), Get the hallway back into use… Oh dear, I’ve tired myself out just thinking about it! Hehe!

Not done much physical today, but I’m feeling drained again already. Think I’ll get the fodder and see how I feel then. Odds are, nowt will get done.

Nowt got done.

P1110115Years since I had any faggots, now I remember why it’s years since I had any faggots!

Well, they weren’t too bad, made a change, I’ll probably have them again in another 15 years. Hehe!

I didn’t get a shower, due to me falling asleep and forgetting I was going to have one.

Had all sorts of problems with CorelDraw, it wouldn’t let me save any of the work I’d done? Too tired to bother trying to find out why. I’ll have a look in the morning.

Watched some TV. Remembered I had not had me shower. Turned out it as a good job I didn’t, please see explanation in the next edition of this waffle.

TTFN all.