Inchcock Today Mon 20 June 2016


Monday 20th June 2016

Woke at 0455hrs, as I was (I think) having a dream: I was sat on an L9 bus, talking to one of the passengers on the other side of the bus. When I thought the lady fell asleep – I was glad at the time that it wasn’t only me who did this. The bus driver was laughing heinously, he turned to look at the passengers, and it was David Cameron in a gas mask? He told us that we all deserve to lose our bus passes, for voting for Brexit and furthermore the old age pension will have to be reduced by 40%… the gas will now be released, suitably I am using Zyklon B, thus removing 22 more costly old farts from the government costs! A manic, yet posh laugh followed. For some reason it didn’t effect me, I ran to each of the other passengers, they were all gone, all looking peaceful. It was as if Cameron couldn’t see me as I walked up to the front of the bus, and when I tried to tell him that the Brexit voting had not taken place yet, he just ignored me? He started to pour champagne from a bottle, into a large can of the poison gas, still laughing… Strange early morning dream that one!

The £300 second-hand recliner noisily allowed me out of it, and straight to the porcelain. This morning, the wee-weeing was still lengthy, but not as much as yesterday morning was. The heavy duty job went okay, no bleeding again. Two days now without any, looking good?

The joints were allowing me to move about with relative ease too!

Took the medications with a nice strong cup of tea, and into the ‘Wetroom’ to do my ablutions. All went well, no cuts from the new razors.

Did some tidying up (Not a lot mind!).

Took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way down to go to town in the rain. In the lobby, I had gossip, with some other tenants. As more of the ladies arrived at the bus-stop, I moved out to make room for them under the shelter, I put me brolly up, and it blew inside out straight away. Tsk!

GC blue f03

Another Whoopsiedangleplop! Huh!

Got into town and called in the Poundland Store and got a brolly, well I got two. Along with some nibbles for the nurses later and a Pork Farms Pork Pie.

Then as I came out, I thought I’d take a photo of the crowds in the rain… Whoopsiedangleplop! No card in the camera! I’d left it in the laptop again! So got the new brolly up and walked to Jessops Camera shop on Clumber Street to buy yet another card! They had some 32GB ones of their own label, they were a bit cheaper, so I got one of those. This meant a trip to the bank as I used up all the cash I had with me to buy it. Thus, I got a bit wet again as I hobbled into the10a City Centre and to the bank. 

Got some cash, and remembered to ask for £20 of it in twenty-pence pieces. (To use in the laundry room you see? I almost surprised myself remembering then, Hehe! )

Then another trek, this time to Victoria Centre, where I took the walk-over entrance on Upper Parliament Street, where I got the camera out to take a photo of the crowds in the rain.

10 Perfect timing too, just second before I took the shot through the glass, the rain torrented down even harder, but only for a few seconds.

I thought it gave a bit of an eerie feeling to the photograph?

It certainly caught out a few folks who got trapped in the sudden downpour! Shame there was no pavement cyclists to get caught in it. Hehe!

10eWalked into the shopping centre (Mall for our American ether-friends), and as I glanced down to the lower level, the most adorable young boy, who was laughing and smiling taking an interest in everything going on around him, espied me, with my camera. As I was about to take a photographicalisation of an electric powered Nissan car on display a few yards away from the lad and his father. The boy smiled even wider, and I offered him a wave, and he gave me one back and pointed at me. This made it all worth the while of me getting soaked in the rain just to see him. What a happy lad he looked.


They had cleverly cut the car in half to display the features, and it drew a crowd of petrol heads…

Mind you, being electric-powered, perhaps I should call them Power socket heads?

I pressed on towards the Tesco Store to get some bread and whatever else I would no doubt get that I didn’t need.

Dow the escalator without any hiatus, and as I passed by the jewellery store, I took out the camera to take a photograph for the classy TFZer ladies and gents.

10bThese ornaments, are they called? They were all labelled as New.

Some of them were rather pretty I thought.

But where did the idea’s come from? Are they from a children’s TV programme or a new Walt Disney film?

Into the Tesco store and I was immediately disappointed the there would be none of the Fresh Cream Horns jumping into my shopping basket today – they didn’t have any in stock! Huh! Just when I decided to weaken as well – Grumph! Hehe!

I wandered around, got some vegetables for tomorrow’s Crock-pot, and mini peppers. (Going to have Pork Pie today, with mushrooms, peppers and some of the bread-thins with sourdough that I got).

Left and crossed over the road and called in the Pound World shop to try and get some of the Neutradol fabric-freshener but they didn’t have any in stock either. However, I came out with mini-cereal packs, caramelised biscuits and another mini umbrella. Tsk! Still it was for Olive.

10dThe rain had lessened as I made my way to the bus stop on King Street.

Caught the L9 bus and was back at the flats in 35 minutes.

I think the driver must have been due his lunch break?

Up and into the flat, wee-wee’d, put the nosh away, made a cuppa and took the midday medications.

Then got the fish in the oven, forgetting I was going to have the pork pie – Tsk! Mushrooms in the saucepan, onions and beetroot on the plate ready, sourdough bread too, the added the tomatoes and peppers in the oven with the battered fish.

Laptop on to update this while it cooked.

Did some Facebooking.

Settled to watch the England Footy match. We qualified at least, but once again the failure to score goals was worrying.

The mind was racing again, I was still watching TV at 0200hrs. Eventually nodded off, though.

TTFN, all.