Inchcock Today Wed 29 June 16: First visit to Chiropodist today!

10b Wednesday 29th June 2016

Woke around 0155hrs, desperate to get back to sleep and continue the dream I’d been having! I failed, but did scribble some notes down on the pad for later it seems, as I found them after I’d managed to nod off again and woke at 0445hrs. Of course, I could remember nothing of the dreams, but the notes informed me that I was young again, and doing what kids do, with a particular group of females. Amongst the words on the paper were: Dancing, snogging and Skoda Estelle?

10aTo the throne, made a cuppa and got the laptop on. Did some graphicalisationing, Facebook, WordPress and emails. Then went on Google Maps to see where the Feet First Chiropodist was on Upper Parliament Street.

Very handily placed with the L9 bus-stop just a few yards away.


Around 0830hrs, I had to force myself off the laptop and get the ablutions done in readiness for my departure out into the heavy rain and winds! A chance to test the new umbrella out.

I nipped to see Olive on the way out, give her a box of liqueurs and asked if it is alright for me to call tomorrow and get a pain-gel massage. She agreed, and she was looking well this morning.

Down to the lobby, where three Lady tenants and two male had gathered to wait for the bus to arrive. Nice chinwag, joke and I gave them some nibbles. Well, not one man, he is known amongst the old tenants as Mr Grumps, for good reason.

Got the bus, it was late, but at least it came today.

The rain continued to pour down, and I tried out the new umbrella as I walked to the Wilko store, it was fine and coped with the wind (The weather’s wind, not mine. Hehehe!). I got the citrus scented arm spray, and nipped to the Poundland Store, in hopes they may have some of the Deo-fabric-spray P1110234back in stock, they hadn’t, but they did have some After Eight Mints, so I got a box for Olive.

Naughty Nottingham Pavement cyclists were rampant all around yet again.

I nipped down to the Feet First Chiropodist and gave the lady on reception my list of medications. She gave me an A4 New Patient form to fill in. After ten minutes she’d spotted me still going, as I tried to get all the medications listed in the box provided, copying them from the three prescription lists. She offered to photocopy them for me. Then found the printer had ran out of ink. Again she helped by copying them for me onto another A4 sheet by hand.

I was shortly called into a treatment room, and the lady got me plates into a bowl of bubbling water, then got her shears out and cut me toe nails, even filed them afterwards – and… she put my socks back on for me, cause she saw how I struggled to get them off earlier. Bless her cotton socks!

I made another appointment with the receptionist for Friday 12th August at 1115hrs, paid me £25 and out into the  rain. This brolly is a good un up to know anyway.

P1110233I went up and over the walk-over and took a photograph of the weather-beaten Nottinghamians below.

Three alcoholics had settled in the corner and were making some threatening noises in my direction as I took this photograph on the left, through the glass.

I asked them if they wanted their photo taken – I think they said something like “Go forth and multiply”, but in other words like.

I limped along through the Victoria Centre (Mall) and had a walk through the market. Very sad so many empty stalls and bad food on show. I went all the way through, window shopping. At the other end was a Pound World shop, so I nipped in there to look for  any fabric freshener but they didn’t have any either. I did get some caramelised biscuits and a box of 160 Brooke bond D tea-bags, though. Not had them for a while.

The trusty new brolly protected most of me on the walk to the bus stop to catch the L9 bus back to the flats. Stirling Moss was driving it today, I recognise him now, after risking life and limb on his bus before.

Stayed awake. (Mostly thanks to driver Stirling’s and battling to stay in the seat at every corner and when he braked one had to take care you didn’t hit you head or chin on the seat in front)

Off the bus, Mr Grumpy was on the bus, but he ignored my greeting when he got on. Nipped up and wee-wee’d post haste, put the kettle on, the nibbles away, got the lamb hock boiling and got updating this post and did some graphics.

P1110235Checked the emails and Facebooked a while.

The nosh turned out a bit of a disaster I’m afraid.

The potato waffles were tasteless, the lamb all bone, the bread dried, the apple super-tasteless… the dessert too sweet, but the banana was nice!

I could only rate this one at 3/10!

Picked up TV mag to see what was on, and the programmes I chose did not show, other programmes came on? I checked with the built in TV guide and that was different again? I thought I was going bonkers?

Found a letter delivered from Virgin, informing me that the TV and internet would not be available on 21st July from 0700hrs to 17oohrs while they upgrade the service? But the phone line will not be affected.

Well, the Virgin internet connection certainly needs something doing to it, it is worse than what BT were, and that’s saying something.

I got the nibbles sorted and into the bag ready for the Social Hour tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to that.

Sleep came easier tonight (at last), despite the left foot big toe stinging a bit. I think the filing, or maybe they cut the nail down a bit too far done at the chiropodist might be the reason?