Inchcock Today Wed 1 June 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop, Busy, Mayhem and Confusion, but it doesn’t matter, I met Olive today!

Wednesday 1st June 2016


Stirred into life around 0445hrs, sat thinking of the dreams a while, lost the memories. Moved on to thinking what the day ahead needed doing or worrying about.

I told the Nottingham City Homes repair bloke last night as he left that I would need to be leaving the flat by 0830hrs to get to my INR blood test. He said an electrician would be coming today. He took my extra door key as he wasn’t sure if he’d be here by that time?

So, I’ll have to leave them both in the flat and just hope they are honest.

The second hand £300 recliner was already in the down position when I tried to lower it?

I got the cleaning stuff from the bedroom and moved them into the kitchen ready for my ablutions later, made a cuppa and took the medications.

Put some toilet paper in the barren bathroom in case the bloke needed it then.

Got the laptop on and did the diaries and downloaded the bathroom pictures for the camera ready for the ‘Shower Conversion Special’ creation then.

A farcical wash at the kitchen sink, during which I had to fetch things from the bedroom many times that I’d forgot to have ready, like; Pain gel, ear spray, towel (honestly, humph) and scrubbing brush. I’ve left them on a trolley in the kitchen now, so I hopefully don’t fuss about so much, over the next coming couple of days.

Set off well wrapped up in the rain, on the walk to the surgery, met the unhappy looking this morning Maintenance man as he arrived at the flats.


The rain abated as I got over the last hill and down into Carrington proper.The walk to the Doctors went well until the feet started playing up just before I arrived there.

Considering it was around 0910hrs, there were not many vehicles or even pavement cyclists anywhere in sight?

The walk to the Doctors went well until the feet started playing up just before I arrived there.

The nurse soon sorted my blood tests out, even saw me earlier than the appointment was for. In no time it seemed I was out of the building and walking down to the shops to go to Lidl for some fodder.

Ended up getting two small cobs, some prepared fresh vegetables I could roast today, a large tomato and two bananas. (How the other half live eh!) And, as far as I could tell, none of the staff sneered at me or overcharged me today! Well done Lidl!

Caught the bus back into Sherwood, and called into Holland & Barrett to get some Japanese rice crackers. As I entered the store, I noticed a lady passing by down the hill with three dogs on one lead. The assistant at the shop resigned me up for their Loyalty Card because I’d lost the original one. Tsk!

P1090057Leaving the shop, I couldn’t resist taking this photographicalisation of the three dogs where she had tied the lead to while she popped in a store.

Strikes me that these three animals are not keen on each other?

Hehehe! The little on was at risk if a car chose to park in that lay-by, so I went to try and encourage the little darling to stand on the pavement, he displayed his teeth at me, and I left him alone standing in the road. The other two showed no interest in my attendance.

P1090058Walked across the pelican lights and back up the hill and over and down to Woodthorpe Grange Park entrance, and up the tree-lined footpath.

Now the rain had stopped for a good while, the air was fresh, a bit windy mind, but not really cold with it.

Had a look at some of the dogs wagging their tails and chasing balls, amazing how some of them never take the ball back to their owner?

P1090059Up to the turn off to the right to go down the gravel footpath and the wind really was blowing there.

High branches and thousands of twigs and leaves scattered the area. I considered walking down through the copse, but decided against it, the wind and that like.

Down the hill and into the flats lobby. A quick check in the laundry room revealed one washing machine free, so, up to the apartment and no maintenance man on site, but he’d locked the door behind him. Got the washing and went down and got it going on quick-mode. Took my Victoria Wood book with me to read. While doing so, ensconced in one of the chairs reading, Deana the flats coordinator approached me. She needed to interview me and said she’d call a 0900hrs in the morning? Gave her some nibbles. Moved the washing into the dryer, set it going and went back upstairs and got the laptop on and updated this tosh. The maintenance man had returned and was busy working away.

55 minutes later (this dryer take 60 minutes), I popped down as the chap was going for his nosh, to collect the dried washing. The machine had finished quicker than usual, and a lady had taken my laundry out and put it on the draining board so she could use the device. I thanked her.

My beautiful neighbour from the  12th floor, Olive, was having her hair done next door. I realised I had not taken the laundry bag with me to collect the clothes in (Tsk), so I went back up along with Olive in the lift. As we got out fo it, she sad she had left her walking stick downstairs. I said I’d fetch it for her when I go down to fetch my laundry. To the flat and got the bag, down to the laundry room and collected Olive’s stick and the laundry and took the stick to Olive’s flat.,

Got the laundry into the airing cupboard, and the laptop on to update this again.

I put away the fodder and cleaned the Crock-Pot and sink area.

The maintenance man returned. The electrician arrived, no introduction or words, he just came in and got on with whatever it was he wanted to do? Waylay that comment, it was a bloke who got the wrong flat, no electrician arrived today at all.

Worked on the TFZ graphics, about half way through now.

1525hrs: The carpenter come plumber bloke told he was leaving, going to get some stuff for tomorrow.

I got the vegetables in the oven, checked the paper for any TV I wanted to watch, and there was a lot – whether I’ll stay awake long enough, though…

P1090064Updated this to here and got the nosh ready.

This was my first time trying courgettes, I was not impressed and blame these on the return of the runs later. Hehe!

Did the washing up and settled in the working again second-hand £300 recliner, and the instant I turned on the gogglebox to watch some more of the Pie in the Sky DVD, the stomach churned and I extracted myself from the chair and hurriedly made my way to the throne – I came very close to a Whoopsiegangleplop incident, and only made it in time with seconds to spare! One big gurgle and splat and it was all over, no bleeding from the Haem Aroids mind.

The reason for this near disaster? The maintenance man had swapped the bathroom door to open from the right to the left! Those precious few seconds when my muddled brain fought to understand why the door handle had disappeared could have proved Whoopsiedangleplop-worthy. Haha!

I assume because I had not got any exercise in today, this was the reason one could not get to sleep, well gone midnight before I got off to kip. Then had so many calls to the porcelain, I left the recliner in the lower position – Humph!