Inchcock Today Tue 21 June 2016: Launderette, shopping and a smile from Grizelda!


Tuesday 21st June 2016

Stirred into life, so annoyed… not annoyed that I’d stirred into life like – but annoyed I could not recall anything about the dreams I just knew that I’d just been having.

The mind was racing away again: It was as if I was worried about not having anything to worry about?

The bladder demanded an early visitation to the porcelain. Not so persistent this morning thankfully. Found myself singing away as I washed last night’s cup and made a cuppa, to take my medications. Worrying that too!

I thought bout the Brexit Vote coming up this Thursday, I was still uncertain about which way to vote. I think a Remain vote will dominate, though. If the exit voters did win, this would leave Cameron and Osborne to do carte blanch to get their own back and blame the voters for everything that happens in the following years?

Got the laptop on. Checked the status of the order from Coopers of Stortford, it said ‘complete’, I’ll keep checking for if it says ‘despatched’.

Then I started this off after finishing Monday’s edition. Did the graphic at the top of this page from a cartoon and doctored it for a bit of fun.

BJ rang, he’s on his way to pick me up to take me to the launderette and then to Asda (Walmart). Did my ablutions and readied myself ASAP. Got the washing, shopping bags and cash and went down and met BJ in the car park outside the flats.

We had a natter as we went to the launderette in Carrington

10bThe sex-pot Grizelda gave me a couple of smiles and made us both a cup of tea. BJ managed to get himself in the background of one of the photo’s I took. Hehe!

I gave her some nibbles.

The washing was done and dried, in half an  hour or so. BJ did well with my crosswords today, he was on form!

10cI took a photograph of an Arnold destined city Transport bus, catching this lady in the shot.

She muttered ‘Pervert’ to me as she passed by. Oh dear!

BJ and I got the things out to his car and were soon off on the way to the supermarket. The sun was shining, 10ethe wind low, and BJ even posed for this photographicalisation next to his car outside the launderette for me.

We arrived at the store and BJ had a chat for a while with his mate who worked there.

I got the trolleys ready and we went in and split-up to do each of our shopping. A disappointing shopping trip today.  They had no minted lamb, no Lemon Drizzle desserts, no Bitter Orange mixers and no Asda potato cakes on offer or on the shelves. Tsk!

BJ rang me back to the flat and helped me up with the shopping. While we were coming into the foyer, we had a talk with a tenant, Mo – and a delivery man came in with a parcel for a flat and jut dumped it on the table in the lobby – the swine! BJ brought it up with us and dropped it off at the flat it was intended for. Jolly good egg out our BJ!

He came to the flat and lifted the heavy bags, all three of them into the kitchen for me. He took a look at the new wet-room and was greatly impressed with it. We spoke about the upcoming Brexit vote, neither of us were fully committed yet!

I walked him down to his car, thanked him and off he went, bless him. He would not take any cash for his petrol, but said i could pay for his coffee and biscuits on his next visit to the Tenants Social Hour. Not this week of course, as the Brexit voting will be taking place on Thursday.

I got the laundry put away, then the fodder in the cupboards, freezer and fridge. Made a cuppa, took the late midday medications and got the laptop going to update this twaddle. Spent hours and hours on Facebooking. (Still, I like it!)

07Had a rather delectable meal. Did the last of the foul tasting Polish tomatoes with some sliced mini peppers in the oven, mushrooms and small potatoes boiled in the saucepan, pork pie, pickled beetroots, one buttered sourdough bread and a little apple. It was so tasty, I’ll have to give this one a deserved 9.55/10!

Watched the Spain Euro match, in small segments. I kept nodding off, gave up trying and once again I could not get off to sleep for ages!