Inchcock Today Wed 22 June 2016

SandraWednesday 22nd June 2016

0435hrs: Woke up half out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair in the half-up-half-down position, TV still on, remote control on my chest, long distance glasses on food tray at the side with the empty plastic dinner plate and half-eaten apple core, and an untaken pot of evening medications.

For a few moments I had memories of the dreams, but they evaporated into the ether seconds later. No memories remained whatsoever! After a few days of recollecting the thoughts, this was annoying, but, Hey-ho!

I climbed out of the chair, and once again, with very little hassle from Arthur Itis or Anne Gyna hobbled to the Wetroom to make use of the throne. Painful, but no bleeding again! I went to the kitchen, leaving a distinct but chronic odour behind, glad I was not due my shower for a few hours I can tell you! Hehe!

Made a big mug of strong tea, took the medications and nibbled some of the small sweet potatoes left in the saucepan as I drained them ready for later. The kitchen was looking in need of a good clean-up. I plan to get it sorted when I get back from the clinic this afternoon… we’ll see eh?

10bThe sky over the copse looked a little threatening, yet so beautiful this dank morning.

The medication pots will need making up soon I thought, and just thought about it like. Huh!

Suddenly a headache over the eyes started, the eyes began to run, and a dizzy spell invaded me at the laptop? Old age I suppose? I mustn’t complain, though, I’ve done well this last week or so with so many of the other ailments being kind to me.

Laptop on and started this post off, then finished the Tuesday diary off.

Checked emails. Then started this post off. My headache continued for an hour or two but receded after I got the shower. I used the carbolic soap today, no cuts when shaving or bleeding from anywhere… up to now like, Hehe!

Sorted the rubbish sacks and took them to the chute. Then I got down into the lobby, where a jolly good natter ensued with some of the tenants.

We had a vote between ourselves about tomorrow’s Brexit Vote – The result was 3 Remain, 2 Leave and three Don’t know’s. N

We moved out to the bus-top where they all got on a City bound bus and abandoned me to wait for the Arnold bus. Tsk, hehe!

I dropped off at the Sainsbury Store and got some Dutch Crispbreads, Marmite Rice Cakes, select Price After Eight desserts, fresh garden peas and do you know… hard to believe I understand, but two packets of Fresh Cream Horns smuggled themselves into me shopping basket! Tsk!

They had some costume jewellery on sale, and I took a photo or two of them rings to show the TFZ gals. They averaged about £15 each, superb value?

P1110193 P1110194

I waddled along and went onto the Boyes store to get some foot spray while they had it in stock at only £1 a can. I got two of them.

Then onwards slowly and had a poodle round Asda (Walmart again), in search of the Lemon Drizzle Desserts and picked up a TV magazine for next week. I shouldn’t bother with this you know, I always fall asleep when I try to watch TV anyway! Still, it’s nice to know what I’ve missed.

P1110195As I exited and made my way to the bus-stop for the L9 route – I noticed some repairmen and a police forensic van and car at the new Salvation Army building.

As I took the photo, I heard someone saying they suffered a smashed window, a break-in and an attempted arson?

Sad that is, not only for the fact that the Sally Army is run by real people for others, but the Arnold Police Station is next door to it!

P1110196When I got on the bus, Lenny was there with his care worker. I don’t know if that is his name, but h is often on the bus when I use it. The poor chap can only grunt, which he does all the time, and he points to things with his finger most of the time. I do talk to him, say hello as I pass him by, give him a smile… but he isn’t aware of anyone around him. Some days he seems angry, some depressed but today, he was almost smiling.

His carer, the chap on the right, is always on his mobile phone texting or playing games, and I have never seen him talk to Lenny ( I gave him this name). He looked like he was on Vegas gambling at cards today, I got a look as he had sat in front of me, next to Lenny in his wheelchair. He scares some of the ladies when they get on the bus with his loud grunts, but no intentionally, he gives out these all the time, anyone near him or not. I wish I could help him.

I stayed awake for the whole trip. Frank (Tenant from the floor above me) got on the bus in Sherwood. We had a talk.

Up to the flat and I found a large sack that had been torn open outside the door, the Stortford delivery had arrived – minus one item that was not there! Huh!

P1110197The two flat boxes at the rear of this photograph contained the poles, I expected a long box for these? Checked the invoice charging to see if the binoculars had been cancelled, but no, there it was, the first item on the list?

I wondered why the big heavy duty wrapping had been damaged.

I somehow managed to get them all indoors, and nipped to take Olive a packet of Fresh Cream French Horns.

P1110198She said her son, Roger was calling to see her tonight, and she would ask him to come and take a look at the pole for the wetroom for me.

I thanked her and returned after a chinwag to the apartment and put away the fodder, that filled the fridge up!

Sad at having an item short on my first delivery from Coopers, but glad I had a stock of lemon drizzle desserts in stock anyway.

Made a cuppa, took the midday medications, wee-wee’d and got the laptop on to update this.

04Did the graphic for the top of the page, then later found the one I’d already done in readiness for it and lost… Tsk! Here it is above.

Did a bit of Facebooking and then got some cleaning done, after preparing the vegetables and beef for the Crock-Pot. (Hehehe!) Carrots, Parsnips, Swede, Parsnips, mushrooms and Fresh garden peas. Made some stock with vegetable seasoning and tomato puree… oh, and beef chunks too.

Started to clean the kitchen, but could not do anything with the oven marks on the glass, Tsk!

Took another look at the Cooper’s order and went to see Olive again to tell her not to bother her son as the pole was missing. She kindly returned to the flat with me to phone Coopers for me to inform them about the missing binoculars and no pole sent. She set about sorting everything out for me, but the Coopers line was closed. She said she would return in the morning and call them again for me. Then she investigated the stuff in the hall, and the pole was there!!! Whoopsiedangleplop from Inchcock, again! Oh dearie me…

The name printed on the box was ‘Bath/Shower Caddy’ which confused me I think, this was the pole with trays! I was overjoyed it had arrived and went to give her a peck on the cheek in thanks and appreciation, and we had a full on lip-to-lip kiss! Wonderfull kisser is Olive! I’d better take a tablet now!

Walked her back to her flat and thanked her again.

P1110199Stirred the Crock-pot, smelling good now! Updated this, then took the medications.

Titivated the kitchen some more.

Did a bit more Facebooking, sent an email to Jane and Pete in reply to Pete’s about Hancock’s Half-Hour being on the radio.

Did a bit of work on a graphic idea I’ve got in mind.

So tired now, indeed I kept nodding off for a minute or so, so often when I was watching the TV, so often that I forgot about the Crock-Pot Casserole altogether!