Inchcock Today Fri 3 June 2016: TFZ Graphicalisations finished at last – but caught a chill. Humph!


Friday 3rd June 2016

09a0430hrs: What a state I woke up in – Oh dear!

A sore throat, coughing, sneezing, shivering, Rea Flux Valve was stuck open, headache and I was passing the wind from the rear quarters and reflux valve gratuitously, intermingled with some belches of a rather tenacious nature.

Gargled with the TCP, took the usual medications, cough linctus and put some ear drops in, because even wth the hearing aids in, I was almost deaf.

07Took a photo out of the kitchen window down towards the road and car park with the intention of capturing the Fox on film as he trotted along the road.

But by the time I’d got the camera from the other room (Yes, I have two rooms here yer know, and a hallway of sorts too. Hehe!), the animal had long gone.

Felt a bit sorry for me like, but gradually thing improved a bit by the time Maintenance man Kevin arrived. Made him a cuppa.

I spent several hours doing graphics and WordPressing.

DSCN0132Maintenance Kevin showed me his P700 camera and what it can do.

He took some pictures from the kitchen window first. Long range jobs.

Then he showed me how to take photographs in black and white, but leave one colour on them. He kindly let me download some of the photos onto my laptop. This one of me holding a tomato, he set to be mono but pick up any reds. Natty innit?

Natty eh?

Did some Facebooking and finally got the TFZ pictures posted off, I reckon it’s taken me four days work, but I enjoy doing them so much, and as long as the TFZers like em, that’s what matters. Cheers me up no end, yeeha!

P1110008Got the bacon in the oven and tomatoes in the pan for me simple nosh.

Naughty bacon. But as in the old days of when I was alive and a growing ankle-snapper, I’ve decided my Fridays will be my treat day food wise. Like they used to be known and Fish and Chip night. So, I treated myself to bacon and tomatoes with a few slices of batch bread.

Also, as in those days, a strip wash at the kitchen sink was a daily performance I am repeating now while I await the shower room being completed. Will it (The shower) ever get working?

The tummy starting to rumble a bit gain now. Took some Peptac and settled to watch some DVD episodes but gave up after an hour or so of nodding off.

The wind emissions from the rear were not nice.