Inchcock Today Sun 26 June: Messy day overall – Tsk!

Sunday 26th June 2016


0505hrs: Woke with bits of the dreams was floating around in my head, nothing concrete, though, apart from old money being involved. I hate that!

For a change, the £300 second-hand shuddering recliner was in the up position, and it let me out (Shudderingly) the first time. To the porcelain throne and no bleeding from anywhere (Yet). Got the ablutions done, and managed to cut myself shaving twice, but not badly at all.

Took the medications and gelled the arm and shoulder, it is far easier today, after Olive had massaged me with the pain gel and comforted it yesterday. Must thank her again.

P1110214Got the laundry and things assembled in the bag, and went down to the laundry room.

0600hrs: Some selfish wine had used both of the dryers! The young git from number 70 again, possibly, or the snotty bloke from the 14th floor? I’ve seen both of them do this before, but they carry on regardless.

P1110215The time left on the dryer was 40 minutes, the washer I’d put on quick mode will take 30 minutes.

The rain was falling as I glanced out from the foyer doors.

No signs of any animal life either.

A broken clear plastic umbrella lay sadly blown inside out on the floor near the intercom on the wall at the entrance.

P1110216I got the washer going and returned to the apartment, not in a good mood.

I updated this and put the CCTV channel on to watch, in case I could see which egocentric, hoggish, self-indulgent varmint it was that had used both machines.

Not that it bothered me! 

So, 40 minutes after returning to flat, I went back down to see if the altruistic tenant had returned to take their washing out – if not, I’ll take it out! Dang dang dang dang!

Back in a bit… They had emptied the dryers, I must have missed them on the screen. So I got my stuff from the washer to the drying machine and back up again, made a cuppa and updated this again.

The right-hand wrist and lower arm started giving me some gip, but the should that Olive massaged for me was okay.

I tried the advice given me from Grammarly and removed the programme then downloaded one from the link, but it was for word, which I already had working okay? It is the Facebook, WordPress not working? Reset the computer in hopes something might work afterwards… The damned thing wouldn’t allow a restart! Force closed it and waited 20 minutes, tried again, and it slowly started, but no Grammarly on?

I sent an email informing the Grammarly Helpdesk of it still not working.

Turned it (the laptop) off, and started it yet again. After half an hour or so, suddenly Grammarly started working again, which is confusing as I had to delete it as instructed by Grammarly? Puzzled but glad it is working and hope it continues to next time I turn off and open the laptop!

P1110218Did some graphicalisationing, before Olive brought her grandson around and he set to putting up the pole in the wetroom, then started erecting the thin storage cabinets for me. Damned decent of him.

Roger soon had the pole up.

Looking like it will come in very handy indeed. He warned me not to put anything heavy in the top tray.and then set about making the first of the storage cabinets

He warned me not to put anything heavy in the top tray.and then set about making the first of the storage cabinets

P1110217He then set about making the first of the storage cabinets, got it finished and put it in place for me next to the porcelain throne.

Thr draws and cubby-holes are just right for the toothpaste brushes and razors I think?

I asked him about what to use to paint the bare patch in the corner, and bare wood panels along the back of the wall. Roger recommended just undercoat and then gloss white paint on top.

Bet he was getting hungry now, he nipped off to have a break with Olive. I will insist he takes some payment after he gets back and does the second cabinet for me.

I think I might have misheard him yer know. 1709hrs and he’s not called back. Perhaps he meant he’d see me later in the week?

Did some graphicalisationing for the TFZ gals.


Got this one done and posted, and made a start on a few others, but felt a bit drained by then.

P1110219Into the shower and abluted, night attire on, made a cuppa and got the Crock-Pot vegetable stew served up, nice!

I’m taking to these vegetable casseroles, or whatever you call them.

Getting dark now… it’s the lack of light yer know wot does it!