Inchcock Today Fri 17 June 2016: Happy day


Friday 17th June 2016

What a dream. I only slept for a couple of hours but I was back in the dream world being chased around a gigantic office complex, corridors hunted this time by hundreds of postmen trying to hand me a letter as I ran away, ended up on the roof?

It was already gone 0700hrs by the time I’d made a cuppa and taken the medications. Very late for me, but the lack of sleep forced my poor battered body to overlay, for the first time in years!

Did my ablutions then got the laptop on to finish the post off for yesterday.

Around 0830hrs, I’d got that done, and then assembled the things I needed for the visit to see Deana Walker, the helpful if busy, Obergruppenfureress of the compound at the Community Shed. She had to sort it today as far as she could because she is off for a week and a half tomorrow. She kindly filled in the application form for the Podiatry assessment. I later filled it in and foolishly forgot that it needed the Doctors signature on it! I’d stamped and sealed the envelope, Tsk! So I did it again and left the form in the unsealed envelope, this time, ready to take with me on my next INR test, which I don’t know when it will be because I have not had a return form and date from the haematology department yet. Ain’t life messy at times?

She then advised me on the Coopers of Stortford sales pamphlet I’d received with someone else’s name on it? She said they were a good company, and others had used it in the past. So I got the go ahead to do an order for some stuff on the internet.

P1110164Said thanks and bid Julie and Deans farewell and back to the home… I like that word. On the way, I spotted three wood pigeons on the grass.


Back to the laptop and did the order for the catalogue stuff, overdid it again!

Ordered a pole with shelves for the shower room, storage… well, two storage boxes, waterproof and very narrow. I think they will fit in nicely, I hope so. Also bought two umbrellas that they say will not blow inside out, two for the price of one! Finally, a collapsible walking stick. The delivery it told me at the end of my placing the order and paying for it, will be within 28 days! Hey-ho, hope I’m in when it all arrives? Got an email in confirmation.

Checked the emails and started this post going.

Blimey, had the time passed! Gone 1300hrs now! No time to go on Facebook, as I need to go into Sherwood and take some stuff to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop, and get some bread and vegetables.

I got down and outside and decided to take a picture of a single daisy on the verge…

Went back up to get the camera. Called in to see Olive, had a chat. To the flat got the camera and down and out again to take the photo of the beautiful daisy.Realised I’d not got the mobile with me!

Realised I’d not got the mobile with me!

P1110165Went back up to get the mobile phone.

Yet again, down and outside. Got the photo of the daisy!

Walked down Winchester Street, the sun was out, it wasn’t raining nor was it cold at all.

Walked down Winchester Street, the sun was out, it wasn’t raining nor was it cold at all.

P1110166Called in the fruiterer’s, but they had no Cox’s apples. Up the hill and called in Wilko to get a bottle of Dettol lavender disinfectant, but they had none in stock!

Met a pavement cyclist on the way.

Went into the Co-op store. Bought some tomatoes, I couldn’t cope with the bitter polish ones I had left, so I’ll use them in my next casserole. A lemon-curd swiss roll, some lettuce and cucumber (For my planned salad and potato rostis) and a pack of mini jam doughnuts, that were 2 for pound, but had to pay 69p for the one and only one they had left on sale. Grumph!

P1110168Walked up and through Woodthorpe Park back to the flats and walked the last stint down through the copse.

It was so wonderful in there, no one else about and the birds songs rampant.

The mud was a bit slippery mind.

Had a bit of bother getting out at the bottom of the hill.

Nearly had a Whoopsiedangleplop a couple of times, but caught my balance safely.

Glad to say.

P1110167The weather had gone a bit dark, and the sunshine weakened earlier when I was on Mansfield Road after I came out of the Co-op store.

For some reason, I’d altered the settings on the camera and took this photo in mono?

Safe back in the building, I called in to share the doughnuts with Olive.

Back at the flat, I got the salad and chicken on the plate ready, and the rostis in the oven cooking.

P1110169Updated this and then dined well on, potato rostis, mushrooms. sweet peppers, onions in oil, diced salad beetroot with carrots and onions, tomatoes, mini pork pie and chicken thighs.

Took the medications, turned on the TV and drifted into slumber.

Woke after an hour or so, and realisedfor some reason, I’d forgot to fetch the prescriptions form the chemist.


Watched a bit of a Law & Order episode and continued to battle to get back to sleep again, but kept on nodding off for a few minutes at a time for ages.