Inchcock Today Mon 27 June 16: A lovely massage from Olive, then the England debacle!

Monday 27th June 2016

Faith and Hope was not high on my agenda this morning. I stirred around 0400hrs, well sprang almost into life, full of ready-made worries and fretting, nearly panicking about everything, even some things I think I’d invented. Had I been having a bad dream? I felt so low and depressed, the stomach had started rumbling again too.

In a bit of a daze of sorts, I climbed out of the recliner and visited the porcelain… then found myself in the kitchen making a cuppa? I could not clearly recall events in the WC, so sent back in to check I’d not left taps running, lights on or left a mess. All was okay though.

Concentrating was difficult. It still is as I write this. Something else to mention to the nurse tomorrow at the INR blood test session.

Got the laptop going and did some Word-pressing. Hard going consolidating my thoughts.

It had been raining during the night and the view outside was of dankeness and grey clouds.

I tried to do some work on the TFZer graphicalisation. Got into it a bit deeply and lost hours and hours, but I was enjoying it, though. Until it came to closing it down again – Message, telling me “I had to exit the Bitmap Editor or the programme will not close!” I had already exited the bitmap editor??? Had to force close the laptop. Hope it works later when I get back from the clinic. Oh dear!

Went to see Olive and thank her for her help and friendship, and she massaged some pain-gel into my shoulders where I could not reach, bless her. Felt much better then, got the bags and letter I’d had delivered for someone else and down in the lift and out to post it in the letter box.

P1110220The wind caught me off guard a bit, and I nearly went over!

The thicket I took a photo of was blowing all over in the blustery mornings winds.

On the way back to the bus-stop, the clouds in the sky were being blown into amazing shapes.

P1110221So beautiful.

As I took the photo, I slipped off the kerb, felt a fool.

Especially when I pulled myself together and turned around to be greeted by several of the apartments all in the bus shelter, sheltering from the wind.

P1110222Their laughter made me smile too! One of the women said I’d made her day!

A lady got helping me with the crossword book. When our bus came, the L9 to the City, all the others had gone. She helped me on the bus too, and we finished a crossword from start to finish en route!

First time I’ve done that… mind you, come think of it – I hadn’t, we did!

I dropped off, outside the Chiropodist I’m going to on Wednesday and walked to the Wilko Store. Where I got a tin their ‘One Coat Gloss’ paint, some brushes and turps. Also got another bottle of the Lavender Dettol while it was still on sale at the offer price. Paid up, and struggled out with both bags rather heavier now. Hehe!

P1110223Took a photo while on the walkover tunnel, of a Watson Fothergill designed building.

He really was an amazing architect.

I walked through the Victoria Centre Mall and down to the Tesco store.

I purchased some bread, potato cakes, Anchor butter and, do you know those pesky Fresh Cream Horns jumped right into my basket again! (Ahem!)

P1110225Walked through Climber Street, nowhere as busy as usual today, and into the Slab Square.

Got some snuff, for Frank on the 14th floor, and wandered around for a while until the L9 bus was due.

Caught it on Queen Street, and by the time we’d got to St Anns Well Road (About quarter of a mile), I’d nodded off! Luckily the heavy bags on my knees prevented me falling off the seat. Then nearly didn’t wake in time for the Winwood Flat bus stop again!

Up to the flat, and found the pair of binocular on the floor outside the door. Coopers of Stortford had sent as a replacement, for the ones missing on the order last week.

Got some chips in the oven, cut up some polish ham, beetroots, onions and capsicums on the plastic plate ready, and started the laptop off.

After much work done, CorelDraw8 would not let me close again, had to force close the damned thing again! Doing the laptop no good this.

Grammarly not working again?

04Watched the sad for us Brit’s Iceland v England game on the box, oh the shame!

But all respect and best wishes to Iceland and their supporters, and most deserved humiliation of Rooney and his gang of so called footballers.

I’m not sure that the penalty England got was a penalty anyway?

Sorrowed myself to sleep…

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  1. A rough week for you and yours….! That was a very gracious note of congratulations to the Icelandic team, politeness and good manners still part of the best characteristics of the standard issue Englishman or woman.

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