Inchcock Today Thur 23 June 2016: Brexit Decision Day Vote!

Thursday 23rd June 2016


Incock’s Forecast: Remain 55% Leave 45%?

Stirred still feeling tired around 0555hrs, no memories of any dreams. How can it be that sometimes I can remember lots of the dreams, others just a trace, and then like this morning – can’t even remember if I did have any dreams at all? Humph!

The TV was still on, cold cup of tea on the side, a pot of untaken evening medications too, and the £300 second-hand recliner was in the half up half down position, I pressed the button to lower it, and it grinded-away slowly, noisily and reluctantly to let me out of it and get to the porcelain throne. Where, as I painfully performed the daily actions finding much bleeding from the rear end, I recalled that it was the Euro In-Out vote today. Also, Olive was calling to see me and help by phoning the Coopers of Stortford people and inform them of the short delivery yesterday. To be honest, Olive calling to see me took precedence over everything else, and it was hard to concentrate. So I did the ablutions post haste, made a cuppa and took the medications and got ready to go and vote before I forgot to (If yer see worra mean like?).

Made a start on WordPress and Corel, checked the emails.

GC (3)I took the rubbish bags to the chute and took a selfie with the voting form on the way down in the lift. (Just showing off!)

No one about on the way through the lobby or the walk to the Community Shed Voting Station.

The two ladies there were given some nibbles and I cast my vote.

04On the walk back to the flat, I noticed that whoever it was that had planted the pretty flowers at the gable end of the garages, had been tending them lovingly.

Such  wonderful display of different colours coming through altogether. They obviously know their flowers and gardening skills.

Back up to the apartment, (I’d say flat but the Grammar Checker keeps telling me I am repeating the word flat – there you go, it just told me again now! Hehe!) and got the laptop out of sleep mode and updated this tosh.


The Lovely Olive

Shortly, the beautiful Olive arrived. We had a cuppa and she got on with sorting Cooper’s short delivery out for me, bless her cotton socks. Then, not messing about, she got the number for Feet First in Nottingham, rang them and made an appointment for me to have my toenails cut there next Wednesday at 1040hrs.

Of course, I’ll remember! Ahem!


We searched the web to find the cost, it would be £22 – but worth it, cause cutting my toes is getting harder and harder for me. Thanked Olive muchly, we had a snog (Well, we had a mutual kiss) and a  chinwag. She is an amazing 10agal, and my heart is beating like it hasn’t in years!

She even explained to me the best way to get to the Chiropodists on the buses.

They are situated on Upper Parliament Street, just a few yards from the L9 bus stop too!

I walked Olive back to her flat, she even said she would remind me on Wednesday morning about the appointment – boy, she is a great character!

I returned to my little haven at number 72, wee-wee’d again, made a cuppa and washed the pots. By gum, life is exciting now I’ve met Olive!

Got yesterday’s post done, and further updated this one.

The Crock-Pot that I forgot about last night was put on low. Did some graphics on CorelDraw8.

P1110207Set about sorting out the medication pots.

Took ages as the right wrist and hand were playing up a bit, kept freezing again.

I seemed to be spenting more time picking tablets up than anything else – Hehe!

Some mail was delivered, one from the NHS QMC Hospital re-Skin Cancer appointment being altered from August 17th to Wed 10th August. And one from Nottingham City Homes, a Newsletter regarding the upcoming improvements/modernisation of the Winwood flats. Some interesting clarifications:

  • Acknowledging the request for CCTV to be provided in corridors and community rooms. Costs may prohibit these, and the costs for the up and running current one shot of the lobby door CCTV would have to increase.
  • Windows and balcony design will be presented to tenants at a later date.
  • Security Patrols to be used during the alterations.
  • Laundry and hairdressing facilities would be available during the works.
  • The central garages will be demolished, and replaced with a new Comunity centre. The remaining garages will not be available to hire and will be for tenants use only.
  • The use of Sprinkler Systems being installed to be being considered.
  • It is anticipated that the work may start within 14 months, and take a 14 month period to completion.

I sent them an email thanking them for the information.

P1110208The Crock-Pot was all done, and I got the beef casserole into a dish, some bread and the once Fresh Cream French Horn for afters.

I might have overdone the seasoning just a tad. But it tasted lovely to me.

Evening medications were taken and I had hoped to stay up to watch the Euro Brexit results… but kept nodding off and getting annoyed with myself. Gave up and soon nodded off.

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    • Now there is a good questions and a thought I’ve been pondering on Tim!
      You can bet Cameron will be after revenge.
      A smidge worrying? Hehe! Cheers Sir.

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