Inchcock Today Fri 24 June 16: Euro voting results – The Leave’s Won. I was surprised!

Friday 24th June 2016


At 0555hrs, I woke thinking of the dreams I’d had but recalled very little – being chased again was in there somewhere I’m sure. The £300 second-hand recliner chair was one more in the half-up, half down position? Then I remembered I’d got a Morrison’s delivery coming twixt 0600 – 0700hrs this morning. Carried out my ablutions as quickly as I could.

On the throne, bloody and painful yet again. Dressed and started to update the Thursday post and the intercom rang, the Morrison man had arrived. I put the fodder away, made a cuppa and took the morning medications. Then 10dstarted this post off, after finding out that the Brexit Leave vote had won the referendum.

I really felt the remains would win. Even more surprising to find that Nottingham had voted to leave – narrowly, but still a shock to me. And with only a 61,75% turnout too?

Did the graphics for above then some Facebooking. Spent a  good few hours on it too. Far too many, got  carried away and realised how late it was. Had to rush around (Well, hobble rapidly) and get ready for the clinic visit to catch the 1130hrs L9 bus… Oh dear me…

Just made it in time, even had a quick chinwag. The chap from the top floor was out with his wife and sticks, he was just back for having his right knee replaced.

Into Arnold, being as I’d caught the wrong bus… Whoopsiedangleplop again!

Nipped into Fulton store and to my delight they had both the blackcurrant and vanilla iced lollies and, just one pack of the lamb shanks cook-in the-bag with minted and rosemary gravy left! I got one of each in that case.

CreamsCaught the bus to the clinic and went through some embarrassing examinations. First by the female doctor in the ante room after she interviewed me. She fetched a male colleague to have a look at Little Inchy and his lesion, then they brought three more female students to examine me. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, well, muttering to each other, but one of the student couldn’t contain a smirk or two. Hehe! I hope they were giving them some lessons to learn later, and not the ‘Come here and have a laugh at this’ routine. They all left bar the male doctor, and he prescribed some more of the same ointment, the green one at the bottom this time.

I’d forgotten to mention the photo of the sky I took at the bus-stop, caught a bird in it.

I didn’t notice it when I took the photo though, and the damaged seat near the Arnold bus-stop has now had it’s front plank torn off.

P1050933 10a

Out of interest, the shot I took a couple of weeks ago of the bench, and today’s, both have the same car in the background. an Asda workers I bet?

I departed the clinic and caught a bus to Sherwood, then one up the hill back to the flats.

Got the lamb, potatoes and mushrooms cooking away and put the lollies in the freezer. Only just enough room.

A blast on Facebook to catch up and proceeded with updating this post again.

Kept checking on the nosh. Wee-weeing and cleaning up the bleeding from Little Inchy who was not bleeding before being examined at the clinic! Humph, Huh and Tsk!

07Had the evening medications with the nosh. Nice too. Lamb shank in gravy, new potatoes and mushrooms.

Tried some Rye bread later with Vegemite – not recommended! They don’t go together, the Rye Bread is not Vegemite or Marmite friendly, be warned folks.

Despite nodding off so regularly while trying to watch the goggle-box, actual proper sleep didn’t come until the early hours. Shame!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Fri 24 June 16: Euro voting results – The Leave’s Won. I was surprised!

  1. Well, the Brexit vote was a surprise here, too, and I thank the British public for reducing the value of my investments that pay me part of my retirement income by a bit over 3%!

    I was distressed to learn many voters had second thoughts, that they would have voted differently if they’d known the consequences on the world economy or that many of the reasons proposed by the “Leave” folk were blinking lies.

    Further, because similar political processes seem at play in the US presidential race, I am distressed to think Trump, a narcissistic self-serving congenital liar (as established by fact checkers….), might actually become president if the mass of ignorant people following him actually rally to vote!


    In time, my investments will regain six months’ worth of gains lost over night, the rich will become richer, the poor will have shed a bit more of their financial security to the takers, like Trump, who see the decline in the pound as an opportunity to enrich himself.

    I guess I got that out of my system! Good luck to the UK for however long it takes to sort out the break up.

    As a person with mostly Scottish ancestry, I am watching those folks for how they respond to this opportunity (“opportunity”?) to reassert their desire to be independent. It can’t be a happy time.

    And will Northern Ireland prefer to become citizens of Eire rather than re-establish border controls?

    I guess the “Leave” folks weren’t too concerned about these potential snares, eh?! Or didn’t realize a “Leave” vote might really muck things up!

    • Do you think that Trump might win Sir? We’ll both be in a political pickle? Hehe!
      It wont be easy sorting things out, with the vote being so close. I fret about it. I think that apathy and belief that the Remains would win easily might have contributed to a low turn out from their voters?
      So many changes to take place, I’m not sorry that I’ll not see them all, just hope that my pension and bus-pass don’t suffer. Oh dear.
      Not feeling too good this morning, old age and worry yer know. Hehehe!
      TTFN thanks.

      • It would be tragic, in my mind. A year ago, he was a buffoon, a bloviating egomaniac with ridiculous ideas that no rational person could believe he held. Now, he’s still the same person, but it looks like he will be the person the Republicans put up for election.

        I live in a part of the USA where people actually believe the lies and exaggerations of this fellow. It is very stressful!

        The similarities in public mood in UK and the USA add to my alarm that the Leaves won.

        Speaking of retirement issues, during the George W. Bush administration, he proposed privatizing Social Security, turning the funds people and their employers put into it during their working years, and letting these novice investors (most people) invest in the stock market and other schemes I’m sure that would pop up to scam them of their funds and future.

        (I have my money in several accounts, so the Brexit vote consequences are spread out and minimized for me, but others lost a lot of money to the takers.)

        Trump is the same sort of person, as is House Speaker Ryan (another congenital liar, as exposed when he ran with Romney last time), of this privatization scheme for Social Security and other elements of the Federal government…! A Republican majority in the House of Representatives, a Republican majority in the Senate, and Trump as a president would be a vexatious and problematic outcome to the US election in November.

        That outcome could be another consequence of your election if the extremist elements in America are able to gain ground of the sorts of fear mongering and misleading campaigning that the Leave element used in your country.

        Scary stuff! (I promise not to make comments here about politics again! As retired old farts with medical issues that are tough enough, you and I need to be concerned about surviving life, not politics!)

      • Oh I say Sir, ‘bloviating ‘, I had to look up that word “Talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way” I’m adding that to me personal dictionary, thanks! Done it, I’m looking forward to using that word now.
        Valued, rational, logical and judicious words at the end of your comment Sir! If we let them get at us, it’ll not do us any good health-wise.
        Seems like we are both being got-at by similar natured, greedy personages.
        Humph! TTFN

      • Tediously so! One reason I like to read you blog (other than your great sense of humor!) is to see how someone with similar circumstances and age deals with them in a different country. I’m glad I gave you a new, great word! It is, unfortunately, very descriptive of political leaders world-wide. Above the main entrance of the capitol building of my state (Nebraska) are the words “The salvation of the state is watchfulness of the citizens”, truer more now than ever!

      • Cheers Sir Weggie. The Bison sculpture looks very impressive I must say.
        Lamentably, the politicians in the so called free world seem to be proving themselves beyond reason and power-crazy lately.
        I noticed on the web a company called Osgrow, they were selling Kangaroo, Crocodile and Camel meat from Australia, as well as Bison meat from the USA and Zebra, Springbok, Kudu, Blesbok, Eland, Impala and Wildebeest meat from Africa. Other Osgrow meats such as Python, Duck, Rabbit, Guinea Fowl, Locusts and Snails from the UK add even more variety to Osgrow’s extensive range of exotic and unusual meats from around the world. Just thought I’d mention it, with seeing the bison sculpture it brought it to mind. TTFN

      • There are people in the USA who raise them for slaughter. Ted Turner (the CNN cable news channel founder) is one of them. The meat is lean and sort of like grass-fed beef in flavor. I personally don’t like it that much, probably because people cooking it tend to overlook the lean quality and ruin it in the preparation.

        I agree on the politicians. In this country, with over 30,000 gun related deaths a year (about 2/3rds suicides), simple controls on who can purchase them won’t pass in Congress even though 85-90% of Americans want them. Congress works for special interests, not the people.

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