Inchcock Today Sat 25 June 16: Olive to called to see me and gave me a massage today!


Saturday 25th June 2016

Kept waking up regularly with horrible pains in the right wrist arm and shoulder. It felt like the ones I’ve been having in the wrist and hand. No reason for them to stab at me as far as I could tell. Can’t lift the right above my shoulder without it becoming too unbearable? Kept rubbing in some of the pain gel and took an extra painkiller, but getting to the area around the shoulder to apply the gel was impossible!

Eventually got  bit of sleep in and somehow managed to have a few, or one long mixed up dream before I woke at 0455hrs.


All things from the passed, including one bit where I was above the earth sticking pins in it, there were people behind me, either cheering or booing when I inserted the needles? I’m sure Dad and Sister Jane were in these, and the old Meadows where I was dragged up was definitely in there, many of the streets involved. That’s all I could recall.

Once again, I found the £300 recliner chair half way down, my headphones still on my head, the arm and shoulder hurting as soon as I moved and the remote for the TV stuck down my pyjama’s waist band? I rose painfully out of the chair and got to the porcelain throne. No bleeding from anywhere including Little Inchy, so that was good. I bathed and applied the new cream to the lesion. Then rubbed in some pain gel to the places I could reach.

Then to make a cuppa and take the medications, taking another extra pain killer in hopes to lessen the stabs of pains in the arm and shoulder.

Got the laptop on, and remembered that Roger, Olive’s son would be calling sometime today to fit the wet-room pole for me. Very kind of him and Olive to help out an old fading far… chap! Hehe!

Finished the Friday diary and started this one. Did a check on emails and Facebook.

Then did my ablutions. Oh, I do love that shower!

Put the last of the potatoes in the pan to boil/simmer.

Then got the paperwork that has built up sorted into the relevant folders, the arm and shoulder not happy about me doing this.

Lynton Cox got in touch with me through messenger, nice that.

Grammarly app stopped working (after doing a defrag yesterday), sent request to them for help. Email back saying they were checking it out and would get back in touch.

Olive called to see me later, her son is calling tomorrow instead to look at the pole for the wet-room. She very kindly gave me a massage with the pain-gel on my shoulders, and jolly good at it she was too!

Back to Facebooking and graphicalisationing.

Signed a petition on the web, for the money saved by not paying it to the Eurocrats, to be spent on the NHS.

P1110213Got the nosh on, bacon and tomatoes with bread thins. Oh, and a pot of Lemon Drizzle dessert, you know, the ones that jump into your shopping basket when you shop at Asda (Walmart)… Hehe! Oh, and a lemon yogurt. Oh, and two chicken thighs.

The bacon was smoked back type, it tasted okayish, but the amount of water in the oven tray when they were cooked was phenomenal! The chicken was tasteless. Good job I’d added oregano, sea salt and basil to the tomatoes, cause they were a bit  bland even then.

All in all, only a 6/10 rating this time.

Spent hours trying to find a way to get the Grammarly apt working again, without any luck. Tsk!

Once again, sleep didn’t come easily, humph!

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