Inchcock Today Monday 17th October 2016


Monday 17th October 2016

Måndag 17 Oktober 2016

Woke around 0350hrs, Desperately trying to recall the many dreams I thought I’d had in the night. In a park or field, rolling giant cheese balls into holes, a bit like a cross between a bowling green and a snooker table? Many others were with me playing… we had to keep stopping to go on a bus, I was the conductor on it, and all the passengers were Lynton Cox in different uniforms? Back at the bowling and a cheese ball had gotten stuck in one of the holes, the fire brigade arrived, and the men started eating the cheeseball chopping it with an axe?

Eventually, I had to dismount the very shaky £300 second-hand recliner chair and go for a WRHD. Not an easy one, so I took yet another Senna tablet with the regular medications. 


Sweet old Fooey on my last visit to Sister Jane’s Magnificent Mansion

Laptop on and updated these diaries. Checked emails, Sister Jane tells me I am permitted to visit them this morning. Looking forward to it, I wondered where Fooey had found for a new “Get-Fooey’s-Head-Down-Spot” that was in the way, he hehe! Last time I went, Pete was trimming the bathroom carpet around the WC, and dear old Fooey decided that would be his new  “Get-Fooey’s-Head-Down-Spot.”

Got some nibbles and gifts for them, including some of that wet cat food that suits old pussies, they love it.

Got the Facebooking done.

Marie called from America on Facebook messenger – she spoke with a lovely accent. Caught me off guard and I waffled a bit I think. Made my day!

Tended to my ablutions, a carbolicalisationing session under the shower this morning.

Called to see Olive, she was suffering but still cheerful bless her cotton socks. She explained that would be best if I get the instant Yorkshire puddings, and put me wise to how she does the poached eggs. A kiss and a cuddle later, I was off on my way to visit Sister Jane, Pete and the three remaining pussies, all of us pensioners you know.

A nice chinwag with some of the tenants at the bus-stop was enjoyed. Got into town and to the West Bridgford bus stop, I nearly got injured in the mob of Nottinghamians rushing to board the thing!

The ailments, apart from Duo Denal that is, were all treating me kindly today.

Arrived at the Mansion, Pete greeted me the door, and there right in front of the door was Fooey in his new chosen “Get-Fooey’s-Head-Down-Spot.”

1mon02Near the radiator at the front door! As I took these photographs above, Pete said he thought it was selected by Fooey for the underground hot water pipes. Ah, Fooey, the grumpy-looking but so sweet old thing.

1mon06Into the kitchen-diner area and chinwagging commenced. Gave them both their gifts and nibbles and the cats some of the liquid food that they love, Jane limiting me to half a pouch each. (For the cats, not Jane and Pete like.) 

Jane gave me a Tea bag.

We managed to get Pete’s problem sorted on his laptop with his movie making from his video cameras taken when on his electric bike as he rode along the canalside.

Pete told me to let him have the size of my TV screen, and he’ll have a look a some later to pick out one that would be suitable for me, that is not too complicated and has larger sub-titling on it.

1mon03Fooey, had some nibbles and returned to his new “Get-Fooey’s-Head-Down-Spot” and had an after lunch wash. His tail looks like an extra leg? Hehe!

Jane showed me their lunches all prepared. Very posh and unBritish, Haha! Here’s worrit consisted of; Torn Mazzarella with tomato and basil with drizzled Herb Oil, Ciabatta bread and three bottles of wine. (I’m joking abut the three bottles of wine, of course, it was only 2½, Hehe)

1mon04Fond farewells and off to catch a bus into town.

As we crossed over the canal bridge, I took this photographicalisation on the right.

Didn’t come out too bad considering the bus was moving at a fair pace.

A bit sad, all those ex-British Waterways buildings that were so busy, back when I was an ankle-snapper. Posh nightclubs and other failing businesses now.

Popped into Tesco and got a pack of Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings for tonight’s culinary effort at £1.59, about 26p each.

Caught the L9 bus back to Woodthorpe Court. The journey went without any hassle or hiatus… until I fell asleep just before the flats! Whoopsiedangleplop! I had to ask the driver to let me off after we’d . Apparently, he told me, they had stopped at the right stop and two folks had got off, with me still in the land of nod like. Tsk! I did feel a fool again!

Up to the flat, WRWW and WRHD performed. No bleeding this time at all.

2tue01a-2Set about planning and getting the meal of the day prepared.

Ended up with, minced beef, onions, garden peas, potatoes, and a Frikadellen. Made some lovely thick beef and onion gravy and drenched all of the ingredients with it. Actually soaked the gravy up with three of the small wholemeal cobs.

This got a rating of 9.57/10, the highest ever given. Made a bit of a mess eating it mind, Hehe!

Settled after medications and another WRWW, to watch another Star Trek Movie, after maybe 15 attempts I gave up.

Head down and off in a flash.

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