Tuesday 18th October 2016: To Bulwell today, using the Bus-Pass of course!


Tuesday 18th October 2016

Terça-feira 18 de Outubro de 2016

Awakened with a start around 0200hrs. Been dreaming something about climbing mountains or hills with stops to climb down and get an ice-cream from a Stop-me-and-buy-one cyclist, who was a different person each time I climbed down. When  I got back up the ice-cream had melted so I went back down again for another? There were a lot more in the dreams, but no details available in my brain.

2tue03Decided that, as I was up so early, I’d get to the laundry room and sort the washing out. Out of the £300 second-hand wobbly recliner chair and a WRWW had to be done. Got the laundry assembled and off down to the foyer to get them started.

Back up to the apartment and brewed a mug of tea. Took the medications, not thinking what time it was, so early, so I’ll take tonight’s doses early too if I remember to, that is.

Got the laptop on, it was running a bit slow?

0345hrs: Down to move the clothes into the dryer machine. Someone had not cleaned out the filter on it again, Naughty!

Back up again, and got CorelDraw and WordPress loaded and made a start on graphics to use and the diaries. The hour soon passed, and it was time to return to the Woodthorpe Court Laundry Room and collect the things. Got them out, cleaned the filter and drum, back up for another WRWW. Sorted the 2tue06laundry things into their departments in the airing cupboard and on the hooks in the hallway. Hall, I say?

28″ wide, dim and some very handily designed Inchock Whoopsiedangleplop Dangers built into it, too. The front entry intercom situated thinkingly next to the Wetroom where, passing it, I frequently hit it with my shoulder and knock it off. The perfectly placed electrical box’s, designed for me to come into contact with around my head area. The shower power box on the right-hand side, flawlessly set at nose height to facilitate a more dangerous type of injuries and damage to spectacles. Bending down in this area can result in damage to one’s rear-end and concurrently cause bruising or bleeding to the head.

Just thought I’d mention it like. Hehe!

When I got back on the laptop, amid using three programmes simultaneously, the laptop froze! I waited a while, but nothing moved, so had to force close the machine. Gave it decent few minutes, then tried to start her up – but nothing happened… depression and disappointment and frustration overcame me at this stage. I turned everything off, went for a WRHD session.

Found out that the new Senna tablets are working well! Phwoar did they just!

Tried again to start the laptop up… very slowly it did start this time. I decided to see how I can turn on the touch-pad, so, while it was working, I did a search on Google and followed the instruction given. But, where they said the Model details would be, was just a Change word that did nothing when clicked on.

However, I  did discover that I had an Acer Intel Pentium(R) CPU N3540 @ 2.16GHz 1.15GHz. Whatever that means, but it looked good?

Slowly the laptop got up her speed, and things seemed to be okay, and are, up to now anyway.

0600hrs: Made another cuppa and the rain came down. hope it clears before I have to go out.

2tue05Emails perused and answered. Sent a photo of the measurements of the TV to Pete as requested.

So he might get an idea of what size would suit me bestest.

I measured the distance from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, it was about 8½ft.

Hand a bash on Facebooking for a while. Made and sent some greetings.

Cup of tea, well, a mug, then got into the wetroom for ablutionalisationing!

Called to see Olive, but no answer, might be her Scrabble Day?

2tue07Went down to the bus stop and noticed that the flowers some tenants had planted near the garages over the road, were still trying to battle through and blossom. Nature is marvellous.

Caught the L9 Bus town into town, then a number 17 bus out to Bulwell centre.

2tue08Bulwell Market was scarcely used, most folk there were passing by or through it. Not surprising, the stalls all looked bereft of any quality foods.

No rain at the moment, the sun coming through strongly, but without any heat with it?

Reminded me of the old Law & Order episodes. 

Called in the Out-of-Date-but-Cheap shop. Not much in, but I got some Heinz Curried beans, 3 cans for £1.

Moved on to the Fulton Food Store, spent a bit there and filled the bag up. 2×10 Blackcurrant and Vanilla suckers, their last four packets of Roka 30% cheddar cheese sticks (The Tenants will love these as raffle prizes… I hope) and two cans of Stewed Steak in Gravy, t only £1 each. These I could use with the Yorkshire Puddings adding my own delicious gravy mix to it?

Then into the B&M store, in the vain hope of getting some of the cans of Goulash, but they didn’t have any.

2tue09So through the market and fed the mallards on the Leen river.

Fed the Mallards, but not many were interested in eating today? Most of them were near the far wall in the Lee to avoid the strong current, and or, escape the sunshine? Turned the hearing aids up to max to listen to their, to me, incredible quacking. But the traffic, swearing kids on the park and emergency vehicle sirens and klaxons took over.

2tue10Caught the tram, dropping off at Asda-Walmart on Hyson Green, to try and get some of the Nordic Style Bacon again. I was told they are no longer able to get the product! Could have cried, so delicious it was too! Got some Zywiecka, tomatoes, Lamb Hot Pot, TV paper and Polish Potato Dumplings. With heavy bags, I departed and caught the tram into town.

I don’t fall asleep on the trams you know, only the buses. Not surprising really, the seats are tiny, plastic, bendable, uncomfortable and when the tram goes over the line junctions, you can actually see people grabbing on to anything unmovable on an effort not to be unseated! Hehe!

Worked out brilliant with the timing as it happened, I hobbled from the tram stop over the road to the L9 bus stop on Queen Street, and the L9 arrived within a minute!

Bill, from the flats, got on and we had a farcical semi-conversation, neither of us really knowing what the other one was saying, guessing at what to reply to each other.

Glad he was on the bus, though, in case I nodded off and missed the Woodthorpe bus stop again. Hehe!2tue11

A lady reminded me of the meeting with the builders tomorrow at 0400hrs and said I should attend. The last one I went to was most embarrassing, couldn’t hear what anyone was saying.

Found a poster put through the door when I got back to 72. Another meeting had been called.

2tue12A WRWW, took the medications, made a brew, and got on with preparing the meal. Poached eggs, potatoes, quiche, beetroot, tomatoes and some Polish cooked ham. Got 

Didn’t half take ages to get the washing up done, the poacher pan took the longest. All the utensils seemed to have got egg liquid, that didn’t want to be removed all over them.

Sister Jane and Olive had both warned me about this happening, and dead right they were too! Haha!

So tired after I cleaned up, but glad I’d got the laundry done early and out of the way.

Tried to watch the third Star Trek Movie. Pointless, more rewinding than watching, so I got my head down.

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