Inchcock Today Wednesday 19th October 2016: Calamity!


Wednesday 19th October 2016

Trečiadienis 19 Spalis 2016

The lackadaisicalness and weariness from last night had disseminated into the ether, and at 0320hrs I disentangled myself from the £300 second-hand recliner at the third attempt to get it to work and made my way for a WRHD session. All went well, the tiniest bit of blood, but nay bother at all! No need for any Senna this morning.

3wed2Took the medications and made a strong mug of ‘Thompson’s’ tea. Then set about and got the Crock-pot vegetables simmering away, had carrots, peas, mushrooms, red onions and parsnips in it today, seasoned with Bisto vegetable and Oregano seasoning.

I’ve got the Polish potato dumplings to try, not sure how to do them, might drop them in the Crock-pot? Yes, I will: I’ve put nine pieces in with the vegetables, just hope they don’t all break-up and spoil everything?

3wed3Started the laptop up.

I was a little apprehensive about this, after yesterday’s near disaster when I thought I’d lost the use of my precious laptop.

Although she is running a tad slow still, everything is responding as requested.

3wed4Checked the dumplings in the Crock-Pot with the veggies.

They have all floated to the top, not breaking up yet.

Fingers crossed!

WRWW then got on with doing the Diaries updating and got yesterday’s posted.

Checked the contents of the Polish Potato Dumplings: Restored potatoes from potato flakes 74% – Wheat flour – potato starch 10% – salt – potassium sorbate – citric acid – carotenes. May contain Milk, Soya, Barley, Sulphites, Celery, Seaweed, Rye. Does that sound healthy to you, please?

canal1Then I did a graphic to cheer up Sister Jane and sent it off via email.

I enjoy doing the likes of these. And am so happy that I can still do them, despite the time it takes.

Good job I’m retired innit?


Started this one off then. Did the graphics and sorted the photographs from the camera.

Checked the Crock-Pot – Not god news. The dumplings had all crumbled as I feared they might. Plucked what of them I could out of the Crock-Pot and out some sliced tomatoes in instead, and a bit of tomato puree. Shame!

What now? Can’t access Facebook at all!

Disaster, the laptop froze and I had to force close – Got a phone call from an Asian sounding bloke saying he was from TalkTalk, and when I mentioned I was not with them he said they and Virgin are combining to fight virus attacks?

He talked me through doing things on the computer to stabilise it? Asked too many questions or my liking. I was struggling to understand his accent – after three hours on the phone and he remotely changing things on it would not load again. Ask a neighbour to hear for me, but he had to go, as it was taking too long. So, no laptop working! He said he would send a technician to see me. Sending a text first that I must click on Yes on to verify who I was?  He took bank card details the asked me for the amount of money in the account?

I put the phone down and he called again three times.

No text came of course.

I could not find Deana or Julie, olive later told me Deana was off site. Went to look for Julie, but she was busy with getting the meeting  with the builders sorted and I couldn’t get her. I’d wanted her to phone the Bank for me about the possible hack.

3wed7Had to get the bus to town.

Very busy in the City Centre.

Bought a new computer and printer, they are being delivered tomorrow (I hope). Had to get this first, before I went to the bank, as i might not have a card to buy one with for a while.

The bank next to inform of the problem, have to wait 3-4 days for a new card.

To the Police Station to inform them, it was closed down, not a single officer on the streets to ask for the location of the new station.

Came back home, feeling knackered emotionally and physically.

Olive called to see how things went with the bank.

Tried the laptop again and it started?!?! Messages flashing, though, too quick to read them. I’ll ask the man to take it away and check it out? Turned it off to be safe, oh, and Fa3wed5cebook would not open again?

Got the meal done, used the Kiddies Plate.

So tired now.

A WRHD  and then did the washing up of the crockery, saucepans and crock-pot.

3wed6The evening skyline looked rather nice.

Hope things go well tomorrow, I’ll have to cancel the Tenants Meeting, though, with the laptop and printer being delivered.

Sad that.

Hope I can sort the signing into programmes and sorting out the laptop without too much hassle.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Wednesday 19th October 2016: Calamity!

    • Cheers Duncan mate. The little scallywag has phoned eight times again today! I’m worried that I might get charged for the calls in some way?
      I’m waiting for the new computer to arrive now. Going to see Olive after it arrives, and she said she’d ring the people who deal with computer cons so I can inform them.
      Not feeling very bright now. Feel a right fool to be honest for getting conned! What a plonker!
      Got a pressie for you, think you’ll like it.
      TTFN Sir.

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