Inchcock Today Thursday 20th October 2016: First post on the new laptop.


Thursday 20th October 2016

Or, in Esperanto: Ĵaŭdo 20a Oktobro 2016 I think?

0200hrs: Awake and out of the recliner to a WRHD session. Bits of bleeding from the rear, otherwise no hiatus.

Dreams beyond recall, but I know they were many, and not nice.

Took the medications. Tried the laptop and it started, so I risked finishing yesterday’s, and starting this one off.

Sometime today I think the new computer and printer are being delivered and set-up, I hope. This means I’ll have to stay in until they arrive if I recall right (Certainly not assured, mind. Hehe) Around midday?

p1120171The laptop still will not load Facebook?

This is as far as it gets?

Has it been got at by the hacker?

Fed up again now already!

Tried again later, and it did load, but I had to wait ten minutes (No joking!), then when I clicked on photos, it was another five minutes before they loaded on screen! Clicked on an album to put pictures into it, and an hour later it still hadn’t loaded. Gave up trying and turned the whole thing off!

The webs other sites seem to be okay?

More fed-upperer than ever now.

Turned off and decided to do some laundry.

5fri01a0435hrs: Sorted the unclean thingies in the bag, accoutrements added, 20p’s in my pocket and down to the laundry room. It looked very clean this morning in there, and I checked on the filter on the dryer, and that had been cleaned too?

0448hrs: Set the machine on ‘Quick wash’, (30 minutes) and back up to the flat and then updated this blog.

I tried to load Facebook again, but it was in slow motion mode again?

Down at 515hrs, moved the clobber from the washer to dryer, wiped the washer down and read the notice board as I got to the lifts to go back up to the comfy little flatlet I call home. All done for 0530hrs, the dryer indicating it would take 45 minutes – where usually it shows 60 minutes?

Back up the lift. Got the powders and things ready for when needed for the next wash. Did some graphicationalisationing then at 0615hrs, back down again.

0639hrs: Laundry all done and stored away!

Did the ablutions and took the rubbish bags to the chute. Went to the Community Hut and told them what had occurred and I would not be at the Tenant’s Social Hour. Left them some raffle prizes, though.

The PC man called to say he’d be here in twenty minutes, that’s 10.50 hrs. So, down the foyer to wait for him.

Nice chinwag with some lady tenants as they came through. The man arrived at 1215hrs?

Still, he did sort me out despite his boss calling him repeatedly, and I appreciated him setting up the printer for me too. Gave him a tin of Roses Chocolates in appreciation, cause he was here an hour or more. He took away the infected laptop, to send to their specialists who will try to remove files for me that will be guaranteed ‘Bug-Free’ he says. This cost me £90, Humph!

I spent some time toying and trying to get the computer synchronised. The keyboard is so different to the laptop. It is minuscule and the arrow keys in a different layout, a touch screen too. Making no end of errors, Tsk!

What are sticky-Keys please?

The scene seems so large to me, take some getting used to this will. Powerful though I reckon. 

HP Envy 27-p059na 27" Touchscreen All-in-One PCProduct Features:

  • Style: Premium design with powerful processing
  • Windows 10
  • Intel® Core™ i5-6400T Processor
  • RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 2 TB HDD & 128 GB SSD
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 A365

I’m not certain what each thing means, but it cost a lot. Hehe!

Facebook still playing up, and I’m so frustrated about not being able to do any graphics. If the technician can rescue the CorelDraw passwords for me, I might have to get more help on this, cause I’ll have to contact CorelDraw to get it downloaded again. Huh!

Called on Olive. She was in excellent spirits and looking gorgeous!

Searched for a CD drive in the laptop, but couldn’t find one?

The computer will have to wait until tomorrow for me get it sorted, too tired now.Got on with doing the meal. 

5fri3Got on with doing the meal.

Very nice, cheesy potatoes, vegetables, beetroot. ham. egg and sliced an apple with it.

Took the medications and drifted off as soon as I put the TV on.


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  1. You are five hours ahead of the East Coast, seven hours ahead of where I live in the middle of the country, and eight ahead of the West Coast. Danged if I know without checking how far ahead of Alaska or Hawaii you might be. (OK, I won’t put you in the dark: Hawaii is 11 hours behind you and Alaska is nine hours behind you.)

    Oh, sticky keys! They are nice if you want them, but a pain to undo if you don’t know how. Here’s a bit of information For you:

    Loved the crushed nuts joke! LOL!

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