Inchcock Today Friday 21 October 2016: Computer hassle all day!


Friday 21 October 2016

In Czech: Pátek 21.října 2016

Woke with a start and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and onto the porcelain by 0200hrs, wide awake. The session was not a good one, so I took a Senna with the morning medications and cleaned up the blood.

I’d been dreaming but could remember nothing of them, other than they were not nice. Made a cuppa. The WRWW’s were rampant all through the morning, so much so, I took the advice of one of the TFZer girl, and used a dedicated plastic jug! 

Straight on the laptop. Decided to ring the PC World helpline that I’m paying monthly for, to ask them if there should be a CD or DVD drive on the computer (If so, I can’t find it?).

Rang the 0800 number, had to make at least six option choices, then I got a message: “We are extremely busy at the moment, and your call will have to wait in the queue for at least 30 minutes!” Busy? At 0355hrs? Rang off, dissatisfied, disgruntled, displeased and frustrated!

Struggling with this tiny keyboard a bit.

Spent hours finding free art packages to use, downloaded one called Sumo Paint, but, after I installed it and opened a piccy in it, doctored it, which took ages, then saved it, supposedly in jpeg, it wouldn’t load in WordPress! Well moody now, I opened the MS Paint and tried that one. No end of problems using that, but managed, in the end, to get one done! And that was no good, but I had to use it.

The Whoopsidangleplop file, where I kept the diary photos had disappeared altogether from the drive?

Just had another look for it, no success. I’ve lost tonnes of work there. Was it there yesterday? Yes, I used it in doing the diary! Had to download straight from the camera, so no writing on or touching them up. And I’m so Fed-up again!

I tried to find some Dutch and Swiss fonts, TTF to upload, but it seems you have to pay and can’t find any free ones?

Did a search for any other free art packages that might work.

Spent hours making a mess of exporting my Gmail contacts to Outlook, I’ve lost no end altogether now!

Have to go out in a bit, fodder and clinic, so I’ll have to leave the mess I’m in and sort it another day, and can’t get on Facebook again to let the TFZers know I might have lost their email addresses, Tsk!

Ablutionised myself and got ready to go out, must rush or I’ll miss the bus, Sorry.

A grand scrub-up, and called to see Olive. Radiant as ever, bless her.

To the flat and put my hearing aids in, nibbles into my pocket in case I saw any of the tenants, and I’m glad to report a jolly good laugh, and fun taking was shared twixt a good few at the bus stop and on the bus into town.

In town, I ambled to the nut stall in the market and got some black chocolate covered cashew nuts. Taking these photographs on the way.

dscn0006 dscn0008 

Called into Tesco and got Cox’s apples and a sour bread loaf.

Then out and over the road to the PC world shop. Complained about no DVD reader on the new laptop and was told they don’t do them nowadays to make them thinner and more appealing, Huh! So I had to buy a stand alone one, another £24.99 spent.

As I walked to the bus stop, having time to spare like, I called into the Little Waitrose store. £10.98 spent. But I got two ready meals at a reduced price. A Sweet & Sour chicken with sauce, Ham Hock nosh and some Surimi fish.

At the bus stop, some more tenants were waiting for the L9, and we all had another laugh and gossip all the way back to the flats.

Where, I got in had a WRHD session and got the DVD writer going, only to realise that I had not got the authorisation code to load the Serif package! Oh, woe is me!

Got the meal cooking.

Then I got messages about the HP Drop Box being free, and so I eventually got it loaded and going, after hours of resetting and installing.


The Sweet & Sour chicken with crispy bacon went down alright.

Medications were taken, WRHD tended to, then I washed up and settled down in the wobbly unnerving £300 second-hand recliner, to watch another Star Trek movie. Non-offs were rampant.

BJ rang to remind he that he’d be calling for me tomorrow around twelve o’clock.Sleep came.

Head down again.Sleep came.

The phone went again, I was sure that BJ was not ringing back and thought it might be the ‘Hacker’ again? Then I considered that he might have changed his plans, so had to answer the phone. It was the ‘Hacker’ again!

Rang off.

Back to getting the head down.

The phone rang again. Ignored it, but pulled out the phone plug.

Back to getting the head down.

The Alert Line box loudly informed me “Your phone line id disconnected” repeatedly! I’d not thought about that when I removed the plug, so I put it back in. Tsk!

Back to getting the head down

Sleep came. Eventually.

11 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Friday 21 October 2016: Computer hassle all day!

  1. try using –

    I use it for all my photo editing. It’s by Autodesk And it’s FREE – doesn’t cost a penny

    Also, it’s web-based – so there is no software to download. It takes up no space on your computer. All your photo manipulations are done on line . When you’re finished, just save your work as a jpeg file to your PC and when you’re ready, upload it into WordPress

  2. I like Gimp a lot for pic editing, it can save in jpg too. It’s completely free, native to linux but available for windows too (maybe even mac, not sure about that though). It isn’t an online thing, you have to download it. I haven’t figured out most of it’s features, but I have gotten very good at what I generally use it for. When you go to save a file it will query you about quality in the save, I tend to max jpg to 100, but I mostly use png myself & set it to zero compression on saves.

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