Inchcock Today: Saturday 22nd October 2016: Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s Show visited


Saturday 21st October 2016

In Finnish: Lauantai 21 lo kak uu 2016

0400hrs: The wobbly £300 second-hand recliner shudderingly let me out and allowed me to go for a WWHD session, not a good one, blood bled! Hehehe!

Made a cuppa and took the medications. Remembered that BJ and Dave would be calling for me later to take me out to the Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s Show, so got on with doing this and then some more sorting with the new computer.

Searching for the code number for Serif, I came across an old Paint CD and loaded it onto the machine. Took a while, and when I tried to use it, I found it very confusing and made a right mess of the first effort. I just pray that the PC people can retrieve the code number for CorelDraw so I can try to get it back on the system, lost without it, no proper graphicalisationing now. Humph! Depressed!

Carried on with the diaries for a few hours.

6sat02Tried to get the printer working again, but told I had to download two more apps and register, so I did, it took an hour or more. Epson Photo Print, E-Web Print and recorded again, had to restart each time!


Still not working, but it will let me copy from the scanner?

The blue question mark has a yellow exclamation mark on it still, so I opened it.

Had to download two more things in the hope that I could get the printer going. Then I had to download a thing that should connect the printer with Google Chrome?

Still not working, but it will still let me copy from the scanner?

Then I got an email from Epsom: Gmail couldn’t verify that actually sent this message (and not a spammer).

6sat05To complete your HP ePrint Mobile account registration, enter the PIN code below in Preferences window of HP ePrint Mobile. PIN Code: XXXX

So, I went through the performance again and supposedly got it connected, at least in the end it told me I had!

But it didn’t work!

6sat07So, I fiddled about and managed to find the elusive email address after several email requests and loss of a large slice of my sanity.

Followed the instructions again and what do you think happened after this 6sat08effort?

After much more helpline usage on the computer, through HP and Epson, I did manage to find the page.

Where several more options were required to be entered.

By now, what little power was left in the old brain was tiring and draining away.

I really thought after yet another restart, this would be it, surely?

6sat09No. Silly me!

I’ve already registered with this division as requested early on yesterday morning when I first started in my failed attempt to get the printer working.

I may have to get a printer that I can connect with a USB cable, I was under the impression this had one, but no.

Still, no printer available that works!

Exhausted, weary, worn out, spent and failed, foiled, thwarted and frustrated – I gave up. Made a cuppa, considered suicide and went for a wee-wee. Hehe!

6sat10Then I got this email on the right?

No idea what the app was???

No more time to spend on this, I can do no more anyway.


I got ready the things for the trip out with BJ and David and had a shave and shower.

p1130003Went down to wait for BJ and David in the Foyer at 1220hrs. BJ rang at 1235hrs to say he’s on his way. Went to the end of Chestnut Walk and met them. Both in good spirits, I joined them in the car, and we were off on the way to Papplewick.

There was a tiny rainbow I photographed. But it’s hard to see.

We arrived at Papplewick, and I was told my Membership Dues needed paying.

p1130005 p1130006

Along the drive with some old cars parked up to be shown off. Then further up where the passes were being checked by imitation German policemen and soldiers looked impressive.

p1130007 p1130008

This Ford car had its engine bonnet open and on display. Amazing! At the end of the path were these old motorbikes, I hope Kev Collins sees these.

p1130009 p1130010

In the working boiler house, there were some stalls selling old stuff, toys, games, puzzles, books, models, magazines, etc. I was not tempted to get anything of course, due to my having to pay my dues and not having my new debit card yet, I only have £11 left in my coffers. (Ah-well).

One of the best sights of the day was near an area where they have an artist dressed in period clothing who sings the old songs for an hour or so. I enjoyed listening ti him last year, so I made a note of the starting times for later.

This photograph above is all the more interesting to me because it was taken well before the artist was due to start. They had left some tunes playing through a sound system. Two ladies started dancing to the music, and people of all sorts joined in. I felt a bit sorry for myself then, cause I’d have loved to have danced along with them, but Arthur Itis forbids me dancing nowadays. Sad!

p1130011 p1130012

p1130014Everyone, enjoying themselves so much it seemed, and all took the time to have a natter.

The miniature railway was doing good business.


BJ photo I took later, just after the rain. The step in the boiler house behind were where I got stuck when sheltering with many others from the mini storm.

Unfortunately, just as the mock battle was about to start, it poured down and the wind got strong. That didn’t stop them, though, although it stopped me. Hehe!

I found a semi-sheltered spot with so many others, top of the steps into the Engine House for ten minutes or so while the downpour persisted.

Then when it  came to me getting down again, I felt a right clot as two ladies had to assist me to get down again.

Thanked them, and with a red face, I limped away.

p1130017 p1130018

David and BJ near the steps of the boiler house. The original National Fire Sevice Tea Wagon behind was supplied in 1941 by the Canadian Red Cross Society, I hope Pat Melsted Cabot reads and see this photo.


Another rainbow appeared, this time a little larger.

The trees were looking absolutely wonderful.

For a while I forgot about the computer problems, but as soon as BJ suggested going home, and my knees ankles and feet agreed, Huh!, the thought of them returned.

I need help here with the computer and printer, badly. Facebook still not letting me do owt, CorelDraw unobtainable until and if I get the code retrieved, all sorts of warnings and emails about things I just don’t understand, all the gloom returned again!p1130004

Seeing this ode on the window of one of the lorries made me stop and think a bit.

If I have to give up on the computer and live without it, I’ll miss the TFZers a lot.

Maybe it is meant to be, my losing these things?

But compared to all that so many men have had to go through in the wars? 

It’s nothing.  But I’ll no doubt continue begging for help anyway.

p1130019We were soon back in Sherwood, with BJ dropping me off at the flats then taking David home.

Farewells and I got into the flat and a WRHD session, shoes off, dinner prepared.

The worst one I’ve ever done methinks. But the potato pancakes, apple and lemon yoghourt were okay. It was just everything else that I got wrong. Being so tired, this didn’t seem to bother me much, I remembered the medications, though.

Getting to sleep was no problem for a change.

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  1. ” two ladies had to assist me to get down again.”

    crafty bugger – you sure you were as helpless as you were making out ?
    or this just a trick to pull a couple of birds? 😆

    p.s. nice pics

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