Inchcock Today: Sunday 23rd October 2016: Flipping frustrating day


The Sun goes down, captured from the kitchen window, even this failed to cheer me up in the least. Depressed again! Huh, Tsk and Humph!

Sunday 23rd October 2016

Norwegian: Søndag 23 Oktober 2016

Suddenly wide awake at 0400hrs, with creaking knees, I dismounted the creaking unstable £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD session. Gave the wetroom a good spraying of Lemon scented fresh-air spray afterwards.

Took the medications with orange juice and made a mug of strong tea. Then mused and fretted over the computer problems. Started it and I’d got an email telling me my Microsoft Account had been frozen? I do need help here. I’ll ask around if I see anyone to ask them if they know of someone who computer savvy, and doesn’t charge a lot to come and sort me out.

I’m getting more and more confused with it all.

23-10aTried Gimp online, telling me it can’t load files?

Now the damned computer is not letting me load any photographs into anything other than Gmail and WordPress?!?!?


Tried downloading Inkscape, but that would not let me open or upload anything, so I removed the programme?

No point in me downloading Gimp to try that yet then is there? Have I been hacked again? I’m at a loss here. Lost all heart.

Scared to go on Facebook at the moment, it acts so oddly?

Ablutions all completed and visited Olive. She was radiant and rubbed some pain-gel in for me.

Off up the hill to Mapperley Aldi store with my bag. Returned withp1130020 potatoes, tomatoes, bread and three bananas.

Feeling frustrated still.

The fodder was not bad.

Baked cheesy potatoes, chestnuts, ham sandwiches, strong cheese minis and potato dumplings with Marmite.

Tried watching the goggle-box, but could not concentrate and felt too peed off to do anything else other than dozens of dropping off sessions – waking, changing over to another channel to find something else to drop off to sleep watching again.

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