Inchcock Today Monday 24th October 2016


Monday 24th October 2016

In Bengali সোমবার 24th অক্টোবর 2016

Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner and on the porcelain by 0300hrs. No bleeding whatsoever.

Took the medications, made a cuppa, then filled a bucket, the saucepans, kettle, and bowl with water; in readiness for the water supply being cut off today twixt 0930hrs > 1730hrs. I must remember to remind Olive later.

I spent three hours or so, in between nipping off for the occasional WRWW, looking at the problems on the computer, but too scared to do anything about them in case I make it worse!

Got an incredible offer of help with the computer setting up from Duncan in Birmingham, he’s coming up to see me next Sunday. All being well, bless his cotton socks.

I tried to get the art packages to work again, humph!

WordPress was letting me get on with things, though, updated and got the Sunday post done, then started this one. With no CorelDraw X8 to use, it is depressing.

Sent an email to Sister Jane yesterday, cause she has a copy of the CorelDraw codes and details I need to get it back on. Hope she can find them.

Rang Jane but she could not remember me asking her to save the digits for me. The only reason I was confident that I did so, was BJ recalled being here at the time I asked her. Down in the dumps again now.

Had a good ablutionising session, then topped up the water in the bowls.

Off to remind Olive about the water being cut-off, but she beat me to it and reminded me first! A gem that woman is, precious and radiant with it as well! A chinwag and cuddle and off I went back to the flat.

Got the hearing aids in and wrapped up warmly with my brolly and collapsable walking stick in my bag. Then off to the bus stop, and listened to one of the tenants giving it some verbal about her refusing to have the upgrade and telling the rest of us about the mess they got in at the Sneinton blocks of flats when they had theirs done. Oh dear! And the ones there took a year; ours is forecast to take three years.

Dropped off the bus and went into the Boots store to get the nasal spray and St Peters Wort tablets, gave the lady a tenner without thinking and she had to tell me they came to £16.98! Blimus I thought. Had to watch what I spent after that, cause I’m still waiting for the replacement card from the bank.

Onwards to Tesco and got a Sour Dough sliced loaf.

1mon03Out and through Trinity Square, on the way this lady got a bit annoyed as the ignorant Nottingham Pavement Cyclist skirted around her a bit close like.

1mon03aSpotted this American Jewellery Set on sale in a shop window, and thought of the TFZ Glitz loving gals. When I took the photo I missed off the price; it had it showing in American dollars? So I might ask the gals if they would like to have a guess how much it was.

Made my way to the bus stop and caught a bus into Carrington.,

Where I called in the Lidl store and watching the spending, got some bits. Goats cheese twists, cheap vanilla desserts and a BBQ Chicken Half reduced due to its short date.

Called in the chemists to confirm when the next load of medications would be ready. Next Monday 31st October.

Then on to the Sherringham Surgery for me blood tests. Soon done, thanks them gave them their nibbles and started the hobble to Sherwood. Where I hoped to be on time tp catch the 40 minutes beyond the hour L9 bus up the hill to the apartments.

1mon05Nearly there, the sky darkened suddenly. The wind got up, and it felt a bit cold.

The local populace disappeared indoors it seemed in this photographicalisation. Up to the top of the hill and the L9 bus stop. Where I noted on the timetable, that the L9 I thought would arrive at 40 minutes past the hour, had been and gone at 20 past the hour. The next one was not due for nearly two hours now. Hey-ho, I limped on over the hill and walked through the park back home, making sure I walked through my favourite Tree Copse en route.

1mon06As I got over the hill and started down towards the Woodthorpe Grange Park gates, another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was making his way up the hill towards me.

When he got to me, he said:

“I thought it was illegal for you to do that, and needed someone’s permission before you took a photograph of them Grandad!” More a statement than a question like.

I replied, “If you were not doing an illegal act in cycling on the pavement I wouldn’t have took the photograph mate!”

I think the frustrations with the computer and printer over the last few days had made me brave for a minute. Hehehe!

As soon as I turned the corner after watching the dogs walking their owners for a bit, mind you, there were a few of them out in the wind: I 1mon07noticed how thinned out the copse had become.

A sad time of year in some ways. But it still looked beautiful to me in there.

A bit sad, though, I collected some empty lager cans, empty fag packets and bottle of wine and took them to the bin.

1mon08While checking around to see if any other unwanted items had been left behind, I came across this… er… whatever it is, photographed on the left here?

Back inside number 72, I got the slippers on, took the midday medications, and had a WRHD session.

Computer turned on, fumbled around for over three hours and managed to find the codes needed for the CorelDraw X8 Download! No idea how I got to this stage, but, Hurrah!

Of course, there had to be something wrong with it didn’t there? It is not displaying the cdr graphics before importing or opening. I’ll ask Duncan if he can assist next Sunday. Hey-ho, maybe Facebook will let me work again too?

I did some setting up of the CorelDraw X8 desktop, and this took so long. By the time I’d lost steam and was rather tired. Poor old thing, I know. Hehe!

Not up to cooking proper tonight, so, going to have some sausages and tinned tomatoes with the Sour Dough bread. A vanilla dessert and an apple too.

I hope and pray things will work on Facebook in the morning, looking forward to catching up, the CorelDraw.

Got the quick nosh done, picked out some Gogglebox programmes to fall asleep watching.

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