Inchcock Today Tuesday 25th October 2016: Photographicalisationing once again, after a moody shot


Last night’s Sun goes down and with it, my hopes of ever getting the new computer running correctly?

Tuesday 25th October 2016

In Malay: Selasa 25 Oktober 2016

Up and into the porcelain room by 0310hrs. WRHD, no bleeding, no pain and this was a good start to the day. Took the morning medications.

Remembered to do the laundry early. Got the coins, accoutrements and sprayed into the bag. Down to the laundry room and got the washer going on short cycle.

Up to the flat and tried to get the CorelDraw application changed to read and display CDR format on the files. Failed.

2tue02Down again to move the clothes into the dryer.

For some reason, the clothes were very wet, much more soaked than usual when I took them out?

Maybe I had overfilled the washer?

Up the lift back to number 72, made a cuppa. WRWW and tried again to get the CorelDRAW X8 reinstalled with options changed. Failed.

Started to update the diaries and overshot the time to go and gather the washing. Popped down to collect and clean the place a bit.

6sat01Wiped the surfaces, sprayed the freshener around and took the gear out of the dryer and folded them into the bag. As I was doing this, Roy from the 11th floor arrived to do his washing.

We had a god chinwag and a laugh, put the world to rights and a little mutual moan.

I went back up with my washing and returned down later to give him a photo I’d taken of him on the bus months ago and take the shot above right.

WRWW and had a bash to see if Facebook would allow me to use it. Amazing, apart from freezing twice and telling me that Google Chrome had run out of memory, please restart (Tsk!) it was okay, so I got caught up and enjoyed doing it. Just hope things stay this way for a bit longer.

Got ready, ablutions, etc. and got out to the bus stop for a ride into town and got some of the Surimi prawns from Waitrose and some Sour Dough bread from Tesco. And, if possible to get a moody photograph.

2tue04In town, I made my way to Tesco.

Battling limping through the maddening crowds and over the crossing, narrowly avoiding a Pavement Cyclist as he rode over Upper Parliament Street scooting in between and around the unconcerned pedestrians.

Through Victoria Centre (Mall) and got some stuff from Tesco. The most important being the Sour Dough Bread, I’ve actually taken to the taste of this now. Two loaves, one for the freezer. A TV paper, a jar of mushrooms in vinegar, Longlife milk, bacon rashers, cheddar cheese, seafood sticks, an individual beef pie and do you know, it might be hard to believe I understand this, well, it is hard to accept, but a box of two Fresh Cream French Horns fell into the shopping basket on the way around!


2tue05Paid the ankle-snapper on the till, and made my way put and through some more crowds of Homo-Sapiens.

Arrived at the Waitrose store, but they had none of the Surami fish in stock for me, but never mind, I was feeling a tad guilty about keeping the Fresh Cream French Horn cakes that unexpectedly fell into my bag anyway. Ahem!

2tue06As the sun shone towards me, I took a photograph that I thought might be a moody one.

On Milton Street.

It didn’t turn out too bad do you think?.

I struggled up the hill into Trinity Square and checked the price of the American Jewellery Set I’d photographed the other day and put onto the TFZ site asking if any of the members could guess the value in US Dollars.

2tue07AS I turned at the top into the Square proper like, this chappie was puffing on one of the new electronic cigarettes, they don’t half give out some vapour, don’t they?

What next will they blame on E-Vapers. Global Warming?

If you look up both photographs, you’ll see a bloke in the distance smoking one as well. I had a nosey in one of the many Vapour shops in the area. It seems there are many different kinds or types of alternatives on offer. 2tue11Blooming fantastic for them I reckon. They even have electronic cigars and pipes too! I assume that the black box one is one that is charging up? They seem to have been taken too in Nottingham, and why not if they taste alright. The flavours are amazing in choice. Here’s just some of them on sale:


Ribena, Lime & Lemon, Blackcurrant, Apple, Coffee, Banana, etc. they even have one here in tobacco flavour?

2tue08As I approached the bus stop on Queen Street, I got another shot in that might be considered a moody one?

Or maybe not, though.

Had a lovely chat with a lady at the bus stop, and we carried on on the bus for the whole journey, until she got off of course. Not only did I enjoy listening to her, but it helped to keep me from nodding off. Hehehe!

2tue09Took a photograph of the Community Hut/Shed from the bus as we passed it by. It won’t be there much longer, they tell me that is the first thing to get rebuilt in the modernisation procedure over the next three years.

Got in, WRWW, shoes off, kettle on, medications took, food stored away, and started the computer going. Waiting for it to boot up I nipped to see Olive, but she was not in, today must be her Scrabble day.

Got in, WRWW, shoes off, kettle on, medications took, food stored away, and started the computer going. Waiting for it to boot up I nipped to see Olive, but she was not in, today must be her Scrabble day.

CorelDraw and Windows took most of the next two hours up, without any progress being made. Still, I can’t view graphics before they load, and a lot of organising still needs to be done with the desktop, the printer I can’t get connected, and messages still appear now and then that can’t understand.

Decided to update this and get the photographs sorted, another two hours were gone.

Got the beef pie and potatoes in the oven cooking away, then I tried Facebooking again, fingers crossed. All going good, some lovely comments again.

Into the nightwear. Took the evening medications.

Went to check on the fodder – Humph! I’d not put the oven on!

2tue13Got the oven going then did a bit more Facebooking while it warmed up, 

I am a silly old fool!

Beetroot, egg, garden peas, seasoned potatoes, mushrooms and a beef pie I punctured and poured delicious gravy into and then over the potatoes.

A tasty meal, although I made a right mess of the tray, my jammies and chin with the spilt gravy!

Cleaned the cooking pots and settled in the more than ever shaking £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV. Continual nodding-off sessions until 2100hrs when the film was starting, and into a deep dream-filled sleep; Didn’t even get beyond the introduction bit of the movie.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Tuesday 25th October 2016: Photographicalisationing once again, after a moody shot

  1. “Google Chrome had run out of memory” – sounds like you’ve got too many applications open at the same time, inchy – that would explain why programs (like Facebook) are slow to load or freeze. Try closing some of these when no longer using them

    “tried to get the CorelDraw application changed to read and display CDR format on the files” – not sure what you mean here, Inchy but think you’re referring to the file extension not being visible when using Windows File Explorer to look at files created using coreldraw? If so, problem is not with your CorelDraw setting – you need to change View options in File explorer to view file extensions or if already done so and extensions still not visible, try expanding width of column showing file name

    in any case, I’ll have a look at this too when I’m through on Sunday

    cheers !

    • Thanks mate, your right about the problem with viewing. As I don’t know how to change or get into File explorer to view file extensions, I much appreciate you helping Sir.
      I’m looking forward to your visit mate, remind if I forget, top of the first cupboard in the kitchen is where I’ve put something for you. Not that I’d forget of course… Ahem!

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