Inchcock Today Wednesday 26th October 2016: Busy Day – Three women in the flat at the same time at one stage?


Wednesday 26th October 2016

In Hungarian: Szerda 26 október 2016

Woke up with a start again at 0600hrs – by gum, I must have been tired, Nine hours sleep in one go! Struggled to get out of the creaking rattling £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain in time.

I’d had a dream about me walking around with a plastic life-size representation of a young lady in a bikini who spoke with me and adored me, but other people around could not see or hear her? I think we were advertising some eatery?

Took the medications and washed up the plate and utensils from last night.

Got the computer on and finished yesterday’s diary off then started this one after doing the graphics.

Dawned on me, I had a busy day ahead. The cleaning ladies were due this morning, the Chiropodist lady as well. And I wanted to get to Asda – Walmart in Arnold to get the photographs from the Papplewick visit printed so I cold hand them out.

Did some Facebooking.

Must get the ablutions done early in case the girls come sooner than usual. Want to get to visit Olive as well.

Ablutionisationing session tended to.

Letters arrived from the bank and Queens Medical Haematology Department: The INR Warfarin level had risen considerably, new dosages. I checked on the Gmail and found one from the surgery, they had made my next appointment for Monday. The last one from the Clinic.

3wed02The regular Hygiene ladies arrived and set about pretending to clean up. (Only joking here of course)

I took some photographs of the gals, but Gita was not too keen and ducked on me! Hehehe!

While they were grafting, Chiropodist Susan arrived on her first visit to me.

I’ve never had three lasses in the flat before – but I liked it! Hehe! The girls finished off, I gave them some nibbles, paid them, (I had to, they had seen the £30 on the bookcase and grabbed it after confirming it was for them) and bade them a fond farewell.

Susan set up her mobile foot stand and started to clip the toenails. She was concerned about the middle toenail on the right foot; For some reason, it is smaller and much thicker than the others and growing outwards she said. Susan then gave it extra attention with the electric file. Adding, that other than the actual toes, the feet were in good condition for a 70-year-old. She filed a bit of hard skin and rubbed some oil into them. I paid the £30, thanked her and off she went.

The funds are getting low now, £60 gone this morning, but I have some cash left to go get the photographs developed and get some fodder in.

I got the Crock-Pot going with the vegetables. Onions, parsnips, carrots and tomatoes, seasoned with some lamb gravy granules, so it goes with the lamb hot-pot I’ve got in the fridge for later.

Cleared up and got ready for a bus-ride to Arnold. Called to see Olive; she told off in no uncertain terms about calling at her mealtime. I apologised and gave her a two-lire bottle of Lemon & Lime flavoured spring water. I thought it a good idea in the event of any more water stoppages). Suitably and beautifully chastised, I left.

To the bus-stop, and a good chinwag with some other tenants en route. The toes were stinging a bit, but this soon disseminated entirely.

3wed03Got to the Asda-Walmart in Arnold, Photographic counter, and got on the machine to sort the piccies out.

Did some shopping while the photos were being done.

I got: Sourdough Bread (A terrible decision it turned out to be uneatable when I got home and tried to cut it, Tsk!), carrots, peas, Cox’s apples, Min beef pie and some raffle prizes for the Tenants Social Hour tomorrow.

Back to collect and pay the £2.50 for the photographs. Then, there being a decent while before the next L9 bus was due, I had a walk along Front Street, calling into the Fulton Food Store to get some sterilised milk.

Wandered into the Barnado’s charity shop. Unfortunately, they had some Jeremy Clarkson books on sale.

3wed04 dscn0010

I bought the two of them. Now, this man I do not like in the least, but his writing I do find so enjoyable. The sarcasm he used is good and well done. Clichéd of course, but he does sometimes find an original thought.

So, now I have four of his books, I’ve read one, and at the time I laughed out loud. Very politically incorrect and unacceptable nowadays of course. Whether I survive long enough to get to read them is another question. (Hehehe!) Another £4 spent.

3wed05To the bus stop and caught the L9. Had a chinwag with a lady on the way.

To the porcelain as soon as I got in the flat. The odd bit of blood noticed.

I met Roy going into the flats, he was outside having a puff again and gave him the photographs I’d taken the other morning in the laundry room and had just had developed.

Got the food going, veg already in the crock-pot of course, I put some potatoes I’d got at Asda in the saucepan and the lamb hotpot in the oven.

Onto the computer and tried Facebooking and it let me work okay again!


Andy, posing in his runabout Hehe!

I got a video message from Andy in Canada. IT took me a while trying to find out how the thing worked, and on the video of me, only the top of my head showed.

I couldn’t sort out how to change it, so had to stand up so Andy could get the benefit of seeing my youthful, handsome good looks. (Joke)

Despite his having problems, he told me a good joke, and I asked him if it would be okay to put it in my diary. He said alright, so here it is (Cleaned up a bit, Haha!) Hope I can remember it, I wrote it own, but can’t find where now, (Humph!):

3wed08A man went into a bar and approached a woman saying to her:

“High there, I wondered if you’d be willing for me to consult with you about life?”

She answered, squeezing his lower region appendage in a vice-like grip: “Well yes, of course, I’ll screw you in the kitchen, bedroom or anywhere you like or don’t like being screwed! You’ll be totally drained and a broken man by the time I finish with you! I’ll take everything you have to offer! Any extra’s will be at my discretion, and if you don’t like it, too bad!”

“Oh,” says the man, “You’re a lawyer too?”

Well, I liked it.

3wed07The dinner had overcooked a bit with my forgetting all about it when I got excited with Andy messengering me. I remain a clot of the highest order!

Got it served in the dish and had a vanilla dessert with it.

The Crock-Pot vegetables went well with the prepared lamb hotpot tonight. Really enjoyed it.

3wed06As I took the things to be washed up, the sky looked beautiful. More colourful than of late.

By the time I’d washed the things up, the sky had changed to a dark grey as the sun disappeared.

Got settled to read the book, but the light was not strong enough for me to read quickly. So, that’s a new, or second-hand computer chair and a lamp of some sort to go over me £300 second-hand recliner chair so I can read at night betterer! Hehe!

Put the gogglebox on, and for once, did not start nodding off every time the adverts came on. Reckon I managed to around 2200hrs, before going off altogether into the land of nod.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Wednesday 26th October 2016: Busy Day – Three women in the flat at the same time at one stage?

  1. Your visit by the chiropodist reminded me of the hilarious film, “A Private Function”! Michael Palin and Maggie Smith were brilliant in it, as was Denholm Elliot. Oh well, the entire cast was brilliant. The film just made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes! I hope your chiropodist’s visit was fun, too. LOL! ((And you didn’t have any sweeties for the nail clippings to land in….!)

    • Cheers Weggieboy. When I get time I’m going to look for this film on YouTube, see if I can watch it. The computer is still way off sorted, ruining me dping ghaphicalisationing it is. Humph!
      The Chirodoist, Susan, caught me midde toe twice with her electric filer. Never mind eh. Hope things alright your eend with the lads. TTFN

      • It is very British, and you may be old enough to remember (barely the rationing there after WWII and into the early 1950s. The humor is broad but well done, and what could be harder to hide from the authorities than an unauthorized pig?!

  2. I remember the ration book stopping, just.
    A butcher friend of mine, Bill Bates once told me he made more money during the rationing than at any time in his life?
    TTFN Sir.

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