Inchcock Today Thursday 27th October 2016: Some wonderful photographicalisationing today

Computer problems remain

Thursday 27th October 2016

In Zulu: ULwesine 27 October 2016

Up 0400hrs WRHD. Dreamt about boats, fast streams in hills, people in pyjamas flying above, old wooden Chloros bleach crates floating in the creek amidst shop mannequins?

WRHD session without any hiatus.

Took medications and made a brew. Computer turned on and set to trying to solve the mysteries of setting it up to work properly.

Many hours later, I gave up trying to solve the mysteries of setting the computer up to work properly. No success at all.

Did the WordPress diaries. Then graphicalisationing.

Decided to go to Hucknall today, bus to town, tram out to Tesco, all to see if they sell the potato dumplings that I bought the over week, and enjoyed so much, And now, I can’t remember where I got them from. Terribly sad innit? Also, to get some of their sliced sourdough bread to replace the uneatable one I bought from Asda-Walmart yesterday.

2tue09Popped to see Olive, but no answer.

Did the ablutions and readied the things for the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut.

Down to the meeting, and what a meeting it was, farcical, amusing, laughter filled and frustrated all at the same time sometimes.

4thr02The raffle turned out like it usually does. I donated three prizes, a box of chocolates, a large Oreo pack and an Antiperspirant spray.

No Bill Two or Toni today. So, Eddy, BJ and Bill One were with me at the table. Prize winners? BJ: 4, Bill: 3, Eddy: 3, and as normal, Inchcock 0. Hehe! Handed out the nibbles and had a natter here and there.

Representatives from Willmott Partnership Homes arrived, and someone gave a speech, but I couldn’t hear owt they were saying. I spontaneous round of applause rang out, I joined in but didn’t know why they were clapping? BJ explained they had donated some money to the Tenants Social Team. At this, they picked out the tenants they wanted in the photo with their team members, and I took a photograph of them. They selected (Rightly so I thought) the oldest residents there. Eddy (93) Bill (85) centre and May (90).

Obergruppenfurheress Jenny invited BJ to come to the Tenant’s Meal, and he’ll let me know next week. Nice that.

4thr03I made my way to the bus stop.

Opposite, were some workmen drilling one of the four holes (Something to do with the water supply) in the ground in readiness to start the upgrading of the buildings:

It’s gonna be mayhem when the building crews arrive with the machinery, vans, lorries, diggers, etc. And it is anticipated that up to sixty men will be working at any one time, where do the park their own cars?

Caught the L9 bus into town. Walked down Queen Street into the Slab Square.

4thr05Where the continental market was again open, so many stalls and busy for once.

Plenty of choices foodwise, not that I liked the look of some of the stalls with open food and all the ladybirds and pigeons flying around.

Not too impressed with this.

4thr064thr07As I got to the Tram Stop, ambulances fire engines and police cars arrived and seemed to be driving all over the place?

I’ve not the foggiest what had occurred or happened, mind.

The Nottingham shoplifters seemed unconcerned.

The tram was cram-packed, and I was lucky to get a seat. Squashed between a rather large lady and a chap in a wheelchair.

Arriving at Hucknall terminus, I wobbled out across the Park &Ride car park, up the road and across to the Tesco store and started searching, without any success, for the Polish potato dumplings. I did get two Sourdough sliced loaves, and some Irish Farls, though. I can now report, that this store also has cream cakes that automatically jump into one’s shopping basket!

4thr09On the walk to the tram station, I noticed this sign on the left, outside a pet superstore.

Caught the tram back to town.

This time it was not crowded at all, in fact, when it started off from Hucknall, it had only three passengers on it!

4thr08I got the crossword book out and spent the journey going through the puzzles I’d not finished and managed rather surprisingly, to get two of them completed.

By the time the tram arrived in the City Centre, it was once again cram-packed, and it was a bit of a job to get through the students and shoplifters to get off of it at the Royal Centre stop.

4thr10As I walked towards the L9 bus stop, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was a gnat’s breath away from hitting me! Swine!

He then shot though some pedestrians, as they crossed the road over the tram lines, weaving in between them at great speed. A chap with a beard gave him some verbals.

Note that the Nottinghamians were dressed warmly today.

4thr11As I walked around a bit to kill some time before the bus was due, I observed the buses manoeuvring around Queen and King Street.

It amazes me how the drivers get their buses through at all sometimes.

If there is ever a fire around here, it will cause havoc with the bus service?

Caught the L9. And Bill from the flats got on at the next stop. We had out usual absurdly comical to others, chinwag. Neither of us knowing for sure what the other one was saying. Hehehe!

4thr12Back in the flat, medications were taken then slippers on, WRWW, and got the dinner cooking. A lamb chop, last of the seasoned hot-pot vegetables, potato farls, small potatoes, Yorkshire puddings with extra gravy, a banana and a cream cake.  (Ther one that jumped into my basket at the shop and was reduced from 99p to 59p) Oh, and some sourdough bread slices.

Read some of the Clarkson book. (I must get a reading lamp, mind you, I still need a high computer chair too).

Watched some TV, all of it in episodes of a few minutes, before I gave up and drifted off in no time.

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