Inchcock Today Friday 28th October 2016: Inefficacious computer problem solving again today, Humph!


Friday 28th October 2016

In Welsh: Dydd Gwener 28 Hydref, 2016

Up and on the porcelain by 0405hrs, a bit of bleeding this morning (Haemorrhoids), but other ailment friends, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, Henry Hernia, Duo Denal and Roger Reflux were all being beneficent, benevolent and amiable to me. Even Little Inchy was no bother today.

5fri02Got the Crock-Pot going with the vegetables. Onions, parsnips, carrots, garden peas and tomatoes. I hope to get some mushrooms later to add to this mix.

Spent hours failing to get the computer sorted, I’ve got two new messengers coming up from HP that need urgent attention, it says.

I dare not do anything else before Sir Duncan comes on Sunday to have a look at it for me, bless his cotton socks.

Attempted to get the graphics imported to CorelDraw X8, again, with an astoundingly persistent 100%  failure rate. Huh! I think I am guilty of dereistic thinking if I hold out any hopes that I can get the CorelDraw working again?

More hours on Facebooking, glad to say it’s allowing me to post without any dispute at the moment. Many comments received, most heartwarming that.

I’m spending so much time trying to sort the CorelDraw X8 out, I’m not getting around to other things. Such is my desire to be able to create again from scratch.

Had a good ablution session and got down for the half-past L9 bus.

5fri03Took a photograph of one of the many construction surveyors on the site, this chap was between the bus stop and the Community Shed.

You’ll have noticed I made a bit of a Whoopsiedangleplop of taking this effort? Hehe.

The mode selector had moved yer see.


whoopsI had intended to go to Arnold and Asda-Walmart to get the photographs printed from yesterday’s Social Hour – But, being as I got on the wrong bus again, I carried on into town. Nitwit!

5fri04No one to talk to on the bus.

Got off on Upper Parliament Street and took this photograph before walking up to the Aldi Store on Huntingdon Street.

There seems an absolutely amazing lack of people and traffic this afternoon?

Got in Aldi and got some of the seasoned small potatoes, and chestnut mushrooms at 55p, down from 99p.

Walked on, hobbling a bit now, because, where the chiropodist caught me toe twice with her electric trimmer was starting to sting a bit, onward to Tesco. Where I night add, I did not get any fresh cream horns at all whatsoever! (Mind you, they’d sold out) I found some Cheese & Potato Dumplings, though! Got a pack for tonight. Also got a pack of two Smoked Haddock fishcakes with cheese and leeks, I’ll have Crock-pot veg with these tonight methinks.

Had a hobble back to the bus stop. No one to talk to on this trip either.

Got in and a WRWW then turned the computer on, did a bit of Facebooking again, toyed at graphics but it was disappointing with not being able to import CDR and CPT files.

5fri04aA couple of hours later I called to see Olive. Now let’s be luculent about this, Olive may tell me off occasionally, but only when I deserve it.She told me off!

She told me off for taking her photographicalisation whilst her hair was not ‘Done’!

Back to tiny but loveable number 72.

5fri05Got the fishcakes in the oven, beetroot, fish sticks and beetroot on the plate ready.

Added the potato farls and dumplings into the oven with the cakes.

The smoked haddock fishcakes, in fact, everything tasted nice tonight.

Onto the computer to update this diary – and oh dear! Somehow I’d lost all I’d written and had to start again?

Much struggling to stay awake to watch the Goggle-box followed.

An odd day again.

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