Inchcock Today Sunday 16th October 2016: Got a mini-hobble in


Sunday 16th October 2016

זונטיק אקטאבער 16, 2016

7sun02Woke late, for me, at 0330hrs, then I dropped off again.

445hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD. Not an easy session at all. Good job I should have the senna tablets coming later with the Morrison order.

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications. As I pulled the front room curtains open, the view was pretty, so I got the Lumix and opened the balcony door and took the photographicalisation above left. I’m afraid it didn’t come out as it looked, though.

Laptop on ready, and did my ablutions. The Morrison Lady arrived with the delivery for me, dead on 0630hrs, bless her.

7sun04The Egg Poacher and six eggs were there. Placed the poacher on top of the stove, awaiting my discovering of how to use it? Well, I know water goes inside, eggs in the little black pots… but do I put the lid on when they are cooking? And, how long for?

I’ll have a look on the web or ask Olive if I can get to see her later today. What’s the odds I forget?

Hehe! Olive was not in when I called later, sob!

7sun05Took one of the Senna tablets that had arrived with the Morrison order.

I put away the other stuff and got preparing the Crock-Pot vegetables. Parsnips, carrots, fresh peas, red onions, orange peppers, sliced prepared mushrooms and into the pot. As for what to have with it, I’m spoilt for choice. Fish sticks and tomatoes with potatoes? Ready to cook Lamb Hotpot and vegetables? Or chips?

Mind you, I’m not sure if BJ will ring later to ask if I want to go to the Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s Remberance show? Hope he does, but not confident of how I’ll manage if he calls late in the day and I have to stay out into the night – the body doesn’t like it when I have to do that.

Back on the laptop and got the WordPress stuff posted and started this one off. Then did some Facebooking as the rain began to pour down outside.

nccwalk04Finished the graphic for the Mystery Photo.

Used part of it as the header.

Couldn’t get hold of BJ, so I went on the PPS site and found out the 1940’s show is on next weekend, not this.

Got the ablutions tended to with a nice carbolicalisational freshen up under the shower.

Called to see Olive, no reply. Sad now!

7sun127sun06Back to the apartment for a WRWW, then set off on a mini hobble to Sherwood.

Up the gravel hill path into the park, left and down to Mansfield Road.

Now the rain had stopped out, the view over Woodthorpe Grange Park to the north, looked beautiful!

Out of the park, sadly leaving the many dogs walking their humans, and left up and over the hill down into Sherwood proper.

First call, to Wilko’s. Where bought a 4-up Yorkshire pudding tray for £2.20, and a Dettol lavender antiseptic disinfectant.

Then down to the Co-op store and got some Yorkshire Pudding Batter mix, 26p.

7sun07On leaving after paying, I noticed a display with a sign above saying ‘Haloween Horrors’.

Why use the word Horrors, I just couldn’t fathom out?

Pumpkins, sweets, chocolates?


I’m missing something here. Other than the horror of some nasty brats trick or treating perhaps?

7sun08Out and wandered down to Winchester Street and up the hill back to the flats.

The incline didn’t cause me too much hassle… until I reached the laundry, ¾ of the way up.

The ankles were starting singing then, but not badly actually.

7sun09Hobbled along Chestnut Walk and took this photo on the right, of the Woodthorpe flats.

I still find it hard sometimes to realise I actually am living up there in the sky, in a tiny cold apartment, where I dare not open the windows in summer, spring and Autumn, cause the place get infested with flies and insects.

I can’t hear the Fire Alarm when it goes off. Four buses to town Monday to Friday, two in a Saturday and none on a Sunday.

But, did you know… I love it here!

Into the block, up the lift and into number 72 and a WRWW.

Kettle on. Read the instructions on the packet of pudding mix, needs an egg and it just needs an egg and water adding. I’ll give it a go later in the week when I get some beef to go with them.

Hoping things go well, and I can get to visit Sister Jane, Pete and the pussies tomorrow.

7sun10Got the meal on the go. I used two of the divided plates, one inside another for strength, that I got from Morrisons.

A bit like a baby’s feeding tray? Just the ticket! I made a lot less mess than normal.


Tried to watch the second Star Trek movie, but the nod-offs started almost immediately. Managed an interrupted with WRWW hour or so, before giving up and drifting off into a dream filled kip!

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