Inchcock Today Mon 25 July 16: Photographs from the Nottingham Riviera! Olive not very well.


Monday 25th July 2016

Kept waking up throughout the night, but this allowed me to scribbles some notes, of the dream I’d been having. A right mishmash they were too.

  • I was back in security and chasing around many of the sites I actually had worked at over the years, unable to locate the security swipe points and getting frustrated with myself…
  • Then I was in an old wash-house that dear Mother used before she ran away, and I was hiding in all sorts of places from everyone but did not know why?
  • Then, I was back with Grizelda in 1965… but I’ll miss the details on this one if you don’t mind.
  • Then, I was operating on myself? I hovered above my torso and was replacing the heart with pieces from a Meccano set… Then I was back in the body and telling me it was not working and needed some WD40, back out and above, I couldn’t find any WD40 and used shaving gel instead? I think this one went on a long time, but can only remember falling off the operating table and a waiter picking me up? Odd one, that.

GCB06cI greeted my new house-pet, Koala Katie. She’s very affectionate. Hehe!

The £300 second-hand recliner chair noisily allowed me out of it for a WRWW and WWHD session. Haem Aroids was bleeding a bit, Little Inchy was no bleeding at all and I stubbed my toe on the shower chair leg. I moved this into the spare room with all the other detritus that needs sorting out.

Weighed myself. Damned things couldn’t have been working properly… 2lb increase? After I’d just got rid of what felt like a few pounds on the throne as well. Huh!

Made a brew and took the medications. Then got the laptop going 10k4and spent far too long graphicastionalising and finishing off yesterday’s post.

Wrote an email of thanks to Marie in Australia for her bundle of gifts as a house warming present wot she sent me.

Checked other emails, Sister Jane sent me a photograph of Arthur, who had claimed ownership of what Jane now calls the ‘Stutch’ I bought them.

So glad, he took to it.

Jane also said it was Mothers birthday yesterday. I was told that at mine she told the midwife: “I don’t want it, throw it in the Trent!” She later confirmed this. Not a lot of people can say that!

Did some Facebooking.



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