Inchcock – Rambles aimlessly on about his life today… and on, and on….

001Preponderant in my nature is both procrastination and being demoralised, inveigled, persuaded, conned, swayed, unbalanced, flustered and unhinged by people of great confidence, but with an even greater lack of empathy, pity, education and genuine knowledge.  

I missed out on educatio002n myself, partly due to life’s circumstances and a complete lack of interest shown by my parents. But to be fair to Mother, she was busy being chased by the bookies and police most of the time to bother with my learning difficulties.

Not once was I greeted after school and anyone asked me “What did you learn today?” Again, to be fair, Mother was on the run, and I had to get home from school and get the fire grate cleaned and a fire laid in readiness for Dad’s return home from work. Not that I was allowed to actually light it until he did get home. Dad always thought it a waste of money and coal lighting the fire for only one person. Then get his dinner for him and clean up.

Another job I had, was (Once a week or fortnight sometimes) getting the tin bath in from the railway viaduct wall in the yard, and drag it into the front room. Get water on the boil on the four stove rings and on the fire. Dad would have his bath first, of course, calling occasionally to me to fetch more hot water, or to stoke the fire, as he would soak for an hour or so in front of the fire. My turn came and I had my bath in his dirty water.

P1110296But nowadays, 66 years later, I am in a Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Apartment for the elderly.

Conveniently on the twelfth floor, but they provide a bus service, Mon-Fri four buses out of town and four buses into town. Sat two buses out of town and two buses into town. Sun’s none at all.

The bathroom was nice, but I had problems getting into and out of the bath. The City Homes people assessed my needs and agreed to convert the bathroom into a Wet-room with shower. Losing the bath I thought I would miss, but I knew (Because the City Maintenance expert told me I might be without a bath for up to four days during the fitting) the shower would soon 403.cme ready. And it was, fourteen days after they started doing it!

But I love the shower now and don’t miss the potentially critical climbing in and out of it!

06Now I’m in this flat, I feel more dynamic and full of life and have rid myself of the pigritude.

My sequaciousness remains, though.

I decided that investing in a new recliner chair would be of benefit for me. After many months of searching for one that I didn’t need to take out a mortgage to buy, I espied a notice on P1060014the wall of the lobby area in the flats.

It was on sale for £300 this second-hand recliner chair, by a chap in the next block of flats. I bought it, then had to pay the caretaker £20 for him to bring it to the flat for me.

About the fifth time I used it, the mechanism was stuck half-up, half-down and I made a right mess getting P1070164myself out of it without injury. But now I know that I have the excitement every morning of not knowing if this second-hand £300 recliner will be half-up, half-down, up or down and will the mechanism be operational?

Good job I didn’t get rid of the old chair, they now reside next to each other for when the second-hand recliner plays up, so I can transfer back to the wobbly-legged imitation brown leather armchair like.

I have now completely lost the plot of what it was I was going to put in this post.

As Tome Jones sang: ‘It’s not unusual’.

I no longer have the feeling of xenization amongst others, and that’s good.

I no longer have feelings of hatred… apart from towards United  Carpet who ripped me off, French-owned British Gas who continue to charge me for two meters, violent people, Pavement Cyclists, People using disabled parking bays and parking on corners, Tony and Cherie Blair, George Osborne, Racists, George W Bush, electricians, carpet layers, Wayne Rooney, Taxi drivers, Coffee shops, bigots, Bankers and market investors, telemarketers, cold callers, Politicians, used car salesmen, car mechanics, murderers, blackmailers, perfectionists, pickled walnuts, the Argentinian football team, the death of Austin motors and buses that arrive late/early or do not arrive at all.

Just thought I’d mention it like…

Inchcock Today Sun 10 July 16: Seemed to be going alright – then, Anne Gyna ruined the day. Tsk!

M-Theresa May

Sunday 10th July 2016

Sonntag 10 Juli 2016

0415hrs, Woke full of memories of some of the dreams I’d had. All seemed to involve my working in shops, all had elements of truth and actual events from my past, but distorted?

The £300 second-hand recliner allowed me out of it, and I got to the porcelain for a Wee-wee of great magnitude. Unfortunately, Little Inchy was bleeding again. Clean him up and applied the Cortizone cream. However, the other ailment were nice and calm this morning, Anne Gyna no bother at all, Arthur Itis not bad at all, Haem Aroid not bleeding, Hand wrist and arms, even the shoulder was okay… I was worried about this believe it or not. Hehe! The stomach was grumbling a little bit, but not badly.


Through the Kitchen window, 0705hrs

Made a cuppa and took the medications.

The view from the kitchen window revealed a nice sky. Mind you, I thought it was a bit cold today.


I’d got skinny legs again?

I realised then why it was a bit cold, and why my legs were so much easier at this time. I had not got any jammies on, and, the usual swelling of the legs had diminished, in fact, I could say that they were almost skinny!

Do you like the pattern on the undies I’m wearing? These were the one where I made a Whoopsiedangleplop when purchasing them. I thought I had bought ‘Loose fitting size XL’ – in fact, they were  ‘Loose fitting size XXXL’ I didn’t even know you could buy these in this size? When I pull them up the elastic waistband is just under my nipples! Hehehe!

Skipped into the living room (Well, I say skipped, more a sort of limped but not as bad as usually), and got the laptop on. Set up today’s page and finished the Saturday one and got it posted.

To the wet-room and did the ablutions, very nice shower again, used the lavender soap today.


Looking good this morning…

Went out of the door with me shopping bag to go to the new shop in Sherwood… went back in to collect me hearing aids. Out again, then back in again to pick up the camera. A bit windy outside this morning, but only around the flats. Wobbled up the footpath

Wobbled up the steep gravel footpath to the park, halfway up I turned and took a photographicalisation of the flats, note please the bright sky, for later it changed suddenly.

Limped down the footpath and down onto Mansfield Road, the tootsies were aching already?

Over the hill and into Sherwood, and the new Budgen Store. Very poor selection and even more expensive than the Co-op was! I got a packet of roast spuds that was on offer. 


Core-blimey did it go dark suddenly!

As I came out of the store it suddenly came over all dark, and I was convinced it was going to belt down with rain.

But minutes later the sun was out again?

Walked back up and over the hill and right into Woodthorpe Grange Park on my way back to the apartments.Folks were

Folks were talking about the sudden but very short twilight period earlier. One bloke, I heard joking about he thought the aliens had arrived. Hehe!


Back to daylight now!

By the time I’d taken a look at the dogs with their wagging tails and got to the top of the park the sunshine had seemed to have settled on again.

Very odd.

I shuffled down and back to the flats, calling in to see Olive on my way. He Grandson was there. Had a few word and a joke with her, she had not noticed it when it came over dark? Said I’d call back later and returned to number 72, wee-wee’d, made a cuppa and got the laptop back on and updated this tosh.

Did some Facebooking, took the midday medications and had another cup of strong tea. Blooming Facebook playing up again… Tsk! So annoying innit?

1515hrs: Well, off to see how Olive is. See you later folks.

Back again 1620hrs: I’d called to see her but got no answer, returned to the flat, then went back again and she was in fine fetal. She’s fell asleep earlier, but now awake and in good form too! A good gossip later, and I returned to 72 in good spirits.

Watched the Euro Final. Not that I wanted either team to win at the start, but after the referee let some of the French players get way with some fouls, and Renaldo being injured and off, my sympathies laid with Portugal. I was still surprised when they did win.

Anne Gyna started kicking off after the match, and an unpleasant night ensued.